From the War on Terror: What War?


Terrorist are no longer real, they are simply the subject of jokes

Yes I know, the term “War on Terror” was the other guy’s war.  We all know that war is over.  Things are gearing down in Iraq and now that it’s clear the U.S. is leaving, normalcy is returning to Iraq.  The U.S. incited violence is being replaced by peaceful pursuits.  Iraq can now draw a long sigh of relief that Bush and his wicked war have ended.

Meanwhile, over in Afghanistan a few religious zealots might cause a bit of a ruckus but these rebels are hardly terrorists – they just want their country back.  We simply need to reach out to them and soon they’ll realize the U.S. has changed.  Anyway, isn’t there room for the Taliban in Afghanistan too?  Down in Pakistan, it might be different but only because there are nukes lying around everywhere that misguided Talibanis might get and misuse.  But really, this isn’t our problem and if we were to get involved it might get messy.  We need to make nice in the world now.  Besides fighting terrorism causes terrorism.  Right?

“When they shall say, peace and safety…”

Didn’t the contrition tour endear the world to us?  Didn’t the promised withdraw calm Iraq and make the trouble makers go away?  Huh?  Now I’m confused by this Washington Post article reporting that militants from Tunisia infiltrated Iraq and blew themselves up.  Don’t those people believe in change?  Don’t they know Bush is gone, America is sorry and all, and soon we’ll be leaving Iraq.

The Tunisian terrorists made their way to Syria where they hid until Bush and his killer/torturers were out of office and security relaxed somewhat.  Apparently they failed to see our good-will and accept our sincere apologies.  Instead these ingrates took advantage of the situation and killed innocent people.  Hello?  This is why we call them terrorists.  They cower in safe havens until our guard down, then they strike.

When Obama effectively declared the terror threat passed he invited the terrorists back.  A vacuum cannot exist in nature nor in politics.  My point?  Maybe Darth Vader, er, Dick Cheney, wasn’t so far off when he said the US has become less safe since Barack Obama became President.  Maybe it was Vice President Biden who was “dead wrong.”

Like iron in a furnace

Since the elections (here and in Iraq) security in Iraq has waned, foreign insurgents from Syria into Iraq have crept back up from less than six to more than 20 per month.  2008 saw the first drop in victims of terrorism in years.  Terror deaths dropped 24% last year.  Why?  Because the War on Terror was working.  This year the tide is changing as the pursuit of terrorists has ceased to be a priority.  Afghanistan has begun to roil and threatens to become a nightmare, (should this happen expect a sudden withdraw as weak-kneed Democrats withdraw money and pressure Obama to flee,) and Pakistan is teetering on collapse, (if this happens expect a nuclear state run by terrorists – can you say “worst-case scenario?”)

However, we must be aware of an important fact.  Presidents under sudden and intense pressure can surprise you.  Kennedy faced a nuclear showdown that many contemporaries thought he’d buckle under but he rose to the challenge.  We have nearly forgotten the Bay of Pigs while we admiringly remember courage demonstarted during the Cuban Missile Crisis.  No one recalls FDR declaring the U.S. would never join a “stop-Hitler” alliance or his congratulations to Nevile Chamberland on the Munich Agreement, rather we all proudly recall his Infamy Speech.  On the other side of the coin, hardly anyone recalls Nixon’s visit to China yet we all remember Watergate.  And in more recent history, who can forget the Presidential Lewinsky.

In conclusion, will Obama react to Afghanistan and Pakistan the way Clinton did to Somalia?  Or will he stun the world by taking some bold and decisive action?  I know what Conservatives expect.  Oh wait, I think it’s the same thing Liberals expect – no demand.

Just in case you’re wondering who the target is in this piece, it is young American liberals.  I’m tired of hearing that there isn’t a terror threat.  I read many comments on other blogs that people should get past 911.  My response is simply, ARE YOU KIDDING OR JUST STUPID? Am I off-base?  Comments?
  1. The mistake was made in allowing this 5th century society to procure the weapons of the 20th century. What is happening now was almost assured at that point. But even now if Obama and NATO had acted to secure the nuclear weapons perhaps there would have been some hope. Just don’t know what to expect now but am sure it won’t be pretty. Upshot: Obama might as well do nothing for all the good what he is doing will do. Do wish he would bring our young soldiers home however from all parts of the globe since he intends to do nothing but get them killed uselessly. BB

    Oh, go back and check the Lou Dobbs on Obama’s amnesty Plan again. I have provided additional information. this is not Bush’s plan but Obama’s. It far over reaches Bush’s plan that you are right did fail. i am afraid with the overwhelming majority of Dems in Congress this one will pass. Obama’s agenda demands chaos in our streets so that the “uprising” of the “Right Wing Terrorist” can be put down. BB

    • Captain Hook
    • October 8th, 2009

    I’m afraid that we’re just not being Machiavellian enough with these people. You know how they rioted and killed each other by the hundred because of those cartoons of Moe Hammered that were published in Denmark? We should be dropping those cartoons as leaflets over tribal areas so they’ll kill MORE of each other. We should be looking for a way to incite a gender war between the Talibandits and the women they seek to suppress. You know how much weaponry you can hide under a burkha? We should be encouraging war between Sunni and Shiite, because, let’s face it, neither one are on the side of freedom & democracy. How are you going to sell freedom to a society, the very name of whose religion means “submission”?

  1. November 3rd, 2009

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