Those Un-American Idiots

In her ongoing effort to stomp out and silence all opposition to nationalize health care, Nancy Pelosi, (D-CA) has maligned and libeled ordinary Americans who do not wish to give up their private health insurance policies.  A few days ago the Queen of the House told a reporter that the Anti-Obamacare protesters were “carrying Swastikas and symbols like that to a townhall meeting on healthcare.”  The Huffington Post obtained a photo of the so-called swastika.  Sam Stein attempted to use the photo to justify Pelosi’s comment, however, Pelosi was not insinuating that the protesters were making accusations against Obama.

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RATHER, the sitting Speaker of the House was distorting the poster (right) in a deliberate attempt to paint the protesters as Nazis.  While I believe the protester is questioning whether  or not Obama is a Nazi, I am not certain.  (She may have condensed her message a bit too much.) If Pelosi meant to take offense at the inference that Obama is using Fascist methods to ram health care down our throats, she failed.  If she wanted to suggest the protesters were Nazis, she hit her target.  Many mindless drones are repeating her words.

Protesters are UN-American

Today, Speaker Pelosi and House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer, (D-MD) co-wrote an opinion page in USA Today, in-which they refer to those of us who oppose nationalized health care as “un-American.”  She says there is “an ugly campaign is underway not merely to misrepresent the health insurance reform legislation, but to disrupt public meetings and prevent members of Congress and constituents from conducting a civil dialogue.”  Dialogue is not what the Speaker wants.  She wants her plan passed without opposition.  We the people have a right to speak out when our elected representatives refuse to listen to us.

When Cindy Sheehan was screaming with a bullhorn outside President Bush’s home in Texas, I don’t recall Pelosi condemning her as “un-American.”  When Sheehan and other protesters marched on Washington in 2007, where were Pelosi, Hoyer, and Boxer to condemn them as an unruly mob?  Why weren’t they complaining about the “vocal minority” then?  When Bush was portrayed as Hitler on posters at these rallies I never heard a complaint from Pelosi, Obama, Hoyer, Boxer, or Reid.  Suddenly they get hypocritically indignant when the tables are turned.

Nancy Pelosi tells us it is un-American to protest.  However, when our elected representatives ignore us, patronize us, and lie to us, we have the duty to stand up and protest.  The anti-Iraq war protesters felt this way and they protested loudly and often in a disruptive fashion.  Many of us wished they would have gone away but they were exercising their rights to protest.  That is the American way.

Get in their Faces and Argue

On-the-other-hand, I must ask the following questions of Madam Speaker:  Isn’t it un-American to tell the opposition to sit down and shut up?  Isn’t it un-American for an elected representative to refuse to listen to the complaints of their constituents?  Isn’t it un-American to repeat a lie (“It will allow every American who likes his or her current plan to keep it.”) without addressing page 16 of the actual bill, H.R. 3200?  Isn’t it un-American to screen-out opponents from townhall events?  Isn’t it un-American for an elected Representative of the people to deliberately engage in a smear campaign against a group of Americans with legitimate concerns?  Isn’t it un-American to collect the names and e-mail addresses of people who disagree with you politically?

We objected to the failed stimulus packages quietly and civilly.  We objected to Cap and Trade.  We had reasons for our opposition that was not simply about helping the rich, but it was about securing our future.  Where did that get us?  No where, no one listened, especially you Madam Speaker.  You, the arrogant elitist refused to listen, so naturally we feel the need to crank up the volume.  You have long resorted to shouting down conservatives and this is no different.  You are not interested in the will of the majority when the majority is not your will.

So when the President implores his followers to, “get in their faces and argue with them,” is he calling for peaceful dialogue?  Why is it that you find nothing wrong with strong arm tactics when employed by your side, but not when used against you?  I agree with you Madam, that health care is a complex topic.  I also agree that we need reform but the reform you are seeking is a take-over.  It is clearly spelled out on page 16 of HR3200.

Delete page 16 from the document and you will have kicked away our biggest contention.  Secondly, apply the same health care plan to yourself as you are to the rest of us.  So that if page 16 eliminates my Kaiser policy when it comes up for renewal or when my company decides to alter the plan, the same applies to every member of Congress, as well as the President.  Congress should accept the same coverage they are demanding we accept.  Will you?  Most likely no.

Flying Off the Handle

I will close with this.  It is becoming very apparent that members of Congress are becoming increasingly belligerent toward their own constituents.  In Douglasville, Georgia there was a town hall meeting on August 1st.  The meeting was to discuss a highway project, at the end there was Q&A time.  A local doctor in the crowd asked a health care question.  Watch the 11Alive news story below to see the details.  The point here is that Representative David Scott (D-GA) was programmed by his leaders, Pelosi and Obama, to be defensive and close-minded.  He shouted down the doctor, a resident of District 13 – Scott’s district – accusing him of being a plant and a trouble-maker.  Rep. Scott falsely believes that all opposition to H.R.3200 comes from Republicans and insurance lobbyists.  If only the election were this November rather than next, I believe the House would be a very different place.  Democrats you should read the bill and pressure your representatives to compromise the bill before we are all sorry.

Rep. David Scott goes off on a doctor in his district just for questioning H.R.3200.  Clearly the Representative has his mind wide-shut.

  1. Politicians need to remember who it is that elects them into their so precious positions of power!

    • reedkeys
    • August 12th, 2009

    Man, that image of the Representative standing on the podium with his finger pointed at the people who pay his bills should be on the front page of every paper in the country! Does he really think he has the right to accuse his employers of not being sincere? Of course he does! This is a very interesting time in the country and I hope we all learn from it. Get active, stay active!!!

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