Democrats defy logic and the public

At least we see people are starting to get it.  Unfortunately, the administration looks at polls and dismisses them.  They are undounted.  Let’s review:  Health care that will raise a family’s health insurance cost while at the same time requiring that coverage under penalty of prison is not welcome by the American public.  The administration and the leadership in Congress flip America the bird and push harder.  Global warming is revealed to be a hoax complete with intentionally destroyed data and explicit written evidence of number tampering.  Does the Administration pause and investigate?  No they defiantly press harder, seeking an international treaty that would crush what’s left of American industry, impose a global tax on Americans, then pour salt on U.S. industry by announcing CO² a hazardous waste to be regulated. Stand-by for the breathing tax, trust me it’s coming. Meanwhile unemployment remains in the double digits.  Does any of this create jobs for Americans?  Not really.

I’ll give Obama kudos, he does not craft his agenda by following polls.  President Clinton seemed obsessed, chasing  polls, however Obama seems obsessed by ideological fervor.  I’ve heard him called an empty suit and while I have not come to any solid conclusion on that, I doubt it.  I do believe he is a front man for greater powers, but I think he is completely in line with those who sponsor him.  He has a clear agenda to socialize America.  He was raised and mentored by communists, by his own admission he chose to associate himself with radicals and communist professors while in college, why then should it surprise anyone when his administrative agenda is aggressively socialist?

I’ll answer that.  I believe it is due to two things.  First his socialist leanings were not covered by the press during the campaign.  The press and Obama laughed off such accusations – while never actually denying them.  Obama’s own confessions written in his book, Dreams From My Father, were completely ignored.  Second his speeches are generally centrist.  He continues to talk like someone with the public’s best interest, claiming he would not sign a health care bill “that adds one dime to the budget,” but then throwing the weight of his administration in support of a very costly bill.  He talks about creating new jobs but pursues higher taxes and suffocating new regulations.  He complained of the historic deficits racked up by G.W. Bush, yet proceeds to dwarf them by a factor of ten.

Can we believe him when he speaks?  You decide but do so by comparing what he says to what he does.  The old adage says, “actions speak louder than words.”  Did the stimulus create jobs?  Did the corporate layoffs even slow?  Has the presidential agenda concentrated on stimulating the economy and real permanent job creation or on expanding government and taxes?

Let’s look at some other interesting polls.  How does the public feel about the Senate’s health care bill?  CNN tells me the public wants it but the polls paint a different picture.  Perhaps they are asking the question differently or mistaken.  Or maybe, if you tell people a lie often enough it becomes the truth.  Some one once said that and I don’t think he was a good guy.

How about the economy.  Do people really appreciate the wonderful job the Democrats are doing on the economy?  If you listen to Obama, Pelosi, and Reid you might think so.  They want to push another huge jobless stimulus package on us.  Why?

In conclusion, the frustrating thing about the situation is that no matter what the polls say the agenda will not change.  Press Secretary and Obama Court Jester, Robert Gibbs simply responds by attacking the pollsters. Love him or hate him Obama is on a mission.  I simply fear that mission is not one that will end well for America.  Obama is a globalist and his ideology does not place America’s interests above the larger global interests or for that matter ideological theory.  Boy I miss Clinton.  At least a good negative poll rattled him.

In 2010 we have a chance to correct our blunder last year by ousting the leftists in the House and we have a shot at a third of the Senate.  Unfortunately, while history shows the Administration’s party loses in mid-terms, history also demonstrates the staying power of incumbents, especially lifers, who’ve held office for more than three terms.   The negative side of me is convinced that even if every single Democrat up for election in 2010 were defeated only White House rhetoric would moderate.  Yet in spite of my negativity, I choose hope.  I choose to hope and pray that we will move away from Democrats and Republicans without a fiscally responsible thought in their heads.  And find new politicians who understand it’s business that drives the economy not government.

    • Ben
    • December 10th, 2009

    RE:First his socialist leanings were not covered by the press during the campaign.

    George Sorros was in charge of the media through his media outlets.


    It’s here

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