Ah, Yes! I remember it well!

The aftermath and fallout of the global warming hoax has started in earnest now. This is a story which I think has yet to finally sink in. I have been tracking the demise of the global warming movement in this blog for almost a year now. Last year, I linked to an article from the UK Telegraph proclaiming 2008 as the year the climate hoax was disproved. While that may have been true in the UK, and despite overwhelming evidence now from the disclosed emails, people in the states are still reticent to accept the full weight of the deceit.

Read the full article at A Conservative Estimate.

  1. If Copenhagen is any indication, global warming cultists are just that. Facts, number manipulation, and conspiracy are easily excused and ignored. They are convinced the debate is over and the facts be damned. Very much like fanatical zealots, the movement is far from dead. In fact these revelations may breath new life into it as they can play the victim and somehow spin this into a “vast right-wing conspiracy.”

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