Red Jobs Czar is OUT

The LA Times blames the departure almost entirely on conservative talk shows and websites.

The LA Times blames the departure "almost entirely on conservative talk shows and websites." Click the picture to read their story.

Glenn Beck took a lot of flack and was personally targeted for termination by the Obama Administration but it was Van Jones that actually did the most harm to his boss.  All Beck did was point out that Van Jones not only had ties to communism but was a self-proclaimed communist.   Not only did he have an agenda before becoming an unaccountable Czar but he continued to give speeches affirming he was pursuing that agenda in his official capacity.

Van Jones can spew his hate (and he has already begun) toward conservatives like Beck, but Jones’ worst enemy stares accusingly at him every time he shaves.  In the end, the attack that was meant to drive Beck off the air and financially harm Fox News, actually backfired and increased the pressure on the Administration to jettison Van Jones.

Unfortunately it is a hollow victory since the administration is riddled with socialist-leaning thought.  Next in Beck’s line of fire is Mark Lloyd, FCC Associate General Counsel and Chief Diversity Office, who thinks Hugo Chavez is the best thing to ever happen to Venezuela.  (One wonders what his view of free press entails – no wait I think I know.)

The President himself has a long history of exposure to Marxism.  He writes that his early mentor was Frank Marshall Davis, a card-carrying member of CPUSA (Communist Party, USA).  Davis was a close relationship for Barack during what is considered formative years (ages 9-18).  So while we might be less one Marxist, the problem runs far deeper.

One down a whole administration yet to go.  My only fear is that there is no knight in shining armor standing in the wings to save us or even fix the national mess these two major parties have created over the last 20 years.  And will 2010 be soon enough anyway.

    • reedkeys
    • September 7th, 2009

    Funny how the 9/11 thing seems to be the final straw. Never mind the looong history of radical thinking. Shocking that despite a total blackout by the MSM, there was still enough pressure to force him to leave. Way to go Glenn! and way to go America! There’s more in my blog, “Sympathy for the Liberal.”

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