Obama’s war with the media

There are those on the left who completely agree that Fox News is operating as a radio show outlet, not a news organization.

Nothing could be further from the truth. News is news and Fox reports on the news.

Having said that, Fox also has a commentary format which the competing stations also have. Obama’s beef is about the comments and opinions coming form these shows i.e. the 5pm and 9pm slots.

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  1. Fox “reporting” has a definite slant. It’s not just the pundits; it’s the reporting that they call news that also has a far right slant. Fox is more of a propaganda channel for Republicans.

  2. RE:it’s the reporting that they call news that also has a far right slant. Fox is more of a propaganda channel for Republicans

    Alright, let’s run with that. Let’s first make a distinction between commentary on the news and reporting of the news.

    To help me see it, give me an example of reporting (not commentary) on the news which makes your point that Fox News is the propaganda channel for Republicans.

  3. Just flipping through the channels, sometimes I stop at Fox and often witness blatant right-wing propaganda in, not the talk shows, but what they call “news.”

    Obviously, I can’t provide a link to that, but here are some videos:

    • Ben, when you are “flipping through the channels” do you often witness blantant examples of left-wing bias on NBC, CBS, MSNBC? Or are you expecting a bias? More likely I think the bias that is being perceived is based on the stories the network chooses to cover. Most of the media outlets that Obama loves chose NOT to cover the ACORN story because of Obama’s close relationship to ACORN. When the story became so big they could not look away any longer they downplayed or ignored Obama’s ACORN roots. But Fox ran the story from day 1. Thus Fox is biased against the President.

      The Huffington Post is the most ridiculous left-wing blog out there. They would have supported and ignored Mao’s 20 million purge had they existed in China during the 1960s. Let’s address there highly biased and outrageous accusations against Fox.

      1.) Bill Hemmer reports on Kevin Jennings failure to report statutory rape. THP claims the 15 year old student was “above the age of consent.” The kid was 15 and the predator was an adult over age 18. This is a crime. Had the 15 year old victim been female and the predator an adult male THP would have agreed with Fox, however, because this was a Gay sexual situation it is glorified and highly lifted above all criticism in liberal circles. This places Jennings above criticism.
      2.) Martha MacCallum presents clip of VP Biden saying “the fundamentals of the economy are strong.” THP isolates one clip from a montage of 4, where all are claiming the economy is sound. Someone at Fox messed up, clearly and whoever put that clip in the montage should have been severely punished, but the essence of the story is correct. Administration officials were declaring prematurely that the recession was over.
      3.) Obama quote cut short making it “seem” like he was supporting a European-style health care system. Obama has talked out of both sides of his mouth on this one. When with hostile audiences he’s against a single payer system. When he’s with a friendly audience single payer is the best and ultimate goal of his administration. Fox researchers could have done a better job in selecting a bite. I guess I’ll chaulk this one up to poor research.
      4.) Megyn Kelly demonstrates bias against Sotomayor. This is a bogus claim. Megyn is playing devil’s advocate and pressing the guest to address conservative concerns and claims. Also Megyn is correct after reading the speech only someone biased could say the comments were taken out of context. Read the speech, I have the entire text on this blog site.
      5.) Jon Scott uses Republican “talking points” in report. The facts are not challenged only the source. Typical left-wing attack, impeach the source not the facts. CNN was famous for repeating Clinton talking points without citing them as such during the late 1990s. Next.
      6.) Trace Gallagher and Bill Sammon claimed that Senate Democrats oppose provisions of the PATRIOT Act that helped catch a suspected terrorist. Following up on this I find the claim of bias here questionable. If Fox targetted specific Democrats and it turned out those Democrats supported the provisions THP and the Cato Institute would have scored a direct hit. However, I research shows key Democrats like Conyers do oppose these provisions and for reasons of vengeance. “Democrats don’t uniformly support the White House on that. Some Democrats on the committee were still bitter that some Republicans back in 2001 had pushed aside a bipartisan version of the bill produced by the Judiciary Committee in favor of a version substantially revised and altered by the Rules Committee, led by then-chairman David Dreier (R-Calif.).”

      Unfortunately, I’m out of time for more.

    • If I were Rutherford, I’d just dismiss your response with some glib remark like “please, get real”, but thankfully, I’m not.

      To do so would be rude and demeaning and does nothing to advance discussion.

      I took the time to read the Huffington Post reference and I have responded to each of their “Ten Most Egregious Fox News Distortions”


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