Can I recycle the last thirty years of my life?

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Previously on my blog, I detailed the apparent fraud which has been exposed by the release of some material from the East Anglia University’s Climate Research Unit in Britain.  (You can read that one here.) For some of you, this may come as startling news, since virtually none of the old guard media have made much of this story.  I guess you can file this in the same file with Van Jones and ACORN.  But if the global warming hoax is officially over, it’s time to take count of all the changes we’ve made and how that might affect the rest of our lives.

I was more than a little chagrined when I started to realize all the things we have done in the name of protecting the environment over the last thirty years.  For example, I have always resisted the idea of recycling.  Oh, sure, I’d drop some aluminum cans in a recycling bin if it was handy, but to actually go out of my way to store refuse until I could haul it to a recycling center, out of the question.  Until I moved up north.  In the town I live in, we are all issued a recycling bin with very specific instructions on what should go in it and what should not.  Here’s the kicker – it is actually illegal for me not to recycle.  That’s right, government has decided that it is for the greater good to prosecute those who refuse to recycle in order to protect the planet.  So far, the trash Nazis haven’t checked my trash – yet!

Four rubbish bins lined up on a suburban pavement

And it’s not like there is some more economical reason for cities to mandate recycling.  In fact, I’ve read recently that California’s recycling program is in shambles and nearly bankrupt.  California is a state that has completely sold out to the environmental hoax and look where they are.  They are almost completely bankrupt, they can’t pr0duce enough energy to serve their citizens, and they keep raising taxes to cover their budget shortfalls.  It’s time for California to take the restrictions off of businesses, let people live their lives and make the economy for California flourish.

Another aspect of the environmental movement has been to ban a series of chemicals because they are supposedly causing global warming or harmful to the environment.  For me though, one of the most appalling things that has happened is the ban on the incandescent light bulb.  The light bulb is the quintessential American invention. It helped define us and establish us as a force for industry in the world. Now we are turning our back on the light bulb in favor of a far more hazardous alternative: the compact fluorescent light bulb. This, as you may know, is far more hazardous since it contains mercury. If you break it or it burns out, you must take it to your local hazardous materials dump. You can’t simply throw them away. To me, it is an insult that we would make it illegal to sell incandescent bulbs when they are far safer than the alternative.

Perhaps this is why I have always had a problem with the so-called environmental movement. At it’s heart, I have always believed it was anti-technology and anti-freedom. That is to say, someone who thinks all our consumption is obscene wouldn’t get you to stop consuming without guilting you into it. So we end up with more dangerous light bulbs, cars we don’t want to drive, and environmentally friendly chemicals which don’t do what they’re supposed to.

Climate Change And Global Pollution To Be Discussed At Copenhagen Summit

The demise of the global warming movement comes at an interesting time. Next month, the United Nations is having a huge climate change convention in Copenhagen to discuss new strategies governments around the world (this means you, United States) can take to combat catastrophic climate change. Can anyone say. . .”Never mind!” No! In fact, it wasn’t until the release of these documents that the President confirmed he would make an appearance at the convention. It’s handy since he’s going to Oslo to collect his Nobel Peace Prize and Copenhagen is in the neighborhood. . .I guess. No doubt, President Obama and many of the other dignitaries will do their best to resuscitate the environmental movement, but the people of the world aren’t stupid. They may compassionate to a fault, but they are not stupid.

So what does it all mean, where do we go from here? Obviously, with so much money tied to the environmental movement, there will be a continued attempt to keep the gravy train rolling. They may call it something else, but the bottom line is that they will continue to tell you that you must do this or that or the planet will die. Remember the lies they have been telling you for the last thirty years. Remember how you felt when you realized you had been duped all these years (if you have). Don’t feel bad, it isn’t your fault. You only wanted to help save the planet. You did what you thought was right. It’s never time to trash the planet or disrespect our environment, but it is time to reject a political movement whose goal is to get you to live a smaller life than what you are capable of. Elect people who reject the constraints of the “environmental” movement and help get America back on its feet at the same time!

  1. Welcome Reed.

    I cannot believe you would actually throw recyclables away when you have recycling pickup. I recycle under the reasoning that it creates jobs, reuses materials that would otherwise need to be imported, and it creates more room in the main trash can for real garbage.

    For a conservative you are quite the rebel.

  2. Naaaa… I’d rather make the planet cleaner.

  3. make the planet cleaner at the expense of our economy though?

    • Cleaning up the environment isn’t going to hurt the economy. On the contrary, it could create jobs and new industries. What hurts the economy is monopolistic entities that eliminate jobs here and outsource them overseas, or huge corporations that drive small businesses out of business and send manufacturing jobs overseas. We hardly make anything in the U.S. any more. That’s why economic recovery is going to take a long time.

      • Follow along BH. He is referring to Cap & Trade legislation which will stifle industry, kill jobs, push energy prices sky-high, and yield sovereignty to the U.N. Recycling creates jobs but Cap & Trade kills them.

  4. Due to health and environmental concerns about mercury, it is unlawful to dispose of fluorescent bulbs as universal waste in the states of California, Minnesota, Ohio, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, and Wisconsin.

    It turns out, the new H1N1 vaccine contains thimerosal, a mercury-based preservative that has been phased out of childhood immunizations since 2001 due to concerns that the preservative MAY be linked to autism.

    But thimerosal (which is about half-mercury) will be found in most vials of the H1N1 vaccine.

    Now I’m not going to advance the idea there are equal amounts of mercury in the light bulb and the vaccine, but I find it odd that one is unlawful to dispose while the other is injected into human beings.


    Speaking of toxic, Al Gore canceled his new Power Point presentation at Copenhagen today. Refunds for the 3000 who bought his tickets (presumably hook line and sinker) are on the way. The other upside is that Gore just released a new book which the Power Point doc is based. DOH!


    As far as the potential for Obama to sign the treaty, even if he does, it isn’t binding. It has to be first ratified by the Senate. Even if it gets that far, based upon the reactions to Nancy’s and Reids health care POS, it hasn’t a snow ball’s chance of getting support to be passed into law. Even if it was ratified, it raises the specter of the Senate acting against the state and the COTUS which are probably impeachable offenses. It’s a hairball of issues.


    I think you’ve stumbled upon a new congressional tool; legislation based upon guild generates a revenue stream for the government.

    • that should have been guilt – not guild

  5. Lew and I have always been recyclers. Yes, even to the extent of storing newspapers in our garage until we had a pickup truck load for Lew to drive to the recycle plant. We also do the plastic and tin cans and aluminum cans that is now the thing in our city. Since we live in an apartment we don’t have the curb side pick up so Lew hauls our own filled trash bags off to the recycling center. We must be nuts, I know. But it is our background and a life long habit.

    Having grown up in the filthy and very much polluted Northern Ohio Valley with the steel mills and coal mines I guess I just naturally hate anything that leaves man’s mark too heavily on the Earth.


  6. American please send me your email address as my contact list was deleted. BB

  7. There are things in Waxman-Markey climate and energy bill—aka the American Clean Energy and Security Act, ACES, H.R. 2454 – which is really going to raise the hair on people’s necks.

    The House passed H.R. 2454 on June 26, 2009, by a vote of 219 to 212. Click here to see how your rep voted.

    I’ve read portions of it. Here’s the good news: Households could receive $3,000 in financial support to make their residences at least 20 percent more energy efficient.

    The implication is that new homes will be built under standards defined by this bill. It also means that to sell an older home, the homeowner will have to bring the house up to a certain standard. That is what that $3k is for… “to help”. It won’t pay for the whole costs. Yea. I know. It’s unbelievable. I hope I’m wrong about what I read, but that’s my take on it.

    Looking at the big picture, it will serve to stifle home sales, raise the costs of new and existing homes and reduce resale value of some older homes. It’s easy to believe that some homes may never even make the standard and will be torn down once the homeowner vacates.

    This hope and change thing is just fricking awesome.

    • reedkeys
    • December 4th, 2009

    Thanks for the responses. And thanks to AAI for allowing me the extra space and audience to post to. Please don’t get me wrong. If recycling means more jobs, awesome! I don’t think it does but if someone can make that case, I’ll listen. If you want to recycle because you think it’s a good idea. Terrific! That should be your prerogative. I just resent the fact that I HAVE to recycle if I don’t want to, especially if it means my taxes are being raised to pay for the extra trucks and storage facilities, et al.

    I just saw a commercial from Exxon/Mobil who is boasting spending $100 Million on a new process which takes the CO2 out of the gas before it is burned. You wanna talk about a job killer? $100 Million is a LOT of jobs gone and for what? A complete hoax!

  8. What’s up, just wanted to tell you, I liked this article.
    It was inspiring. Keep on posting!

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