Burying the living with the dead

As everyone knows yesterday Senator Edward Kennedy (D-MA) passed away.  He lost his hard-fought battle against brain cancer.  Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) did not wait for his body temperature to fall before pouncing on the opportunity to use Ted’s passing as a reason to ram nationalized health care down the collective American gullet.  She excitedly commented, “Ted Kennedy’s dream of quality health care for all Americans will be made real this year because of his leadership and his inspiration.”  But why should I be surprised?  Remember the administration’s motto is Never let a crisis go to waste. While I would not classify the Senator’s 15 month cancer fight as a crisis, it most certainly is an opportunity.

The Sympathy Vote

In the United States, the sympathy vote is very real.  In the 2000 election, Missouri Governor Melvin Carnahan (D) died in a plane crash, while campaigning for the U.S. Senate just two weeks before the election.  Voters were undeterred and re-elected him.  However, the sympathy vote is not restricted to the common American voter.  Elected officials are sometimes willing to blindly spend billions in the name of sympathy.

The following point may ruffle a few feathers, but the motivator is the point.  In 1961, then President John F. Kennedy (D) gave his now famous We choose to go to the Moonspeech.  When the speech was delivered, such a task was impossible, ridiculously expensive, and most likely political hyperbole.  The space program was struggling to reach low Earth orbit – and doing that at great expense.  Now, I am a huge fan of the Space Program, however, had JFK not been assassinated in 1963, his dream of landing a man on the moon might have never been achieved.  The USSR and China both had dreams of landing men on the moon and nothing ever came of those dreams.  It was the memory of a fallen President that maintained the support of Congress and President Johnson and carried the task to completion.  Do you think Johnson, who was obsessed with Vietnam and social reform, would have continued spending billions on the space program had JFK completed his Presidency?

JFK’s entire Moon address

And so we see Nancy Pelosi rushing to use Ted Kennedy’s death as a tool to get her dangerous version of health care “reform” passed without resistance or anyone taking a serious look.  Now she can distract her House members from those angry voters by reminding them their friend a colleague, would have wanted them to do this. Damn the voters – this is for Ted!  And just to be fair she is not alone.  Senator Orrin Hatch (R-UT) appeared on Fox News this morning.  He pointed out Kennedy’s long record and his passion for the health care debate.  I did not hear him call outright, for quick passage of a bill in Ted’s honor but I felt the undertone of it.

H.R.3200 is the House health care reform bill.  Read it.  I keep saying this over and over.  Yet Liberals keep changing the subject or telling outright lies about what H.R.3200 says.  They keep saying it won’t be mandatory but the bill says otherwise.  BUT I’m not going to keep repeating myself on this.  RATHER, I will say, this bill is bad.  It will threaten the stability and soundness of our government and our way of life.  Fear-mongering?  H.R.3200, if it does nothing else threatens to overwhelm the system like no other program.  the only way to keep that from happening is to ration access to life-sustaining care.  Again I ask you do a quick search on “euthanasia Oregon”.

Culture of Death

As I often do, I’d like to make a historical reference to make a point.  Nancy Pelosi and other Democrats in Washington, are or are going to, push for quick passage of a bad health care bill in honor of the dearly departed Ted Kennedy.  To me it is very much like burying the living with the dead.  If H.R.3200 is ultimately not good for the nation and breaks an otherwise functional health care system, then it will benefit no one.  Without debating “death panels” and the like, if passage of H.R.3200 results in anyone ever being asked or encouraged to assist or commit suicide to save the taxpayers money, then effectively they are burying the living with the dead.

In Ecuador, there is a stone-age people called the Waorani.  Prior to missionary activities in the 1950s, the Waorani had a pure culture of death.  They had no system or cultural methods for dealing with conflict and as a result the people were murdering each other relentlessly.  When a father was killed, (very few if any Waorani died of natural causes,) he might desire his family be buried with him(A similar practice occurred in ancient Egypt but seems to have been restricted to Pharaohs and was done for more mystical purposes – the Waorani were much less sophisticated and why I chose them as an analogy.) The Waorani were driving their race into extinction without any intellectual consideration of the future.

In much the same way, rushing legislation as important, as expensive, as large, and as complex as nationalized health care makes about as much sense as burying the living with the dead.  In fact, the end result could be the “moral equivalent.”  Hey, if you want to honor the Senator, build him a monument.  It’ll be cheaper, less dangerous, and less intrusive into our lives.

    • molly
    • September 22nd, 2009

    Are they naked in the huorani tribe picture?

    • Captain Hook
    • October 20th, 2009

    I don’t know why you think it’s a functional health care system. It may be functional to you but it functions poorly for me, and for 1 in 7 Americans (the uninsured) it doesn’t function at all. You who have usurped the term “right” don’t seem to have an answer for what happens to those who are winnowed out in this little experiment in social Darwinsm that you call “capitalism”.

    • According to the CIA website the population of the United States in July 2008 was 303,824,640. According to the most liberal estimates 47 million of these are uninsured. That’s 15% and where the 1 in 7 number comes from. That number is suspect as it includes 9.7 million illegals plus millions of young people who do not need it or want it. Estimates vary on how many that it from 3-6 million. Obama himself backed off the 47 million number in August when he claimed 30 million uninsured, a number probably closer to the truth. That’s less than 10% or 1 in 10.

      Contrary to what you would like to imagine no one on is trying to kill people off. We believe much lower insurance costs can be achieved through:

      1) Tort reform
      2) Ending employer-based health insurance – which kills competition.
      3) Abolishing state borders on insurance policies – so insurance companies compete nationally for customers.
      4) Better regulations and accountability for doctors who have a history of errors or excessive complaints. The information should be publicly available.

      Medicare has been a bust. There is your example of what government healthcare would be like. It discourages competition as bids are exclusive granted. It encourages corruption and waste. Medicare/Medicaide were designed to fill in the gaps for the uninsured. Why isn’t it working? Why should we nationalize healthcare when these program clearly aren’t working? When I can buy insurance on my own for under $1000 per year even with a medical history, why would I want to trade that for a program that Baucus has admitted could cost the average person 11% of their entire income.

      Clearly you are a socialist, and in previous posts, you demonstrated your hatred for America. Your history of comments here has been littered with false claims, lies, and disingenuousness. Either you have dumbass written across your forehead or you have other motives.

    • Nicole
    • January 13th, 2010

    Considering the fact that you seem to know next to nothing about the culture of Amazonian Huaoranis, you really shouldn’t reference it in your very juvinile blog. Your entry on this matter makes you seem uninformed and takes away from your credibility. Also,you appear racist and closed – minded. Make sure you know what you’re talking about before you say it.

    It is absolutly absurd to state that death from natural causes was virtually non existent. The killing was not relentless, not without reason, and NOT the major cause of death amongst the Huaorani people. In fact, illnesses brought by oil company workers and missionaries have caused more deaths than were ever caused by intra or inter-clan violence. Please do not make “analogies” to matters you know so little about. And if you must reference the Huaorani, it might help your image if you at least spelled the people’s name correctly.

  1. the only “people” that were killing the Waorani were God mongering American Idiots pre-runners of the oil industry. Domestic violence statistics in the USA and countries like Mexico are numerically much more scary than those of “primitive” folks, whose language is btw more sophisticated than that of the average American Idiot, who you so skillfully represent.

  2. Nicole & Seyfert,

    I do not claim to be an expert, however, I have read 2 books on the subject and provided documentation to my examples. I cannot say the same for either of you.

    Neither of you provide academic references or claim to have anthropology credentials. You have made comments and hurled insults without substantiation. Have either of you ever spoken with or listened to one of the Waonani (Huaranis-the spelling appears differently in different publications – so don’t give me your snotty spell corrections) speak? I listened to quite a long speech through a translator. The Huarani told a story of brutality and a lifestyle of unbridled killing. Of a people living in constant fear – of each other, their neighbors and the invading oil companies. The missionaries ended the cycle of killing among their own. Say what you want but you will be speaking from ignorance.

    When you call me an idiot you only underscore the point I’m making about liberals. When they can’t win an argument on the facts they change the subject, ignore the facts, and make personal attacks. Your comments were wonderful examples.

    The subject was not primarily the Waorani, you cast yourselves as experts without citing references (I did). and you called me names (cheap shots at that.)

  3. thanks a lot for such a nice info.

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