Obama’s Immigration Reform

Homeland Security Illegal Alien Czar Janet Napolitano

Last week, Obama ran off to China, leaving Attorney General Eric Holder back home to face the heat for his decision to try Khalid Sheikh Mohammed – the 9/11 mastermind – in Federal court.

Some are saying the trip and Holder’s controversy has been a carefully planned ruse to draw attention away from the up-coming health care debate in the U.S. Senate this coming Saturday. If true, that’s not all it did.


  1. Ben, Where the heck did you get that crazy caricature of Napolitano? That’s just not right. LOL.

    • Ben
    • November 23rd, 2009

    Well, I “found it” on the internet, of course.

    The image said a couple of things to me which you hinted at.

    “This doesn’t look right.” and “She looks sort of alien.” and I thought it was a great abstract reference to the issue of illegal aliens and he policies which are not quite right.

    Now that you have an insight into how my mind works, I apologize for that.

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