I’m Sorry


Nothing soothes a wound faster than an apology.  After a fight it feels exhilarating when your spouse admits fault and offers to make up.  The good feelings work both ways and for a time those two little words, “I’m sorry,” make everything better.  But what happens when you admit fault when you are not really wrong or you apologize for the actions of another?  You may achieve a temporary rush of good feelings but what you are really saying is, “I’m weak and in desperate need of approval.  Please love me again.”

When you offer such an apology it might make you feel good, especially, if the other person grants you the love and affection you crave.  However, there is a downside, you have weakened your position with the other party, whether it is your spouse or a competitor.  The next time there is a disagreement, the other party knows they can secure your capitulation with a threat or by withholding affection.  Monday, I watched CNN in horror and disgust as President Obama grovelled before the world begging for forgiveness in hopes of receiving love and approval.


He received both.  CNN overflowed with interviews from Iraqi soldiers, Arab citizens, reporters, politicians, and Democratic strategists praising Obama’s humility, their faces flush with a victorious glow.  Naturally they love him.  He is giving them exactly what they want – he is saying in effect, “America has been a very bad nation, we haven’t respected and obeyed your wishes, but I’m here to say, I’m sorry.  You were right and from now on I’ll be a good partner and do things that make you happy.” Want money?  Ask.  Want condemnations of Israel?  No problem.  Want a weak America that exits the world scene and yeilds to the will of lesser nations?  You got it!

There is a saying, “Actions speak louder than words.” America’s weakness is being demonstrated in more ways than simply capitulation speeches. Upon meeting with Saudi King Abdullah, U.S. President Barack Obama bowed down low in submission to the King.  I did not see King Abdullah return the bow or “show of respect” as I one commentator framed it.  We should respect foreign leaders, but in this observers opinion, our leader should never bow like a contrite peasant in an act of subservience.  (I must respond to the blogger, “Little Green Footballs” on the blog, “Bush bowed too.” Bush was lowering his head to receive a medal, he was not bowing in humble submission to the Saudi King.  That is obvious in this video (click here)

If the humility shown the Saudi King was not a sign of weakness, what can we say of the “showdown” with North Korea?  President Obama and Secretary of State Clinton gravely warned North Korea not to launch their rocket.  But in an act of political nose-thumbing, North Korea’s “Dear Leader”, Kim Jong-il, launched the missle, confident that the now-neutered U.S. would do nothing.  Oh sure, the President asked the U.N. to impose new sanctions against North Korea, but what about an American response?  (I will let the fact that sanctions can’t hurt Kim Jong-il slide.)


Every new American President must establish his own foreign policy and when that policy is radically different, he needs to make certain the world understands.  I’m certain Obama felt that was exactly what he was doing.  However, I oppose his intense need to continually apologize and grovel.  Could he not have simply stated his change in direction without acknowledgment or apology for his predecessor?  It just wreaks of weakness, subservience, and insecurity.

nuke_cloudAnd finally,  when a nutjob guns down innocent people in cold blood, what is the first reaction most Democrats have?  That’s right, BAN GUNS.  Damn the fact that 80% of criminal guns are illegal, disarm the good guys and maybe the bad guys will give up their weapons.  We see the same attitude in Obama’s foreign policy.  North Korea and Iran threaten the globe with nuclear weapons and Obama suggests we all reduce our capacity to respond.

Why did the President feel it was important to state that he was “not naive”? Probably because everything he has done in foreign policy since assuming office has smacked of extreme naivete.  From cheap incompatible DVD gifts for the British PM to urging the reduction and abolishment of nuclear weapons – even as North Korea tested a potential nuclear delivery system!  Next humiliating action?  An apology to Cuba.  Mark my word.

  1. Ha! Not bad. I like the style and originality.

    President Obama should keep you busy for a while.

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