Rangel: Idiot or Arrogant?

CNBC host, Larry Kudlow admits to being a Rangel fanboy even as he exposes the corruption that IS Rep. Charlie Rangel.

I’m almost hesitant to even write about Representative Charlie Rangel (D-NY) since he has informed me I am not smart enough to frame it right.  Or something like that.  On August  28th Rep. Rangel stood before a crowd of reporters, rather than answer questions about his massive tax evasions he responded in a typically liberal way, he hurled a personal insult.  Sorry but that is what liberals do when they cannot defend something, they make a personal attack.

I recognize that all of you have an obligation to ask questions knowing that there’s none of you smart enough to frame it in such a way that I’m going to respond,” Rangel hissed at reporters last Friday.  An American Idiot waited to see how the mainstream media would respond to being insulted.  Interestingly they must have all agreed as his words were hardly repeated and no panel discussion followed on CNN or the like.

Image with me for a moment… Charlie’s words flowing from the lips of, oh let’s say, Sarah Palin or any other Republican anywhere.  Now image how would the press might respond?  Would it be as muted as we saw last weekend?  Hardly.  But let’s get back to Rangel.

Oops, I forgot $7 million on my taxes BUT you’re too stupid to understand why

Apparently needing to revise six years worth of tax forms because you “forgot” to report more than SEVEN million dollars in income and assets is not stupid, yet reporters covering the story are too dumb to understand Rangel’s explanation.  Confused?  Me too.  Rangel apparently feels he is so far above everyone else that he would be stooping to acknowledge our questions.

Rangel is the head of the House Ways and Means Committee. Does anyone find this ironic besides me?  Rangel is the Chairman of the committee charged with writing legislation concerning taxes, bonded debt, national social security programs, and tariffs.  Yet Rangel either cheated on his taxes or was incredibly incompetent in filing them.

If we assume either of these motives, Rangel should resign or be forcibly removed from office.  Perhaps at 79 years of age he is no longer competent to hold the office.  Such an oversight, if it was one, certainly seems like evidence of diminished mental capacity.  However, if Rangel maintains he is competent then we must assume he intentionally cheated on his taxes.  Either way Rangel should be removed from office.  I agree with House Minority Leader John A. Boehner (R-OH) who wrote, “The American people have every right to demand that their leaders be held to the highest possible standards of ethical conduct in every situation, regardless of a member’s political party, personality, or past record.”

Rangel is an important player in Pelosi's health care fight

Rangel is an important player in Pelosi's health care fight

Others writers have claimed Rangel would scream racism if anyone in a position of influence called for his resignation.  So far only Republicans have made their desires known and as far as I know Rangel hasn’t made such a charge – yet.  With a critical vote on HR3200 coming up Democrats need every vote they can hold on to.  Rangel is an important leader in the health care debate and obviously a “yes” vote.  If  any Democrats call for him to step down I will be shocked.  As of this writing, Speaker Pelosi stands firmly and silently in support of Rangel. No surprise.

Feathering his nest

Fellow NY Rep. McMahon sees nothing wrong with keeping contributions from Rangel

When deciding whether Rangel is an idiot or just arrogant we should consider that Rep. Rangel has made significant political contributions to three of the five Democratic members of the ethics committee investigating him.  In fact, Rangel has donated to 119 Democrats in all, giving more money to fellow Democrats in 2008 than any other Congressman. One representative, Michael McMahon (D-NY) refuses to return the money Rangel gave his campaign.  “These funds are entirely unrelated to any investigation of Congressman Rangel,” according to McMahon’s Communications Director.  However, ethics questions concerning Rangel were already being raise during the 2008 campaign.  At the very least there is the appearance that Rangel was seeding the House with goodwill in anticipation of the coming ethics probe.

Again I must point out that if a Republican in his position had taken such actions those contributions themselves would become the centerpieces in a firestorm of angry calls for resignation.  The term “campaign contribution” would never be used, rather the term would be “bribe.”  I’m not sure what was going on with those donations, but Rangel appears to have been feathering his bed.

Now he finds himself in the center of controversy but is he worried?  Probably not.  He knows he has 118 (one representative has returned Rangel’s contribution) friends in the House and the Speaker can’t afford to lose him.  Rest assured she will be twisting arms – no breaking knee caps – to ensure the panel finds no evidence of wrong-doing.  Only widespread public outrage could change that.  At least that’s how someone who only hopes to be as smart as Charlie Rangel someday sees it.

  1. I BELIEVE THERE SHOULD BE A LAW AGAINST TAX CHEATS BEING ALLOWED TO SERVE IN GOVERNMENT. That would however remove half of Congress and 4/5 of the White House staff/cabinet/czars. BB

    • reedkeys
    • September 6th, 2009

    No wonder we’re bankrupt. Maybe he and Van Jones could have a pity party when the adults take the country back over in 2010!

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