It’s a Chicago Tradition

Illinois Gov. Milorad Rod R. Blagojevich (D)

Illinois Gov. Milorad "Rod" R. Blagojevich (D)

The Fox News headline reads: Blagojevich Engaged in ‘Political Corruption Crime Spree’. As I write CNN drones behind me.  President-elect Barack Obama tries to distance himself from the situation and the reporter speaks in an urgent tone that expresses her shock.  I’m unmoved.  If I was surprised by anything it was that the governor was actually arrested, rather than allowed to continue on.  As usual it was the feds and not local law enforcement that nabbed him.  I’m no legal genius so maybe there is a legal reason politicians are usually busted by the FBI.  Even so, I thought corrupt politicians were the new untouchables.

Illinois sports a level of corruption that rivals many third world nations.  The Chicago Tribune notes that political corruption in Illinios is “as much a part of the landscape as corn, soybeans and skyscrapers.”  The same article goes on to list the current corruption case across the state.

This list is astonishingly long but it should not surprise us.  This is the state that produced Al Capone, the Daley dynasty (D), Gov. Otto Kerner (D), Attorney General William Scott, U.S. Rep. Daniel Rostenkowski (D), Auditor Orville Hodge, Operation Greylord, and Operation Silver Shovel just to name a few past corruption busts.  (Reuters, 2008.)

I had two reaction to this news.  First, it supports my contention that when one party has complete political control of the government, individuals begin to feel invincible and above the law.  It creates a perfect environment that encourages and incubates corruption and abuse of power.  (Oh, anyone else notice that the “D” was left unmentioned in connection with Blagojevich in both the CNN and Fox reports?  Had it been an “R” we would have heard it over and over and over again.) Second, my mind turned to Obama.

Presdient-elect Obama

Presdient-elect Obama

What can we expect from a man who has spent his extremely short but powerful political life in this corrupt culture?  His career was born and raised in this soup of corruption and I suspect it was this same corrupt machinery that vaulted him over Hillary Clinton and into the Presidency.

I grew up in and around swamps.  My youth taught me you can’t walk through the swamp and not emerge without being covered in slime.  Let us assume Obama held himself above this political filth, should we expect he can conduct the next 4 to 8 years in a completely ethical manner?

I’d like to conclude with a glimpse at the herd.  While researching for this blog, I stumbled upon another interesting blog.  This one comes from an Illinois citizen who is obviously a Democrat and a blind defender of his party.  After I read the 12 Angry Men Blog, all I could think was, “wow.”  To quote Tom Roon’s recent comment on this blog site, “Thank you public education.”

What do you think?

    • Tom
    • December 10th, 2008

    Living within 150 miles of Chicago my whole life, I’ve grown up with a certain affinity with Chicago and have seen never ending corruption from politicians. Funny, they’re almost alway Democrats. Hmmm. I think a pemanent headline ,Graft and Corruption with a slide show of all the pictures. It’ll go on forever. Don’t be surprised that the Feds stepped in “right now”, trying to shield some “yet to be discovered” dirt on Barry and Michelle.

    • I thought they stepped in now rather than later when the “deed” was done, to avoid stone-walling or being waved off by the new administration. Chances are good if they waited until after January 20th they would not have been allowed to proceed.

  1. Democrat? Hardly. Blind defender of my party? Not at all. Proud to be the sole state which actually cleans up its act? Definitely. I responded in part to your article here: Proud to be an Illinois Citizen

    • Angry Midwesterner,
      I read your blog earlier today. I hardly think Illinois is “cleaning up it act.” Just another in a decades long string of arrests and convictions. Thanks for the comments and the mention in your blog!

  2. This presents a whole slew of possibilities. First, will Obama be indicted before the inauguration. If so, does he resign and we end up with Biden? If he’s not indicted, does he offer a Presidential pardon to Blago to keep his mouth shut? Who’s behind this investigation? Whoever it is doesn’t have the Democrats’ best interests at heart so naming names wouldn’t be a big problem for them. We certianly know Barry has no problem with hardball politics. Look how he got Ryan’s divorce papers made public so he could win the US Senate virtually unopposed. But did he do anything illegal? I find it interesting that Obama came right out with the comment, “I’ve had no contact with the governor’s office.” Really? You never spoke to the Governor of your state concerning who you think should take over your seat? Let’s assume that’s not crazy on the face of it, but we have evidence that in fact he did. Axelrod says he did and Drudge has a link with the headline, “Nov.5: ‘Ill. Gov to meet with Obama today.'” The story has apparently been taken down and Axelrod says he “apparently” misspoke. So what are they hiding? Time will tell. (And perhaps Atty. Fitzgerald will too!)

  3. Reedkeys,
    OMG, not another 8 years o investigations. I can’t take it anymore. Seriously, Obama’s was awfully quick to distance himself from the governor, but I’m unsure if that in itself is a smoking gun. I’m hoping anyway. If Axelrod goes toes-up then maybe we’ll have something.

  4. Did you see the picture of Obama SHAKING HANDS with Blago from Dec. 2?!? As Hannity said, if you’re shaking my hand, I’d call that contact. Are we supposed to believe that Obama and Blago were in the same room and DIDN’T talk about the Senate seat? I know. . . it’s just innuendo. . .there’s no evidence. . .yeah, and you didn’t have sex with that woman. Man, does this feel familiar. At least we don’t have to worry about what the nation will be talking about for the next four years. It won’t be Iraq, the economy, national defense, health care, education, tax cuts, or anything else. It will be the ongoing investigations coming out of Chicago! Keep an eye on my blog for more info.

    • There r tons of other solutions out there other than puttnig reid & pelosi in charge of health care. They r supposed to be our representatives & since this silly conference some polls now show that 80% of US don’t want it. I’m all for an individual choosing a gov plan & following all the regulations & restrictions if that’s what they really want but I’m against a bill that even considers puttnig people in jail who don’t want what the gov has to offer. That’s pure evil & unAmerican!

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