Obama’s words about “powerful interests” don’t reflect the facts.

Obama projected a fighting tone against the Supreme Court’s ruling Thursday that eased limits on corporate spending on elections, saying,


“We don’t need to give any more voice to the powerful interests that already drown out the voices of everyday Americans. And we don’t intend to.”

The recent election outcome in Massachusetts should be evidence enough about whose voice was drowned out.

Regardless, when you look at the contributions made during the presidential campaign, the numbers don’t back up Obama’s claim, which is turning out to be typical for him.

The overwhelming majority of McCain’s contributions came from individuals, who gave almost $200 million. The next largest contributors fell to Political Action Committees who contributed $1.4 million and represents around .712% of the individual’s total.

When Obama realized he could obtain more money from individuals Obama pledged not to accept money from PACs so his numbers are even lower. Individual campaign contributions totaled almost $659 million while PAC contributions amounted to $1,500.


  1. The joke of the day: Hear the President on TV last night admonishing the people to “turn off the cable TV and get outside and talk to the people”. BB

  2. That’s probably because he doesn’t want anyone to hear the informed reports about how bad his policies are for the country. Instead, he would rather have us engage our neighbors over meaningless minutia. Apparently he believes we will feel better overall and by extension, feel better about him and his failing policies if we just don’t pay attention to either of the two.

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