Say what? Babbling Blago.

Illinois Governor Rod R. Blagojevich - The art of misdirection

Illinois Governor Rod R. Blagojevich - The art of misdirection

This morning the Illinois House of Representatives overwhelmingly voted to impeach the corrupt Governor.  The vote was 114 to 1 with three abstentions.  A few hours later the governor held a press conference to respond.  If you are like me the TV was on and you were watching.  I held out hope that Blagojevich might hang his head and resign.  But as we all know, Blagojevich is never one to do the right thing.  Instead he prefers to waste taxpayer money fighting and giving press conferences that say nothing and serve no purpose.

So just what was the Illinois Governor saying during that seemingly never-ending press conference?  He started with the same tired act of his, playing the victim of a conspiracy.  They are out to get me.  They’ve been trying to get me since I was re-elected.  Blah blah blah. Then he decided what we all needed was a good song and dance.

He then proceeded to make a very rough segue into a campaign speech.  No, actually it was more like a campaign debate, only there was no one to debate and he provided props.  We’ve all watched presidential debates and we’ve heard the references to Joe-the-Plumber, Katie’s restaurant, and various other examples candidates use to prove a point.  Blagojevich, apparently thought he needed to campaign rather than prove his innocence.  He seems to have decided it is pointless to try to prove innocence, clearly that is not possible.  Instead, he spent his time  pointing out his virtues and the needs he supposedly advocates. Surely this should boost his image and get people to stop thinking about those nasty little corruption charges.

After all, the American public is comprised primarily of idiots who can be easily fooled through slight-of-hand and misdirection, right?  Claim to be the victim and claim that if you are removed from office people will die and naturally the people will rally to your defence.  By this time tomorrow the Illinois Senate will be flooded with angry calls from citizens demanding they leave poor Blago alone.  You don’t think so?  Neither do I.

Blagojevich is a idiot.  He made a complete fool of himself today.  His press conference ranks at the top of my list of the worst I have ever seen.  His performance was bad because he missed the point, he babbled on and on about things that had no relationship to the impeachment, and he did not do the right thing and resign.  At one point I was so incredulous I exclaimed that perhaps he is setting up his criminal defence of insanity.  He clearly seemed insane to me.  What you you think?

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