Boxed In: Senator Boxer plays the race card

Last Week, Senator Barbara Boxer (D-CA) used race in an attempt to put down Black Chamber of Commerce, President Harry Alford.  She used a classic liberal move, she tried to use one black group’s opinion to counter another on the issue of Global Warming. She wasn’t interested in his scientific study and countered with an NAACP opinion.

The tone of condescension Boxer exhibited was outrageous.  Watch this and pretend Boxer is a Republican.  Now tell me how much press you think this would have received?  Especially notice Boxer’s angry disparaging whispers while Alford attempts to assert his reputation.  People of California, next chance you get you need to send this condescending bigot home.  She’s been in Washington so long she doesn’t even smell her own stench!

Just to complete the story, here is Alford’s comments on this encounter that appeared on last night’s O’Reilly Factor.

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