Global Warming Threatens Earth, Obama Saves Planet

Scenes like these will become commonplace in 2009.  Why, you may wonder, well, apparently you haven’t been listening to the subtle warnings emanating from the offices of former Vice-President Al Gore Jr.  It has come to my attention that the Bush administration paid no mind to Gore either and the results will be dire.  In the next few months we can expect storms such as never before seen on this planet.  At least 30 miles of coastal real estate will suddenly be submerged.  Hundreds of species will be lost to extinction due to rapidly rising temperatures.  As hinted earlier all this will be George W. Bush’s fault.  He had eight years to save the planet and he squandered them on fighting a hopeless war none of us ever wanted to win.  Thank GOD, we elected Barack Obama.  He will save us!

Every scientist in the solar system knows the average temperature between 1850 and 1900 is the normal earth temperature.  That average was the global norm since the planet formed and any variations we have observed since that time is obviously abnormal.  Clearly, the NASA supplied graph above shows a planet in peril.  Anyone can see this is evidence that humans might as well light the planet on fire!  There can be no other explanation, after-all, Al Gore says so and all credible scientists agree with him.  Furthermore, Al Gore holds the highest degree available in Climatology…  What?  He doesn’t have any earned science-related degree?  Just a BA in Government?  But wait, what about all those scientists?

Graph of Global Temperature Variation over History

Graph of Global Temperature Variation over History

We are told the scientific consensus is that global temperatures have steadily risen since 1900 and that the average global temperature has increased about one degree during that time period.  The actual consensus was that temperatures are rising.  The suspicion being that humans “are likely” a driving force.  But not all scientists agree.  There are plenty that question global warming on various grounds and significantly those who believe global temperature variations are a normal occurrence on the planet.  The notion that human activity can “drive” the global climate discounts the tremendous power and impact of the sun and geothermal activity on the environment.  Even more incredible to this skeptic is how such a statement ignores the huge historical temperature variations the planet has experienced before humans dominated the planet.

Before you scroll down and shoot off one of those idiotic comments saying, “Where are your scientific credentials?” or “You don’t know what you’re talking about,” just browse the graph of past temperature variations above.  This planet has been a much hotter as well as somewhat cooler.  While I am no climatologist, I can read a graph.  The historical global average temperature appears to be much warmer than we are currently observing.  Clearly we are in a warming trend as demonstrated by the graph.  History suggests that we just exited a cold period and have not yet returned to the real planetary “normal” temperatures.

Such heresy is just not politically acceptable.  There is nothing to be gained politically by contending that the planet is heating up because that is what it is supposed to do. However, there is a huge political advantage to blaming the warming trend on human activities.  As Christopher Horner explains in his 2007 book, The Politically Incorrect Guide to Global Warming and Environmentalism, global warming is about controlling the global economy. He argues that some people use the environment as a means for promoting population control, while others use it to attack big business, thus capitalism.

I think Horner’s posits make sense.  Global warming alarm-ism is the perfect tool for pushing a global agenda.  It concentrates power over business, economies, and national governments in the hands of foreign power brokers that operate outside the accountability of the people they directly affect.  These people use the fear of global catastrophe as a means to grab power and financial resources for the advancement of their own agendas.  Certainly we can see how Gore has profited from this issue through the selling of carbon credits.

The herd generally follows the loudest voice and rarely stops to think.  After-all, we common folks aren’t smart enough anyway, right?  But that comment diverts me to the American education system and that is a whole different blog.  I think the thing that bothers me most about global warming is the opposition to it.

Opponents of global warming often make statements that appear foolish when countered with real scientific statements.  When Horner, Limbaugh, or some other prominent conservative comes out and says, “there is no global warming,” it sounds foolish when a few dozen climatologists say, “look here is a graph of recorded temperatures since 1850 and you can see the temperature is rising.”  Again I am no scientist but I am a guy with an IQ of 145 and I’m smart enough to read.  Core samples taken from Antarctica and fossil evidence yield the climate chart seen above.  An examination of the data seems to suggest a climate pattern far greater and more significant than that observed over the past 150 years.  (After-all 150 years is the wink of an eye in geologic terms, not even large enough to be a small statistical sampling.) Isn’t it reasonable to conclude such temperature variations go beyond mere human activity?

Just because I don’t believe humans are the “driving force behind global warming” does this mean I think we should all rush out and buy SUVs and remove all the pollution controls employed in factories around the globe?  No, we should keep the environment clean because we want to drink clean water and enjoy breathing.  We should not do so in a rushed panicked fashion but calmly as the technology is developed.  We should not do it because we are worried Venice will disappear beneath the waves, (it will regardless of what we do), but we should persue clean energy and manufacturing because it is the right thing to do.

Species have gone extinct due to global climate change time and time again, and they will do so again.  That is life. The Earth will likely heat up several more degrees; we can see it on the graph, that is the pattern.  It’s not our fault and there’s not a blessed thing we can do about it.  We need to stop being stupid cows, trotting along as our masters herd us into the slaughter house.  These people are pushing global warming as a doom and gloom panic issue because it enhances their power and agendas.  It’s time to tell these people to shut the heck up, if you want to develop clean fuel, please do.  There is much profit in doing so, but stop trying to destroy the economy through global governments, anti-capitalistic treaties, and the obstruction of current engergy production.

note: I was inspired to research this topic by an entry in the blog, Pro Patria written by Ryan Evans.  I believe in giving credit whenever practical.
  1. So you picked the coldest week of the year to talk about global warming. I like your style kid! Of course the key phrase is “man-made global warming.” Is the globe actually warming? Maybe. Is man causing it? Doubtful. If you consider that one volcano deposits more pollution and “greenhouse” gasses than the sum total of all man-made activities, then multiply that by the number of volcanoes which have erupted in the last decade/century/era, you start to see what a drop in the bucket we are compared to nature. The idea that we (people) can have any long-term effect on the global climate change is pure vanity.

    I was watching a special on this subject by Glen Beck last year and he asked one of his experts (yes this was an actual climatologist with credentials and everything) to point out the problems with “An Inconvenient Truth.” He said if you don’t remember anything else, remember this: warm temperatures increase carbon dioxide levels, not the other way around. This shoots all kinds of holes in the global warming theories.

    There is no such thing as a scientific consensus. Science’s job is to prove or disprove things. You can’t prove something by consensus.

    I agree with you that if we are to be good stewards of what the Creator has given us, we must endeavor to keep our living areas clean and be respectful of wildlife. I don’t believe that means we should give up all of our technology. Just be responsible and try to develop new technologies which take these priorities into consideration.

    • Tom
    • December 26th, 2008

    I really like this post. The power and money of the “warming crowd” is bad enough, but whoever is pulling the strings behind all this “Whoey”, have the destruction of the West and Capitalism as their goal just as much as the Islamic pigs that spout their venom all the time. Funny though about the warming questions. We always hear that “it hasn’t been this warm, this time of year, since 19xx something. Huh? Chicken Little is alive and well. Oh, by the way, if we’re going to lose 30 miles of shoreline, I nominate Detroit.

  2. Al Gore would have something to add here, but his mouth is frozen shut right now.


    Apparently, they’re catching on in the OO-Kay (that’s UK for those of you who don’t speak British!).

  4. I did not address the temporary cooling we might be in for. I did not get into the very real possibility of a coming mini ice age because I felt it clouded the issue. I do think on the whole we can expect real global warming (not man-made, but natural) just from looking at the macro temperature patterns. But a very real and fascinating thing is happening on the sun. There are NO sunspots. The last time this happened the earth was plunged into the mini ice age (1550-1850).

    Scientist are talking about this but the global-warming-doom-and-gloom-environmental-wack-o-s will never tell you about it because it does not further their agenda. I AM NOT A CONSPIRACY geek but global warming may well be a true global conspiracy.

    Check out these links:

  5. Dropped by – because some of the crew at Eideard who know me essentially from the “big” blog where I’m senior contributing editor also are accustomed to a combative style of commenting. It’s what passes for normal. They don’t “hate” you, bro’.

    I rarely comment at my personal blog. I only comment at a couple of genre-specific technology forums, a very few tech blogs.

    I look at your initial post as somewhat egregious, not only in content; but, leaving the breadcrumb trail back to your own blog. That’s acceptable behavior or at least legitimate – and a too brief glance at what you’re about decided me not to follow the usual drill of leaving the url – but, not embedded. I wish you well with studying.

    Consider reading more science. I won’t add to that. I can feel myself wandering off into an essay and I don’t that anymore either. 🙂


    p.s. Was leaving this wee note elsewhere – turned out comments were turned off. So, I chose this post.

    You’re out-of-date on sunspots btw.

  6. Eideard, Thanks for the comments. I believe this is the current information and indeed 2008 recorded the lowest sunspot activity since 1913. 2009 is expected to be a more active year so no I don’t subscribe to the belief that another little ice age is coming but, hey anything is possible. Is is interesting to see the correlation between sunspots and climate change. Certainly there is a relationship.

    • Dave Fortier
    • May 16th, 2010

    anyone who thinks they predict the future of the planet because of temperature changes over the last 200 years is so narrow minded. Do they also think they can predict the winner of a marathon after the 1st minute of the race. 200 years is not even a drop in a bucket. Look at the big picture people.

  7. One, I’m now a Republican, at least for today, so I can vote in the Republican primary. The effects of higher daytime lows are mostly good. And these changes will not suit human life as it is.

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