Mr. Trump, You’re Sued


Well maybe.  Last night, Keith Lewis, Executive Director Miss California USA, told CNN’s Larry King that Carrie Prejean was fired because “she wasn’t able to fulfill her duties.”  He went on to say that the reason was “not just one thing, not two things, but many, many, many things.”  His most damning accusation came when he accused Ms. Prejean of coming “to us and really [saying] ‘I’m not interested in your input, I’m going to make my own decision on what I’m going to do.”  Donald Trump seemed to echo that report in his statement on the Prejean firing, “I told Carrie she needed to get back to work and honor her contract with the Miss California U-S-A organization and I gave her the opportunity to do so… It just doesn’t look like it is going to happen.”  Billy Bush told Larry King that Prejean had told him on his radio show, The Billy Bush Show, that she had e-mails that demonstrated “communications were going very well.”  So what is going on?

KeithLewisI began writing this article soon after Larry King’s interviews ended.  I went to bed convinced I smelled a conspiracy.  I awoke to see attorneys for Miss Prejean claiming basically the same thingCharles Limandri, Prejean’s attorney, told Fox News, “The claim that she is refusing to appear is false. Carrie has been in constant contact with pageant officials seeking to fulfill her obligations.” They maintain the reasons for her removal are fabricated and suggest the true motives were political.  During her interview on The Billy Bush show, Carrie said, “I tried to reach out to them.  I did several appearances… I’ve been cooperating with them… It’s just because of my answer, I think.”  “None of this would be happening right now if I had just said, ‘Yes, gays should get married.  You’re right Perez Hilton.”  To me this is a no brainer.  Of course she was fired because of the controversial answer.  Free speech is dead in America and no where more so than California.  However Mr. Lewis maintained, “This was never personal or political, this was business.”  What else was he supposed to say?

Everything about Miss Prejean’s dethroning reeked of politics.  Carrie was never even told she was being fired.  Lewis admitted this on Larry King, “We didn’t tell her.  We had attorneys that work for us and attorneys that work for her.  And they go through those channels.”  However, a press released went out Wednesday morning apparently even before Carrie’s attorney was told.  Prejean was stunned when she told Bush, “That’s the first that I know about that… I was just talking to my lawyer and I got some text messages from you… saying hey is this true?…  This is the first I’ve heard of it.”  What employer even one dealing with a contract employee issues a press release before making certain the message has been discretely communicated first.

carrie_prejean4It is no surprise that lies are being circulated about Carrie Prejean.  The Huffinton Post’s, Andy Borowitz, wrote an article this morning claiming that Prejean had accepted and begun taping episodes of I’m a Right-wing Tool… Get Me Out of Here!  (I am not a regular reader of Borowitz, but the story contained slanderous false quotes and certainly appears to be along the lines of The Onion, but you get no warning that this article is comedic entertainment, I figured it out but I fear the average Huffington Post reader is not necessarily a critical thinker.  Maybe everything on The Huffinton Post is sarcastic comedic entertainment and I just never “got” it before.)  In fact Prejean was asked to pose for Playboy and appear on I’m a Celebrity … Get me Out of Here by Miss California executive, Keith Lewis.  Lewis sounding a bit like Adam in the Garden of Eden retorted, “Carrie had asked that they [pass all offers to her].”  Prejean declined both offers.

carrie_prejean1Fox’s Pop Tarts, reported that Visions Model Management had allegedly released Prejean from her contract with them last year.  Visions’ Francine Champagne complained, “I just felt like she was a little nutty and I’d rather not represent someone with that mind frame and I just think she is a problem.” Champagne described the problem as due to Prejean’s “personality and her uptightness gets in the way and it’s definitely a personality conflict with this business and her. She will not really bode well in this industry because she is too controlling and uptight.”  I think it is important to keep in mind that Visions is an LA Modelling agnecy and that Prejean is a confessed Christian with strong family bonds.  Reading the comments from Champagne and could not help reading, Carrie refused to model nude, she objected to certain situations that might have been more profitable for us, and I was personally offended by her comments in the Miss California pageant and want to help frame Prejean as an uncooperative model. Yes, I admit the last message is a stretch but in context and the way her comments were worded lead me to conclude there was more to the comments than the truth.

Finally, if you have trouble seeing the conspiracy in all this look at some, ok one of the reactions.  Shanna Moakler, who famously resigned from the Miss USA organization over Prejean twittered, “My faith has been restored in MUO and with Donald Trump.”  Moakler is rumor to be returning to the organization now.  That is quite telling to me.
If it can be proved Carrie Prejean indeed failed to keep her contract, then certainly she should have been fired and I have no complaint.  However, if Limandri can produce the evidence that Prejean was fulfilling her obligations and was not uncooperative then the left-wing conspiracy should pay and pay big.

Miss CaliforniaWhile I think Mr Trump may have caved to political pressure, I think it more likely that Califonia officials spent everyday since May 15 building a case against Prejean.  We see this in business all the time.  Someone complains to HR about a valuable manager or employee, management then begins collecting negative incidences against the complainer.  The attack can be relentless, putting the complainer into stressful or unwinable situations, bating them, and even fabricating things until confidence is achieved that a firing can occur.  I’ve seen this happen.  In this case Miss Prejean embarrassed them, that cannot stand.  We shall see what happens next.  Mr. Trump has the resources to hire the best attorneys and unless Mr. Lewis screwed up, Prejean’s attorneys had better be good.

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