‘Kill the Jews’

Last year, a New York City bicycle cabbie, Yousef al-Khattab, used his Web site RevolutionMuslim.com to mock the beheading of journalist Daniel Pearl.

On October 7, 2009, al-Khattab, formerly Joseph Cohen, posted a prayer calling for the murder of Jews and exhorting Muslims to “throw liquid drain cleaner in their faces.”

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  1. The 1st Amendment protects hate speech, like it or not.

  2. Actually, I like the 1st Amendment for its ability to allow people such as Yousef al-Khattab to surface.

    It certainly makes it much easier to identify them.

    It’s sort of like having F.L.I.R. optics to search through the dark.

    I somehow doubt the FBI needs the help.

  3. The most amazing element of this story is that al-Khattab was a Jewish man who is now advocating for the genocide of his own people. When a Jewish man converts to Christianity he does not cry out for the destruction of his people. Rather he seeks so show them the peace he has received. It is the difference between hate and love. I’m talking as an overarching pattern not as an occasional sect or individual.

  4. Today I was responding on a posting over at Rutherford’s site. Even though the posting was about Sarah Palin, the comments somehow evolved into religion. (I think that Elric66 and Tex are involved in getting that to happen.) Anyway, I actually got to get a word in edge-wise with Rutherford and we talked a bit – well I did mostly – about the lack of compassion, love, forgiveness, tolerance and acceptance of Islam toward non-Muslims. Its many messages of hate and killing in the name of Allah certainly set it apart from all other religions. I challenged Rutherford to find another religion which allows the leadership, the Imams, to embrace so willingly the messages of killing and teaching its followers that Jews are pigs and non-believers are to be raped and killed. (Not necessarily in that order I suppose.)

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