Time’s Almost Up

I usually don’t post party talking points or reprint the writings of partisans, but I came into possession of the following letter from Representative Tom Price (R-GA).  What gives Congressman Price so much more credibility is the fact that he is a doctor.  Not a lawyer!

Democrats have put a stranglehold on Republicans suppressing any input. Even as Obama was assuring us he would consider Republican proposals he was refusing to meet or discuss ideas with Republicans.  I have a strong message for Democrats and Nancy Pelosi in particular, payback’s a bitch.

And now Representative Price’s letter.

Dear Friend,

Despite the hard work of Republicans to pass health care reform that increases accessibility to quality care and lowers costs, Democrats continue down the path toward a government-run public option. Speaker Pelosi has stifled all opposition to her plans, and reports from Washington indicate that they have 210 votes for the proposal. That means they are only eight votes away from passing a bill that will end personal, private insurance and eventually put a government bureaucrat between you and your doctor.

We must stand up and let our voices be heard so we can stop this devastating legislation. Elected leaders in Washington are there to serve you, and Americans are crying out for health care reform that expands choices and improves coverage – not the one size fits all approach being jammed through by Democrats in Washington!

If you haven’t already, take this opportunity to visit Voice for Freedom to sign the petition to Speaker Pelosi to stop her government takeover of health care. And please make a donation to help the GOP take back control of the House of Representatives and ensure that there are patient-centered solutions to health care reform.

Yours truly.

Congressman Tom Price, M.D.

This is not to be considered an endorsement of the Republican party or Tom Price. This is reprinted to help communicate the urgency of getting our voices heard.
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