Kooks In Copenhagen

The Copenhagen meeting has been described as a “circus”. An array of fringe groups are attending. It looks like the Copenhagen climate meet is melting down under the weight of its own kookiness.

• The delegation from Bolivia will be pushing for a Universal Declaration of Mother Earth Rights, which the country’s President Evo Morales says “supersede the rights of human beings.”

• A group called GenderCC (Women for Climate Justice) rejects using distractions like “numbers” and “target dates” to track and fight climate change, and doesn’t appear very interested in the environment itself. Instead, it hopes to implement “gender-mainstreaming” and ensure that the U.N. guarantees the fullest participation of “feminist scientists” at every level.

• The Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University is putting on an exhibit to “explore how thoughts affect matter and how a shift in consciousness can transform current deteriorating conditions” for the environment.

• International Planned Parenthood is putting on a show about how to increase contraception in the third world to stop babies — who later become adults — from ruining the environment.

• Many others appear redundant, including nine events on climate justice and 39 on a single U.N. cause celebre called REDD — reducing emissions from deforestation in developing countries — which adds up to well over a 40-hour workweek of seemingly repetitive hearings on a single topic.

They should try to gain some credibility. Right now, they have none. Al Gore even canceled his $3200/head Power Point presentation of new “data”. His new book is based on those “facts”.


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