For the Good of the Party

Scozzafava's stunt favored Hoffman

The Congressional race in New York’s District 23 has made headlines nationwide.  Just three days before the votes were cast, Dede Scozzafava the Republican candidate dropped out of the race, as it became clear her chances of winning were gone.  Conservative candidate, Doug Hoffman has been declared the spoiler, who forced Scozzafava from the race.  Few have actually pinned the blame on Scozzafava’s own political philosophy.  Scozzafava tipped her hand in her withdraw speech.  She announced she was withdrawing, “for the good of the party.”  Then hours later she endorsed Democratic candidate, Bill Owens.  This writer wonders what “good of the party” means to Ms. Scozzafava, perhaps her definition and mine are not the same, unless she is referring to her true party allegiance.

The press has labeled Scozzafava a moderate.  In my commentary, Finding a New Souter, I predicted left-wing radicals would be become the new “moderates.” I was spot-on.  Scozzafava holds a hard left-wing party line on nearly every issue.  She supports the massive federal stimulus act, EFCA (the employee no-choice act), cap and trade, same-sex marriage rights, unhindered abortion rights, and the basic tenets of Pelosicare, the same as nearly every Democrat out there.  She even proudly held the not-so-coveted ACORN endorsement.  I made an effort to find a significant issue where Scozzafava differed from Progressives and all I could find was her opposition to gun-control.  It became quite clear why she endorsed the Democrat, rather than the Conservative.  As for this writer the endorsement sheds light on which party’s good she had in mind when she made her nearly tearful withdraw speech.

Doug HoffmanTime for a Change We Can Believe In

Scozzafava was nominated by party leaders not by the Republican base in District 23.  Hoffman on the other hand is not even a Republican.  He is a Conservative, a legitimate political party in New York. Why did Scozzafava dropout?  I don’t care.  She was a Democrat in Republican clothing and whether she remained or exited didn’t matter.  The people of NY23 saw beneath the mask and rejected her.  Was it a rejection of Obama?  Perhaps but that doesn’t matter.  The larger point is that Republican leaders need to sit up and take notice.  Conservatives are tired of Republicans, especially liberal ones.

The Conservative party I think should consider going national next year.  People in the country are more likely to call themselves “conservative” rather than Republican.  In fact, a recent poll found 40% of Americans consider themselves conservative, while 20% consider themselves liberal, 38% Democrat, and 32% Republican.

Clash_of_the_partiesBuilding the Brand

In 1994, Democrats faced down a crushing defeat in Congressional races, losing both the House and the Senate for the first time in nearly 40 years.  At the time I expected Democrats would realize the nation had slid to the right and respond by tacking to the center.  However, Democrat strategists seem to understand something today’s Republican leaders can’t grasp, brand differentiation.  Rather than move toward the center the Democratic party made the calculated decision to move farther to the left.  This helped define their differences and kept them from losing their identity. Clinton tacked to the center because he had to work with the Republican Congress but the party had no need to do that.

Republican loses in 2006 and 2008 were largely due to the unpopularity of G.W. Bush.  Rather than reinforce conservative principles, the Republican leadership and their strategists, moved the party to the left.  Thus clouding the differences that define political ideology.  There simply should not be liberal Republicans or conservative Democrats.  The only reason such candidates exist is to play the system.  If Republicans do not take this opportunity to return to their foundation, perhaps, it is time for a multi-party system.

I’ve heard partisans argue that introducing additional parties would ruin the American political system.  I disagree.  I lived in a nation with four parties and it worked fine.  The various parties represented clearly defined slices of the political spectrum.  Big tents are for big fools.  Big tents become crowded with phonies and impostures.  Now let me say, I prefer a strong conservative Republican party and that is what I am calling for.  I’m calling for Republicans to “right-size” the tent.

You don’t hear Democrats talking about making their tent big by accepting right-wing Democrats.  No, rather they attack the so-called blue dogs and strong-arm them into submission.  Yet David Axelrod along with major news outlets known for their historic association with and endorsements of liberal candidates are clambering for Republicans to enlarge their tent and move the party left.  Why?  Because their goal is to weaken and destroy the Republican party.  They are not offering advice to help, they are baiting and hoping for a collapse.

A New Conservative Party

Republican victories in Virginia, New Jersey, and New York should not be taken lightly and should serve as a rally call.  If there are lessons to be learned from tonight’s election it is that people are not happy with the socialist agenda being pursued by Pelosi, Reid, and Obama.  Should Republicans be energized by this?  Absolutely.  This should be the herald to get Republicans to return to their core values.  If Republicans refuse to heed this call and continue this leftward drift they will be sacrificing their long-term survival.

I would question the viability of a party that loses sight of its core principles.  I would even question whether such a party is worth saving.  Whatever direction the Republicans choose, its ideals are worth saving.  That said, the party’s worth hangs upon its commitment to those values.  We suffered through eight years of Republicans compromising and in many cases capitulating to Democrats, all to the detriment of party and nation.

We need a party committed to the ideals of individual freedom, while protecting the people from abuses from within and without.  We need a party that promotes American businesses that create American jobs, not simply feeding the greed of a few at the expense of many.  This means not freely allowing American treasure to flow outward as American industry fades into the annals of history.  Business is the life-blood of a nation.  Business provides jobs, business pays taxes that drive the nation, business builds wealth for investors, employees, and the government that supports and protects it.  Business is not the enemy nor is it God.

We need a party that understands that American self-determination is essential to its survival.  It must understands the admonition of our third President who said, “Peace, commerce, and honest friendship with all nations-entangling alliances with none.“¹  We need a party that understands the value of money; that debts must be repaid and that repayment will necessitate economic consequences the people will not accept.  We need a party that understands a fiat currency is not a real currency.  A party that recognizes there is a need to produce something of value to facilitate and sustain healthy international trade.  We need a party that won’t accept the idea that American infrastructure can be sold to repay American debt.

Americans Go To The Polls To Elect The Next U.S. President

The Results Are In, Right?

Today New York’s 23rd district cast their votes.  ACORN no doubt did their usual best to stuff the ballot boxes, ala Chicago-style.  Meanwhile you can bet Labor Unions roamed the streets making sure their members voted so no unfortunate accidents happened to them.  Tonight, USA Today’s website reports voting machines “broke down” in NY’s 23rd district, delaying the vote count until tomorrow.  Just too convenient, don’t you think?  Just an hour before the stroke of midnight, nearly all the east coast races are reporting preliminary results or a projected winner.  Not NY 23.  It smells if you ask me.

As I finalized this commentary results first appeared in this race.  At 11:55pm 87% of the precincts are now reporting in, the results are as follows:

  • Bill Owens (D)           49% (59,630 votes)
  • Doug Hoffman (C)       46% (55,166 votes)
  • Dede Scozzafava (R)     5% (   6,706 votes)

Four thousand votes is within ACORN’s capabilities and if Hoffman loses he needs to insist any hint of fraud be thoroughly investigated.  ACORN is potentially more corrupt than any third-world dictatorship.

You Don’t Want To Push A Desperate Man,
Ain’t No Tellin’ What He Might Do
You Don’t Want To Corner A Passionate Heart
It May Run Right Over Top Of You
Passionate Desperation Is A Volatile Combination

There’s Something About A Desperate Man
Like He’s On Some Kind Of Mission
There’s Something About A Passionate Heart
Makes You Wanna Stop And Listen
Passionate Desperation Is A Powerful Combination
We Are Desperate Men²

1. Thomas Jefferson’s inaugural address.  George Washington warned against permanent alliances, but it was Jefferson that used the term “entangling alliances,” which clearly defines the hazards Washington feared.
2. Desperate Men, Geoff Moore.  From the Album, Threads ©1997 Chordant Records.
  1. Dede Scozzafava is a prime example of what is wrong with the Republican Party which, over the years has acquired members holding to values and principles which do not align well to those of a traditional GOP.

    Today it is difficult to vote for GOP candidates when we’ve come to learn only after they get into office they really don’t represent the party’s traditional values.

    This is setup by a couple of things. Many times liberal candidates running in a conservative district change parties to maximize their chances of being elected. The GOP, hoping to collect the independents or moderates who vacillate between party principles, has changed its party platform planks to attract them.

    The GOP needs to get serious about itself or they will be irrelevant, if not already. The central problem is that the GOP is rife with R.I.N.O.s today and has acquired the characteristics of a box of chocolates…. you never know what you’re going to get.

  2. RE:That said, the party’s worth hangs upon its commitment to those values.
    Just what are the values of the current GOP and who said so?

    RE:We need a party committed to the ideals of individual freedom,while protecting the people from abuses from within and without.

    While this goes without saying and still needs to be stated, it does nothing to differentiate itself from the DNC.

    We need a party which commits these ideals to paper and holds party members to it. Until we grasp that fundamental idea, we will be doing nothing to solidify the party around a core set of values to which the party truly belongs.

  3. I completely agree. Hillary Clinton summed up the problem perfectly when discrediting her own recent comments in support of Israeli settlements. She said, “It is results, not rhetoric, that matter in the end.”

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