What the nation needs now is …

Candidate Barack ObamaWhat the nation needs now is HOPE.  Senator Obama promised hope and spoken of it often while on the campaign trial last fall, but President Obama seems to be mired in depression and despair.  We hear him downplay hope and he continually lowers expectations,  who can recall him (recently) talking optimistically about the future or the economy?  Now, I know, when he signed the stimulus bill it was reported that he was “cautiously optimistic.”  But what the nation needs now it not a president that believes the sky is falling but one who will cheer us on and tell the economic sector there are better times coming.

This is what made President Reagan great and President Carter a failure.  Carter spoke of “economic malaise” and his words depressed and discouraged the nation, resulting in a  spiral into an ever worsening economic illness.  Contrast that to President Reagan who encouraged the people that better times were coming and that we were the shining city on a hill.

Jimmy CarterRonald Reagan

Because he was positive we all become positive.  Even though Carter’s economy continued during the first 2 years of Reagan’s administration, we the people, basically got back to work, knowing we would and could emerge at the other end.

Much has changed since then.  The government now relies nearly 100% on the taxpayers for its revenue, the government is the largest it has ever been, more people than ever rely on the federal government for their sustenance, manufacturing is all but eradicated in the United States, the national debt is nearing critical and will likely soon surpass our ability to pay.  Obama has many reasons to be panicked and to feel despair.  However, expressing his fears to the nation only makes matters worse.  Why is the stock market continuing its downward spiral with no bottom in sight?  You can’t blame the President entirely, but he is encouraging and intensifying the crash.  Phrases like, the economy “might not recover,” “economic catastrophe,” and “worse economy since the Great Depression” do little to inspire confidence in our chances for a bright future OR for that matter in his leadership.

HopeMr. President, if you are listening, which I doubt, hear this, now is not the time for cowardice.  Now is the time for real leadership.  True leaders do not lead the retreat but rather they inspire sacrifice, hard work, take daring action, and encourage their followers.  We have elected our first African-American President, who won the election on a message of hope.  Mr. President do not disappoint the nation and justify those bigots in our society in our hour of need.  The nation wants hope not despair.  You showed us that you enjoy the campaign when you recently held those townhall meetings.  However, the message this time was a far different one.  It is time for you to rediscover your own rhetoric.

I am not alone in this plea.  Even former President Clinton agrees. Clinton had this to say, “”[I] would like him to end by saying that he is hopeful and completely convinced we’re gonna come through this.”  Clinton, like me, believes it’s time for Obama to be “more optimistic about the economy to help the psychology of consumer confidence.”  Obama must choose whether to follow the example set by Jimmy Carter or the one set by Ronald Reagan.  I fear he may have already choosen.

    • reedkeys
    • February 21st, 2009

    I plan to blog about this, but I think it’s clear that they have no interest in what’s best for the economy. O-Biden said the other day that they are creating “greater decency, greater fairness, greater opportunity along with economic recovery.” What they don’t tell you is economic recovery be damned, we’ll do what we think is fair and decent. This gives them carte blanche to do or say whatever they want. And those of us who play by the rules and take care of our business end up picking up the tab.

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