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Yesterday my commentary dealt with the White House attack on Fox News.  The point being that this was not simply an attack on one news organization but rather the beginning of a much more widespread attack on the free press and ultimately free speech.  Slippery slope argument. I heard that.  Seriously though, is it?

When the Democrats ramped up the money confetti drop on AIG, GM, and the like, there were already stories going around about the financial shape of major newspapers, such as The Washington Post. Well, welcome to the slope and my is it slippery today.  According to the Wall Street Journal, Washington Post Vice-President at Large, Leonard Downie Jr., is favoring government subsidies for the press.  Whenever anyone is financially obligated they become obligated in other areas.

Don’t agree.  Then you either lack a social conscience or you’ve never borrowed money from your Dad.  But let us stick to the government.  Farmers are subsidized by the government.  They have been since the Great Depression.  This is one of the worst situations ever created.  The government through it’s subsidies controls how much farmers can produce, that allows them to effectively control prices.  (A far better solution would have been for the government to buy crops, pay for processing, and distribute food to needy Americans as opposed to the current system of food stamps.  But again that’s another topic.)

To further make my point at the very moment that the President, Congress, and other loud Democrats are redefining “news” we see the first move toward eventual government ownership in major news media.  After the government bailed out AIG, GM, and countless banks, the government wasted little time before meddling in the inner workings of those organizations.  To me that is to be expected.  I certainly would not want to own a company run by people I did not trust, or allow decisions I felt were not in the best interest of the company.  Nor would I allow a company I owned to criticize me too loudly or too damagingly. And therein lies the rub.

Barack Obama is squealing like a wounded pig about Fox news attacks, coming from commentary largely confined to Beck, Hannity, and O’Reilly.  He is whining that Fox is unfair, they lie, their stories make me look bad, it’s a conspiracy.  People are buying it.  After all, Fox reported that nasty ACORN series of stories and we all know Obama and ACORN are practically inseparable.  The President remarked yesterday that he wasn’t spending too much time thinking about Fox.  Perhaps.  He has just allocated top resources away from important things like Iran to combat Fox being in the press pool.

Republican Presidents have dealt with media bias for decades.  Welcome to the Presidency, Mr. Obama.  If G.W. Bush had complained about every unfair and misquoted thing the mainstream media had said about him he would have never had time for anything else.   And another thing, if Rahm, David, and Barack can redefine Fox’s news status based on their prime political commentators should not MSNBC lose it’s title as well?  I recall one of their NEWS anchors admitting Obama excited him.  And what of CBS’ Charlie Gibson.  Geez, I better stop.

Before I do, though let me say this.  If Emanuel and Axelrod are successful in convincing the other news agencies to shun Fox, they will introduce a very dangerous new dynamic into politics.  After Republicans hounded Clinton, Democrats repaid them by subverting Bush and opposing him on everything no matter how insignificant.  Should Obama and the mainstream media shut Fox out, it would be reasonable and highly probable for the tables to be turned upon the election of the next Republican President.  In the most extreme case, the other news outlets could find themselves locked out with Fox holding exclusive access to the White House.  As I said in an earlier post, payback’s a bitch.

But it looks like the liberal media want a government tit more than they want their independence.  Their hard leftist leanings have alienated many of their readers and let’s face it free internet news access has killed print.  Rather than lean to survive they want a handout.  And hey Soviet media worked so well.

I’m sure the government is salivating at the thought of having a financial stake in the mainstream media.  They can place operatives in key hiring positions and soon all media will look and sound like NPR.  Doubt it?  Look at how the government is making moves to tighten it’s control on the internet.

lenin_reading_pravdaThere is a grand plan.  At first I did not see it but the evidence is overwhelming.  Listen to some quotes from Democrats now in control of this nation.  They tell us in plain language exactly what they’re deep desires are for this nation.  Maxine Waters put it best last year when addressing auto execs.  In a fit of rage she plainly announces that liberals want to socialize this nation and run all U.S. companies.  (If I had not heard it myself I would never have believed it.)

McChesney is arguing that the media companies don’t know what you want but government does.  He is advocating in very smooth language that the government should control the media and decide what should be broadcast.

Ron Bloom asserting that the administration does not believe in the free market and espouses Maoist views.

Van Jones (now working for ) explains just how socialist/communists plan a coup from the inside.

I’ll end on this.  Alan Keyes is not a “smooth” politician.  He says what’s on his mind and sometimes accepts theories as facts.  In spite of that I like him.  Like me he is an emotional man who loves this country and values freedom.  Unlike those on the left value who prize safety and pleasure over freedom and security.

From February 2009:

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