Why The Government Can’t Run Health Insurance


CNN produced a story today that should settle the question as to whether we should trust the government to run a single payer health insurance program.  Please watch the story.  Notice how Medicare handles the purchase of a $440 wheelchair for an entitled recipient.  They don’t buy it they rent it.  Congress sets the rules and Congress decided it was smarter to rent the chair for $1200 per baker’s year (think about it-it’s Congressional common sense to avoid all logic) rather than purchase it outright.

As detailed in the story there is legislation that would make Medicare open to competitive bidding in an effort to lower costs.  However, 84 Representatives say competitive bidding is not fair. Representative Betty Sutton (D-OH) refused to explain her opposition simply spewing verbal vomit at CNN’s Drew Griffin.  Representative Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) did the same, although it did sound like she might have understood the source of the problem.  (Drew Griffin did a good job on this piece.) AND these are the people Americans want to hand over their health insurance to?  PLEASE, people wake up from your drunken stoopers.

I know many of you are wringing your hands saying, “but you have to admit there is a health care crisis,” or “we have to do something!”  Well, if creating a government-run single-payer (as defined on p.16 of the House Bill,) system is doing something, I say, doing nothing is far better.  I heard President Obama once say he was not above stealing anyone else’s idea and if Republicans had another idea he was open to it.  Apparently he didn’t mean it.  I have never met an open-minded liberal who’s mind was not sealed tighter than Fort Knox.  So I realize I may be peeing into the wind but to sit quietly while these people in Congress and our leader in the White House try to destroy health care in their quest to socialize the nation, would make me an accessory to the crime.

There is an old saying, “Don’t throw the baby out with the bath water.” In attempting to throw out the problems in our current system, we risk destroying it completely and replacing it with a system that will be highly inefficient, corrupt, and deadly to anyone with a serious illness.  Besides, where will the Canadians go to find a good doctor?

  1. Marsha Blackburn is my Congressman.
    She is no conservative.
    See her unconstitutional votes at :

    • I don’t believe I called her conservative, just noted her affiliation. I actually knew nothing about her before reading your blog. Sad how many RINOs there are out there. I understand RINOs from very liberal states where a true conservative is as likely as the proverbial snowball in hell, but in TN?

      Thanks for the comment and the link!

    • Anne
    • July 22nd, 2009

    Representative Betty Sutton is not opposed to competetive bidding. She did not refuse to answer Drew’s questions. In fact, she answered them, but you only saw snippets of the interview. It is unfortunate that once again, the media yet again decided to show the public snippets only to present the story in their own way. Ask CNN to run the entire interview. She is opposed to the current process. There is no public comment period. Companies and patients have to accept the current rules without input which is not how the process is supposed to work. It clearly needs to be fixed so that it is truly competetive and not skewed to benefit certain companies.

  2. I know something of editing having worked in national media for the past 15 years. Earlier in my career I worked for a Florida gubernatorial race. So I have seen serious word twisting and I appreciate the defensive argument. However while I know CNN has been guilty of omissions, this type of editing would seem beyond even them. They don’t usually victimize Democrats.

    Returning to the blog’s point, I am still wondering why anyone would oppose competitive bidding. I know you said Rep. Sutton is not opposed yet she did sign a petition to that effect.

    If indeed Rep. Sutton wants to fix Medicare I wish she would get her 83 co-signers to help. Personally, I would like to see Rep. Sutton oppose the National Health Plan being rammed through both houses of Congress. We should fix Medicare and expand it to fill the insurance gaps. There is no call for what is currently being proposed especially in light of the mess Medicare is. I believe Medicare is a small foreshadowing of what we could expect from Obamacare, as some are calling it.

    • Anne
    • July 22nd, 2009

    Representative Sutton specifically told CNN that the purpose of the letter was to express the need for a better competetive bidding process to be created for home health care needs. She is against the process as it has been proposed – she is not opposed to the concept or need for competitive bidding. She was very clear about that in the interview. Again, ask CNN to run the entire interview. This competitive bidding issue can easily be misunderstood if not explained carefully. There is an association that characterized her letter as being against competetive bidding, but in fact she is in favor of competetive bidding. Just not the way that this was designed. If you read the letter, suggestions are made to make the process better. This is not an outright opposition.

    • I see you work in the Representative’s office. I will try to get a full transcript of the letter. Thanks for the comments.

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