Congressional Idiots

On February 27th, An American Idiot, featured an essay as pertinent now as it was then. That was when the House of Idiots presented a six month spending bill containing $8 billion dollars worth of pork. As if the 8,600 earmarks weren’t bad enough some in Congress insist this isn’t their spending bill or for that matter President Obama’s but rather President G.W. Bush’s spending bill. That comment alone should be enough to impeach the NY representative on the grounds of incompetence. The comment was echoed by White House spokesman Gibbs and Senator Daniel Inouye, Democratic Chair of the Senate Appropriations Committee, was quoted by CNN yesterday, as saying, “It is in America’s best interest to close the book on the last administration and let the new one hit the ground running.” Alright then to validate such a moronic statement let’s swear G.W. Bush back in so he can either veto or sign the damn bill! Perhaps Bush should be asked to give Power of Attorney to President Barack Obama to legitimize this load of crap. It seems none of the Republicans has stepped forward to call the Democrats out on this – at least it has not been reported.

Obama promised to end earmarks but today, in all likelihood, he will sign this bloated spending bill. People do you even realize this spending bill is not even a full year of spending, it is only SIX months, $410 BILLION$7.7 BILLION of which is pork spending – spending we did not need to do. President Obama, if you meant it when you said you wanted to end wasteful spending – veto this bill. Send a message to Congress that the days of waste are really over.

In a story titled, A Day After Earmark-Laden Omnibus Passes, Obama To Announce Earmark Reform Robert Gibbs was quoted, ” This stuff should have been done before Senator Barack Obama became President-elect Barack Obama, and certainly before he became President Obama.” Rather than see this as a rare opportunity to correct or even supervise a budget he shouldn’t have had any opportunity to sign, Obama chooses to refuse to even read this budget. Gibbs tells us that, I am not making it up. Gibbs said, “The President has not gone through each and every item in the legislation. This is necessary to continue funding government. It represents last year’s business. Although it’s not perfect, the President will sign the legislation.” In my opinion this is horrible management. If a new CEO assumed leadership in my company I would expect and even demand that he or she lead from the moment he or she assumed the job. If that CEO decided some matter of business such as this year’s budget should have been done by the outgoing CEO and thus decided not to read it but just pass it sight-unseen, as a stockholder I would call them out on it. Most likely this would be the first in a string of bad decisions.

But alas, I waste my time. Obama’s budget proposal for next year is even bigger. At $4 TRILLION, before Congress loads it down with pork, what will happen to our tax burden? You can bet your retirement not only the rich will be paying higher taxes. That’s just a fact. Furthermore you will hear our elected fools claim that their pork is stimulus and isn’t very much in terms of the overall budget, even $500B isn’t that much in a $5T budget!

In my other essay I called for everyone to fax or email an ear to Congress in protest. Today, I would like to expand this to include our not-so-anti-earmark-president. I would hope even rank-n-file Democrats could understand this, earmark politics are BAD for our nation. People, stop thinking only about yourselves and show some true patriotism! There are things bigger than ourselves and it is time to stand up and do something.

    • reedkeys
    • March 12th, 2009

    You really are an idiot! Don’t you realize this is what they meant by change we can believe in?!? We’ve gone from a President who took his job seriously and did what he thought was best for the country to a President who doesn’t really care what’s best for the country but wants primarily to satisfy all of the special interest groups who helped get him there. I believe in that change, don’t you? I think it’s quite apparent. You can’t really be surprised when you hear the President of the United States say he doesn’t know what’s in the bill he’s signing. We have Congress voting for bills they haven’t read and the President is just following suit. I can’t wait till people’s 401k’s starting getting sucked in by the government with the new retirement tax. Haven’t heard about that one? Neither have I but I dare the President to prove it isn’t in the bill HE JUST SIGNED since he didn’t read it!

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