Death of the Nobel Peace Prize

There was a time when winning a Nobel Peace prize was extremely prestigious.  Some significant and world -changing accomplishment had to have been made.  But just two weeks after being elected President of the United States the Nobel Prize Committee decided Barack Obama would receive the prize announced today.  By the way, that includes a million dollar cash award.

My question is simple.  What has President Obama done to deserve the award?  Well, most everyone knows the answer – nothing – unless you’re a fanboy like “2morrowknight” who think grovelling before the world is a highly valued Nobel laureate quality.  The Nobel Prize website does not always provide a reason for an award.  Largely because in most instances the reason is self-evident.

However, in need of justifying itself the committee made sure the website credited Obama’s big contribution to world peace.  The caption reads, “for his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples.”  Not even the Huffington Post tried to justify that reasoning instead they pointed to what a great job of apologizing Obama has done.  I guess 2morrowknight got it right, Obama won for being the world’s greatest apologizer.

In granting this award the value of the Peace Prize has just tanked alongside the world economy.  Yep, a share of AIG stock is worth more than a Nobel Peace Prize.  At least in 2002, when former President Jimmy Carter won, I understood why.  Love him or hate him Jimmy Carter has promoted world peace and has a solid track-record worthy of the award.  What about Obama?  He snubbed our allies, condemned Israel, apologized to terrorists and their supporters, capitulated to rouge states, grovelled before the international community, and oh yeah he gave a speech to a bunch of Turkish students where he basically condemned the U.S.  What has he done to bring any form of official peace?  Has he hosted a summit between Israel and Hamas?  No.  Rather, he emboldened Hamas not to make peace with Israel.  The two sides are less likely to talk peace now.

We live in an upside down world where the “bad guys” are actually misunderstood.  We just need to invite them over for beer in the rose garden and work it out.  Our enemies will give up their nukes if we just demonstrate good-will by giving ours up first.  Meanwhile, our long standing allies are ignored and given cheap trinkets as official gifts – just so they know their place.

Yeah sure, Obama deserves that prize.  While they’re at it, I think they should outsource the manufacture of the metal to a Chinese toy manufacturer.  Plastic will last longer and be much more economical.  Besides, they shouldn’t waste anymore money than they have already.

  1. Hey, what the hell’s going on on the back of the Peace Prize medallion? That looks extremely gay!

    • delishouslygonzo
    • October 14th, 2009

    Booooooo! Simply Boooooooo! I just dont get it?!
    “What has President Obama done to deserve the award? Well, most everyone knows the answer – nothing” AGREED!

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