Fort Hood Muslim Major and his Personal Jihad

The link to the post below talks about Major Hasan’s premeditated murder against U.S. military personnel, an act of treason.
Some in the media are calling it a simple murder rampage, but the post advances the idea that his actions are rooted in what is called “cognitive dissonance” and that his actions were inevitable.

The fact that federal authorities did not open a full investigation on Hasan suggests that even our military and federal government has failed to “get it”.

Read about it here.

  1. Cognitive dissonance is something many people face in the workplace. If you are a strongly moral or religious person and your boss asks you to lie or cheat a customer or underling then you know what we’re talking about. Muslims are programmed to jihad and in this case Hasan likely may have perceived that the government was asking him to engage in counter-jihad.

    Our government is blinded by Stockholm Syndrome (which I have written about recently) and just doesn’t get the seriousness or depth of the threat. Most people don’t get how serious the threat it. When I tell people to read the Koran they laugh and respond that they aren’t religious and that “moderate Muslims” are no different than Christians. True the Old Testament contains some violent history but no where does it command a continual intolerance and killing of non-believers. The Koran does. There is a good essay on it here and far more on the blog, Explore the site if you have not done so already. Be prepared to bring your brain since Ben researches in-depth.

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