From the War on Terror – Right-wing nuts


I may be a Johnny-come-lately on this topic but I needed time to digest this and form a real opinion and not simply a knee-jerk reaction.  Most Americans are now aware of a report issued by Janet Napolitano’s Department of Homeland Security (DHS) declaring right-wing extremism a threat and suggesting that returning vets are likely recruits for domestic terrorist.  Liberals are practically wetting themselves in excitement.  One liberal blog even declared conservatism dead.  Now they are in complete control of two branches of the federal government as well as the dominant American media.  They can say whatever they like and are doing so with extreme disregard for truth and complete disdain for all who hold opposing opinions.  The report, entitled, “Rightwing Extremism: Current Economic and Political Climate Fueling Resurgence in Radicalization and Recruitment” is a mere 10 pages in length.  It demonizes just about everyone who has a disagreement with the current administration and employs the term “rightwing” 50 times – 47 times it is the term “rightwing extremism.”

Tactics like this play on emotion and are designed to coerce agreement and crush opposition through fear.  If you are an honest thinker, you may not agree with this example but you understand what I am saying is true.  Liberals accused the Bush administration of this tactic to gain support for the Iraq war.  (Personally, I believe they truly believed the Intel they were receiving.)  Name-calling and fear tactics may well be a favorite tool of political strategists to scare the electorate silly to push through a candidate or an agenda.


the_bill_of_rightsWhat concerns me most?  This appears to be an orchestrated smear campaign targeting dissent.  The cattle of America on the left side of the pasture are buying it hook line and sinker while decrying all objecting conservatives as crazy.  We have moved from Bush’s War on Terror to a War on ConservativesDon’t close your mind and move on, bear with me and keep reading. My father is one of the most liberal people I have ever known in my life.  I swear the only reason he was not a longhaired hippy was due to the unfortunate placement of his birth, about 5 years early.  In his estimation, every Republican elected since Nixon was a Nazi bent on removing the Bill of Rights and dragging us back to the 1800s.  He was ready to impeach Bush before he was even sworn in.  When I was a teenager, my Dad made some comment about free speech that rang true and has become one of my core beliefs.  He said something close to the following, “This country was built on free speech and while I don’t agree with anything you are saying, you have the right to say it.  Even though you’re wrong.”  We don’t ever hear anyone on the left talk like that anymore.  Free speech has become something to be feared.

Those who have read and understood enough of my past essays know that I am a student of history and economics.  I read constantly and exclusively non-fiction.  Most of my reading material is composed of histories and biographies.  I just completed reading James Madison And The Struggle For The Bill Of Rights. Following the Constitutional convention, Madison believed there was no need for a bill of rights.  He held that individual rights were reserved to the people and defining them and protecting them inferred that the state had the right to trample on any rights not specifically protected.  Later as he became aware of just how strongly his fellow Virginians felt about civil liberties; he changed his mind and became a strong advocate for the Bill of Rights.

Thomas Jefferson, President of the United States, Right-wing extremist

Thomas Jefferson, President of the United States, Right-wing extremist

Standing more than 200 years in Madison’s future, one can see just how important the Bill of Rights are.  Had those 10 amendments not been passed, we would have official religions, no right of assembly, no freedom of the press, and certainly no freedom of speech.  Freedom requires trusting people enough to take risks.  The founding fathers did not place the right to bear arms in the Constitution for hunters.  Thomas Jefferson and others wanted the population to be adequately armed to ensure a benevolent government.  Now those are extremist thoughts aren’t they.  Thomas Jefferson, author of the Declaration of Independence and third President of the United States wrote in 1787, “a little rebellion now and then is a good thing.” Now that is an entirely unacceptable thought today, but read on, “Unsuccessful rebellions, indeed, generally establish the encroachments on the rights of the people which have produced them. An observation of this truth should render honest republican governors so mild in their punishment of rebellions as not to discourage them too much. It is a medicine necessary for the sound health of government.”  Jefferson wanted to be perfectly clear he was advocating militant uprising as a safeguard to the “rights of the people.”

Am I promoting right-wing terrorism as some of you are thinking?  No.  I am saying freedom is risky.  Whether we are suppressing freedom through the Patriot Act (gasp, a conservative who doesn’t agree to everything in the Patriot Act,) suppressing free press and speech through the so-called Fairness Doctrine, or suppressing gun ownership through extreme gun control laws it is wrong.


Nevertheless, fear is a great motivator and a frightened people will freely surrender their rights if they think it will make them safer.  I read this morning that gun sales were up in Seattle.  Steve Miletich, reporting in the Seattle Times, accurately reported that these people are buying guns because they fear the Obama administration and his nut job cohorts in Congress, (Pelosi and Reid), will rush to ban all arms and by implication repeal the Second Amendment.  (There is another blog essay here – maybe later.)

My automatic reaction is to scoff at this fear, (I do not nor have I ever owned a gun and possess no desire for one – but the people have a Constitutional right to own guns for protection against criminals or even an oppressive government.) However, the Obama administration is pursuing what I believe could be an orchestrated effort to label all centrist and right-leaning thought as extreme and dangerous to society.  In very much the same way, Nazi’s used the media, books, and political speeches to create fear of the Jews.

The very act of labeling Conservatives “dangerous” incites fear, negative feelings, and could push some on the fringe over the edge.  I wonder if this is not exactly what they are attempting.  Clearly, they want to drop fears of Islamic terrorists.  Nothing would be more welcome than another Timothy McVey style act of terrorism, since it would change the subject of terrorism.  Right-wing terrorism is a relative rarity while Islamic terrorism occurs on a daily basis.  Keep in mind, Timothy McVey bombed the Oklahoma City Federal Building in 1995 – 14 years ago, yet McVey is prominently featured in the Homeland report.

Possible terror leader

In recent weeks, the government has labeled as extremists or potential terrorist everyone from Ron Paul supporters to returning war veterans.  In essence, anyone not on the left is a potential terrorist.  Substitute “left-wing extremist” in each of the 47 occurrences of “right-wing extremist” and image the reactions.  True there are militant groups on both the left and the right – anyone recall the Black Panthers, Weather Underground, Symbionese Liberation Army, or ACORN?  (Just kidding on that last one!) What is happening here is a concentrated effort to divert attention away from Islamic terrorism while simultaneously demonizing political opponents on the right.

The frightening thing is that the groundwork for potential moves against conservatives and conservative speech is being laid.  I am not suggesting anything along the lines of concentration camps as some actual extremist have, but I am suggesting that painting your ideological opponents as extremists or worse, terrorists, is dangerous.  People who already feel threatened by the ascent of liberals may actually be pushed to act upon those fears.  That happened in Waco and Oklahoma City.


kids-fightingMy nature is to assume pure motives even when none are apparent.  I believe legitimate fears concerning a racist threat to the life of the President have been investigated and along the way co-opted in a larger strategy.  No doubt, Liberals and Democrats believe that they are acting in the best interest of the nation, just as I believe the Bush administration believed everything they did was for that interest.  However, our leaders, our educators, and the electorate need a non-partisan review of history and the meaning of freedom.

Since 2001, we have steadily given up our freedoms to gain security.  This administration is really no different, only the targets have changed.  Now we release potential foreign terror threats into the street and declare domestic political opponents the “real” threat.

Let me explain what Liberals are missing.  There is an old saying, “what goes around comes around.”  This threat of reciprocity is very real and we have experienced it already.  I will briefly repeat my previous observations.  In the 1990s, Republicans investigated President Clinton ad infinitum.  The level of heat the man took even when he moved to the center was excessive.  Democrats welcomed Bush 43 to the White House completely ready for revenge.  They investigated, criticized, subverted, undermined, and called for impeachment – all payback.  To borrow from the Battlestar Galactica writers, “this has all happened before, and it will all happen again.”

How long do we want to run in this self-destructive cycle of political demonization?  I suppose it isn’t much different than asking a Palestinian how long they want to continue fighting the Jews.  In either case, the answer seems simple – until one side ceases to exist.  With our nation spending at record deficit levels following three decades of deficit spending that time may come.

  1. Very well said. I’m more of a middle-of-the-road kind of guy, but this administration is beginning to make me feel a bit defensive. I voted for McCain, but didn’t really care that Obama won. I figured that Bush had been such a disaster that there really was little chance of a conservative holding the office for the next go ’round anyway. Sadly, these folks are completely missing the boat. Through a practically random turn of events, they’ve found themselves in control of the whole darn thing and they think it’s because America loves them and agrees with their policies. So now they are acting like they have this historic mandate to enact social change.

    The truth couldn’t be farther away if it was riding on a rocket.

    The reality is that we got involved in an unpopular war and had a housing/economic crisis right before the election. American voters were going to vote “for the other guys” almost no matter who they were.

    Anyway, this whole thing has me about ready to declare myself a domestic rightwing terrorist. I’m even going to buy the shirt : Conservative Shirts

    • Thanks for the comments. You and I are of the same mind. I voted in the same lack-luster manner and was a bit relieved, actually, when Obama won. I don’t think I am ready to buy a gun yet but I am feeling like there may be very dark forces at work behind Obama the front man.

      Two huge things may bring down this country, the government really. Massive debt and the resulting brain-drain of outsourcing. We’re losing the ability to manufacture and the next thing to go will be the inventors/innovators as 3M and other companies are already looking to China & India for that.

      A close Chinese friend of mine predicted this 10 years ago and I was convinced about 5 years ago. Soon nothing will be left here except retail and service. I believe even senior management and corporate headquarters will begin migrating as corporate taxes increase. We’re already seeing foreign CEOs. Unfortunately too many both left & right have their heads deep in the sand or they’ve been drinking too much Koolaide.

      • Quite true. I guess we ignore Syria and Iran baeucse we don’t know what to do. It’s easy to cut off funding for Palestinians or raid their camps, but going against Syria and Iran would be more difficult.If Syria and Iran are involved, does this mean Syria and Iran are de facto in a state of war against Israel?

  2. I believe (listened to book) it was the 1985 book, The Postman, that Costner movized, that had domestic terrorists ending society. The Clinton’s activity waged war on domestic terrorist, labeling anyone opposing Constitutional violation as a terrorist. Pretty much anyone that opposed them.

    Likely this was the reason the Patriot act, in all its pages, was ready Sept 12. 2001. What is more alarming is the systematic march to totalitarian control from both sides. Likely globalist nature, where treaties do supercede the US Constitution.

    • Are you suggesting The Postman might have scared Clinton into trying to identify and eliminate all the Constitutional loyalists because they might be terrorists? I don’t recall Clinton labeling groups terror threats until they did things that sparked suspicion. I could be wrong but I recall the Wackos (Koresh) running a polygamist cult and stockpiling weapons. Reno botched the siege but I don’t recall the Clinton administration issuing a report claiming all Dole supporters to be fringe “right-wing extremists” or warning that “right-wing extremists” were looking to recruit Gulf War vets. They did talk scary stuff like removing gun ownership rights, limiting free speech, and they were the first to begin NSA domestic espionage. (I bet most libs never heard of “ThinThread”, a Clinton-era wiretap program. It claimed to have privacy protection built-in but since it operated without warrants how did that work?) And that my fiend is where you nailed it. The Patriot Act was waiting in the wings for the right excuse to roll it out. Likely written in the 1990s as a contingency plan.

  3. I am suggesting, make of it what you will. The mindset, the fear of the anything that will upset the cart has existed for years. Regardless of how far that cart has drifted from the Constitution and ideals of personal liberty we were founded upon. The cart that once aided son’s of its maker, and now yokes them.

    Problem is that nationalism, or worse-Internationalism, over constitutionalism is rife on both sides of the isle and the real danger. Liberals, with their naivete, are more susceptible to any big govt., since any solution to them is better than no solution; this despite even the void of any viable plan; just give em a czar or bureau. But strike up a war, and you have the right. The march is toward total control over every aspect of our being and revoking of our constitution, first with erosion, ignoring, rationalization, then with International Treaty, perhaps someday with emergency powers. And yes, it is unstoppable. The media has proven asleep, since they are owned, consolidated by those purchasing the elections. The only thing I am unsure of, is the time-line and degree. Unfortunately, History is always scarier than the imagination.

    I am not confident since with every dollar we sell to a foreigner to finance our debt, is another bit of our sovereignty sold. I think we have sold our soul many times over. Thus, even the President can’t go to the People with a real solution, else someone dumps the bills and trashes the economy-worse.

    The fundamental problem with all government and constitution, is the lack of limits on conception. All government need be limited by 4 parameters:
    Human Rights; Infrastructure; Defense; Safety net for those unable to help selves. And must do it while not causing a mass genocide through taxation with compliance. The tax thingy is the tricky part.

  4. Naturally, any rebellion is a little outdated. The govt. has tanks, air strikes, heavy armor, and bullets with depleted uranium. Then there are ways they can control the populous by freezing money, tapping lines and disrupting communications. You can’t win a conventional pr campaign since every media is consolidated.

    There is new legislation to shut down Internet if needed in emergency (hello? Isn’t the Internet for emergencies?) Then the death of Net Neutrality.

    Passive resistance isn’t option if not a truly free media.

    I suppose some kind of unified theory, with a parade might help. Perhaps a new political party, with more practical and broader appeal than current alternative.

    If the eminent domain decision didn’t strike a rebellion, I don’t think genecide in the streets would. How can you blame them, the rebellors will be the first to be slaughters, then protrayed as lunes. Not sure which is worse.

  5. “If the eminent domain decision didn’t strike a rebellion, I don’t think genocide in the streets would. How can you blame them, the rebellors will be the first to be slaughters, then portrayed as lunes. Not sure which is worse.” Yes! Too many Americans lost in their own little world and ‘tweets’ with no interest in what is happening in government. It is “ho-hum they are all corrupt liars so who cares, I can’t do anything about it.”

    This little hit to their pocket books may just wake them up where they will start paying attention. The Great Depression of the 1930’s did bring about the most involved and news hungry population America has ever seen. This was passed onto their children (the Boomers_) but lost on the grandchildren.

    Some claim it was WWII that sparked this interest in government, but if so why didn’t WWI have the same effect? No, WWI sparked the Roaring ’20’s instead. So I personally hope for a nice long recession to wake our sleeping population. BB

    • Captain Hook
    • October 9th, 2009

    “The cattle of America on the left side of the pasture are buying it hook line and sinker while decrying all objecting conservatives as crazy.”
    What you don’t seem to realize is that we read the same Constitution as you do, the same history as you do, and come up with completely different conclusion because we have a different, I’d like to think broader, moral perspective. Liberals are not sheep, not anti- or un- American, and I would submit that anyone who uses those labels on a fellow American citizen simply does not get what it means to ba American. I was born here, I love this country, though not necessarily all who have held power here, so anything I think or to is by definition, “American”. The accolytes of Rush insult liberals all the time, so why is it so shocking that the tennis ball flies back from time to time.

    • Hook, If true you need to learn how to read. There is a calculated effort going on to silence opposition and you nailed it correctly when you mentioned the tennis ball flying in the other direction. If you establish that it is appropriate for the majority party to thwart the will of the people and prohibit free opposition, then you will live to regret it. Republicans established that it was ok to go on an 8 year witch-hunt against the President of the Unites States and the democrats repaid the behavior as soon as they had the chance. They ramped it up by sabotaging the economy and certainly Republicans will be inclined to act in kind. When Rush said he hoped Obama would fail the phoney outrage was sickening because it was only weeks earlier Democrats in elected offices were hoping and acting to ensure it against Bush.

      Finally I want to address a lie in your post. You wrote, “I was born here, I love this country, though not necessarily all who have held power here, so anything I think or to is by definition, “American”.” This is disingenuous. You went on a hateful anti-American rant only the day before. If you want to withdraw the other comment and publicly apologize, I’ll withdraw my firm accusation that you are a liar. You cannot love your country while simultaneously hating it. Unless of course, you suffer from Schizophrenia. If you’ll disclose that I’ll remove the charge as well. I’ll even let you do that in a private e-mail.

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    • Ordinarily I would say absolutely. But I visited your link and it is a blank blog that appears to be geared toward gaming or anime. I think you just wanted to leave a link for self promotion. Honestly, I don’t get why so many of you do this. What are the chances that someone reading a political blog would click your link in an off-topic comment and say, “Wow this is just what I was looking for.” The chances are less than one in a million.

      You would be much better off if you made substantive comments on blogs that actually attracted the same types of people. You know actually taking time to reply on-topic and refer back to your own blog.

      Sorry if I’m harsh but people drop about 10-15 of these scams on my site every week. The only reason I replied to you is because you weren’t trying to sell something, you were just using a spammer’s method to get people to your blog.

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