Brainwashing the young

I have long been aware that the public school system is committed to indoctrinating the youth of America into atheism and liberal ideals. Even though I have three children in school I never felt overly threatened. Perhaps I have been a bit too naive. As the school year wrapped up, I had a sudden and accidental revelation of what was going on. It seems the brainwashing of our youth is far more extensive and coordinated than I could have conceived or appreciated.

When my kids all ran around the house killing lights for “earth hour” I thought it was cute.  When they were shocked and outraged that Al Gore failed to turn his lights off I smiled.  When my oldest was polling his friends on recycling I thought nothing about it, we recycle.  It was all relatively off my radar.

In the waning weeks of school my ninth grade son (the oldest) was stressing over two papers he needed to write for school.  The first concerned rising global sea levels.  He was to write a paper detailing how high sea level will rise over the next 50 years and how this will effect coastal populations in cities such as Miami, New York, and Los Angeles.  I rolled my eyes and simply quipped, “That’ll be easy, just tell her it ain’t gonna happen.  If it does people are pretty ingenious, they will build dikes and seawalls.  We’re only talking about 6″ right?”  He mumbled something and began to walk off.  I then asked what the second paper was on.  He stopped, looked at me, then glanced away while softly saying, “Recycling.”  I believe in recycling but I was beginning to realize it was part of the brainwashing.

Later in the week my third grader was sitting at the dinner table when he launched into a monologue about global warming.  He was stunned when I told him that I believe that while humans may be contributing to climate change, it is far less than what happens in nature.   A single volcano or a change in sunspot activity will do more than 50 years of human activity.  Confused he began regurgitating what multiple teachers had crammed into his little mind.  All I could think was how those damn dinosaurs must have screwed the environment to get global temperatures so far up.

Axe treeOn the last day of school, spying a tree that was increasingly leaning on my house, I decided it was time to take action.  I grabbed an axe and decided to take it down the old fashioned way. By the way, it’s a method that is 100% environmentally friendly! An hour later I was still whacking away and wondering if I had spent enough time sharpening the axe before starting this task, when my second grade daughter came skipping down the street.  When she spotted me she charged over and with fists firmly pressing hips, she demanded, “Dad! What are you doing!  You are destroying the PLANET!  If you chop down the trees, we won’t have any AIR to BREATH!”  The look on her face reminded me of my mother when I did something especially bad.  The scene humored me and I calmly replied, “Don’t worry honey, I’m replacing it with a car.”  With that she spun on her little heel and marched off.

My two younger children attend public school in the most conservative county in the red state of Georgia, but my oldest attends a private school.  All three children, across seven grades and two school systems, were spending the last half of the school year being heavily indoctrinated regarding global warming.  They are not simply learning the science of “climate change,” no, they are being terrorized by the threat of global disasters.

My ninth grader was given a website as part of his “climate change” research.  GWEN is the Global Warming Education Network.  The organization is commited to spreading the word of global warming and global doom.  The website contains some misleading and even incorrect information.  Most notably it makes the claim that “China and many other nations are far ahead of the United States in climate preservation. China is actually doing more to slow global warming than you might imagine…”  China is currently creating massive environmental disasters in its quest to become the world’s leading industrial power.  The scale of environmental damage in China is unparalleled in world history.  The New York Times reported in 2007 that “ambient air pollution alone is blamed for hundreds of thousands of deaths each year. Nearly 500 million people lack access to safe drinking water.”  The Council on Foriegn Relations, hardly a conservative group said, “China surpassed the United States as the largest global emitter of greenhouse gases by volume.”  Yet, GWEN twists the facts to say, “China has much lower carbon dioxide emissions than the United States (on both a per capita and a total basis.)”  The CFR clearly contradicts GWEN.  I feel safe in calling GWEN liars.

So why does GWEN and the public school system teach that the U.S. is the worst polluter in the world?  Simple they want to mold the future voting block.  They want to ensure that the fear of global warming and the outrage over American pollution is so deeply embedded that environmentalist objectives will be guaranteed.  Now certainly we should take care of the environment and efforts should be made to keep our air, water, and land clean and healthy.  I object to the fear being instilled in children.

atomic blastI grew up in the 1970s and 80s.  It was the height of the cold war and I was told often and emphatically, that Word War III could start at any moment.  In fact the lyrics of a song I enjoyed during my high school years proclaimed, “It will happen JUST DON’T THINK ABOUT IT !!!”  I had a recurring dream between the ages of 14 and 23.  In this dream I was standing on Tampa Bay looking toward MacDill AFB when a bright flash blinds me momentarily and then I watch as a huge mushroom cloud rapidly rises above me.  This was followed by a violent hot wind that always woke me.

I recall a high school teacher commenting during a Sociology class, “The only way we will avoid nuclear war is for you to grow up, register to vote, and vote for representatives who will make peace with the Soviet Union.”  The premise was clear, the United States was the threat to world peace NOT the Soviet Union.

Today, the message is basically unchanged.  The United States is the cause for Islamic radicalism, the United States is the reason for global poverty, and United States is the greatest threat to the global environment.  I know conservative talk show hosts like to talk about the “Blame America First Crowd,” but it’s a fact, many liberals actually do blame America for every ill in the world.  Certainly, we are not perfect but we are not the source of every world problem.  Teaching children that we are bad, promotes self loathing and is ultimately detrimental to the nation.

Unfortunately, it is a fact that people, (and politicians in particular,) do not act unless a problem is an eminent danger.  I believe this is the premise under which environmentalist activists are operating.  Educators are actively engaged in psychological manipulation of the youth in an effort to achieve their political goals.  Environmental problems are a long-term problem and not an eminent threat as portrayed by Al Gore.  Didn’t Gore discredit himself when in 2008 he claimed the north pole would be gone in five years?  Yet his Inconvenient Truth was referenced in my ninth grader’s studies.

We’ve made such progress, haven’t we?  In the 1950s we reassured children that they could survive a nuclear war by taking cover under their desks.  The goal was not to scare children but promote a happy healthy childhood.  By the time I was in high school that idea had given way to “scare-the-crap-out-of-the-kids-so-they’ll-grow-up-liberal.”  Today brainwashing children through scare tactics is a tradition and a proud cornerstone of the U.S. education system.  Or so it seems to me.

Conservatives oppose the environmental agenda for many reasons, such as potentially higher taxes, the threat to national sovereignty, increased global poverty, potential global starvation, reduced economic growth, and more.  But what offends me most is that these people are toying with the emotions of children in their efforts to achieve social engineering.  They are using science to promote an agenda and they are enhancing that science with fear and questionable “facts”.  That point was made clear to me when one of my children expressed fear that some day there might not be any air left to breath.

    • Deg
    • June 1st, 2009

    The Swiss Cheese Theory. After emerging from the Ice Age Scare – Human cause, I remember 28 years ago hearing first fear of coastal floods.

    My thought last week was that the new religion (second to sports) is climate. Where a politician could invoke God’s name in past for votes, this is no longer the case: Climate supplants God, and is now invoked. But now you mention GWEN’s China defense, this looks like something orchestrated, perhaps, by the leaders of the PRC. China is huge, and far more reaching than we realize. “Closed-Source” so to speak, are more capable of conspiracy than we can imagine, with many willing allies. Who know how far the tentacles go into elections, US schools, and yes funding our Government. Their goal could be to put up as many road blocks to our industry, to grow theirs. Global warming is a great tool.

    • Deg
    • June 1st, 2009

    Wasn’t Al Gore accused of improper China Donors in the 90’s. Ironic he is leading the Global Warming charge….

    • reedkeys
    • June 6th, 2009

    I was surprised to find out, only a couple of years ago, that one of the tenets for a transition to a communist state outlined in the Communist Manifesto is “free education for all children in public schools.” This is one of the reasons why things like vouchers and home schooling are fought against so hard – they would lose their ability to indoctrinate the next generation. We must fight the good fight at home. Perhaps an organized evening with the kids where you lay out your reasons for your disbelief in the terrible impact of global warming. (by the way, GWEN needs a name change. Even the alarmists realize the globe isn’t warming anymore and are now calling it catastrophic climate change. This way it includes everything.) If you see this as a problem (and it is) you must act decisively while they are still young. Trust me, I know!

    • maxwell
    • April 13th, 2010

    This happens north of the border in Canada as well. Private schools decide parents need to be re-educated and they use the children as the messengers, brainwashing them and eroding any freedom of thought or common sense. “Breathe Life” but heaven forbid do not TEACH anything useful.

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