Martha Coakley beat by “Astroturf”

When the voters made their objections to nationalized health care loud and clear last August, arrogant Democrats ignored them or worse insulted their constituents.  That reprehensibile Barney Frank even asked one of his own voters what planet she was from, simple because she was opposed to his power grap.

I’ll never forget when the wicked witch of the west, (aka Pelosi), sneered and called the tea party protests, “Astroturf.”  Well, Frank, Pelosi, and Mr. President, sit up and take notice, the “astroturf” just kicked your asses.  Tonight, Martha Coakley (D) was defeated by a Republican in the most liberal state in the Union, barring possibly California and New York.  Why, perhaps Carvile will say, “it’s the economy, stupid,” but I think it’s health care.

I have not been this elated in years.

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