Conspiracies, Terrorists, and Nutjobs

Any good conspiracy should be plausible, but the same is not true of a conspiracy theory. Conspiracy theories can be as off-the-wall as the Truthers or Birthers, meaning the motives and execution of the “conspiracy” doesn’t have to be plausible. However, any real conspiracy should have plausible motives, method, execution, and objectives. As a thinking person I have to weigh conspiracy theories on these factors and if they don’t add up I must examine the timing and the motives of those promoting such conspiracy theories as well as the group accused of hatching the conspiracy.

Real vs. Imagined Conspiracies

The Truthers clearly have an implausible story and are highly motivated by hatred and distrust of the Right and/or government. Their theory forces us to accept that dozens if not hundreds of government officials conspired against their own people and maintained solidarity and silence in a perfect cover up. The conspiracy motive is weak, the execution implausible, and the objective unnecessary and implausible.

Then we have the Birthers. Motivated by their fear of and defeat by Barack Obama. The theory was a last-ditch effort to thwart the election. Birthers are mostly desperate people. The theory makes implausible assumptions. (Plus, I don’t understand mama Obama’s motive in placing birth announcements in the Hawaiian papers unless she were psychic, furthermore, it seems unnecessary since Obama can’t be the only good-looking, well-spoken, African-American in left-wing politics. He certainly wasn’t the most experienced.) Another clue that the Birther conspiracy is suspect is the timing; the theory emerged following the election.

Now some real conspiracies. In the 1980s the U.S. government was sharply divided over support for anti-communist rebels in Nicaragua. The Reagan White House desperately wanted to support the rebels and defeat communism in this hemisphere, while Democrats, controlling both houses of Congress, supported the communist government. Democrats prohibited any substantive aid to the rebels. A conspiracy was hatched and executed by administration officials to sell military arms to Iran in order to raise black ops resources in support of Nicaraguan freedom-fighters. As nobel as the goal was, silence was not maintained and the conspiracy was brought to light.

Finally Osama bin Laden. Al Qaeda executed a conspiracy on September 11, 2001. The motive clear, the method obvious, the execution well-planned, and the objective, to damage critical economic infrastructure, damage a symbol of governmental power, and frighten Americans, were realistic and achievable.

It is worth noting that real conspiracies come as a shock and surprise. Nothing in the events prior to 911 would have made the attack more relevant. In other words, Bush wasn’t in need of a distraction or diversion. If you point to a motive to invade Iraq, I’ll be tempted to slap you. Saddam was providing plenty of incentive for Bush and 911 was not a primary motive in the 2003 invasion.

Today we are being told of a conspiracy that simply smells fishy. Enter the Hutaree militia. Allegedly the group was conspiring to kill a local law enforcement official, then attack the funeral procession with explosives in an attempt to kill more law enforcement personnel, somehow we are supposed to believe that this would spark a more generalized conflict and result in a civil war.

My knee-jerk reaction to reading this was to wincingly say, what a bunch of morons. Then I began thinking, isn’t the timing interesting, conservative Representative Eric Cantor was just threatened and attacked by a left-wing nutjob and the left reacted by laughing and minimizing the threat. I read hundreds (and that’s NO EXAGGERATION) of liberal comments calling Cantor vicious names for complaining about being shot at and called him a liar regarding the threats. His threats were very real, yet I’ve read no liberal editorials retracting the outlandish and insensitive attacks. Liberals seem to think bashing Christians and Jews is fair-game.

The Hutaree Militia

Let me be fair, the Hutaree militia are most likely a collection of nutjobs. They may even be dangerous nuts, albeit a very small collection of nuts. But let’s examine this group of nuts. First the inconsistencies.

The group claims to be Christian yet they advocate killing. Now I am well-educated in several religions and none better than the Judeo-Christian scriptures. Jesus is a favorite of mine. He never called for political revolution, he never advocated violence, and he never resisted the abuse he received from government officials – even when it was unjust. Hutaree members talked a lot about Anti-Christ and state, “Jesus wanted us to be ready to defend ourselves using the sword and stay alive using equipment.” I’d love to know where they got that impression, Jesus rebuked Peter when he used his sword in the Garden of Gethsemane. In Revelation, there is no mention of Christians violently resisting the Anti-Christ* but there IS mention of Christian martyrs killed by the Anti-Christ. Christians are called by Christ to peacefully spread the message of redemption not violent resistance. They had to invent a word to mean “Christian warrior” because there is no such term. Therefore, Hutaree is a Christian-based cult.

Next let’s look at the “right-wing” label. My understanding is that “right-wing” means very conservative, opposed to big government, favoring a freedom-based interpretation of the Constitution, strong belief in freedom of religion, and a law and order view of society. Conservatives support law enforcement officials, they do not plot to kill them. Furthermore I visited the group’s website and read everything posted there.  The writing is twisted and poor.  I saw nothing political anywhere.  It is largely paranoid religious ramblings. Thus I conclude these people are NOT right-wing.  (A related website that had Hutaree recordings,, has a rambling blog entry that specifically condemns Libertarians and Conservatives.)

The Conspiracy

Labels aside what of the conspiracy? Is it plausible? Of course not. If this group executed such a ridiculous conspiracy conservatives would vehemently condemn them – not rush to support their cause. No widespread conflict could or would result.

This conspiracy theory sets off my alarms and suspicions. Either everyone in Hutaree is an idiot or the conspiracy was crafted for them. Either option is possible, hey I saw the mugs shots too and I work for a large corporation; I understand groupthink. I’m NOT saying this conspiracy is necessarily phony only that it is suspicious.

Never Let a Good Crisis Go To Waste

Nevertheless the Hutaree are a very useful and opportune target. The fact that last year Rahm Emanuel flatly admitted that the Administration was using the financial crisis to push a socialist agenda. That causes me to be very leery to accept anything the administration says on face value. Especially when the story is as half-baked as this one.

It’s interesting how activists on the Left are using this to call for restrictions on speech and press. In my essay, What’s Truth Got To Do With It, I pointed out how CBS newsman, Bob Schieffer, was quick to suggest restrictions upon these freedoms in the name of protecting people from nutjobs. All this in the wake of the health care rebellion.

So I ask, was the militia a real threat to national security? Certainly not. Were they a threat to the life of police officers? Perhaps. I support preemptive arrests of plotting terrorists however I wonder if Obama’s FBI would move quite so aggressively against an environmental or domestic Islamic terror organization. It’s difficult to believe so.

Consider the fact that attacks from Islamic and left-wing groups outnumber “right-wing” attacks yet Obama’s DHS chief, Janet Napolitano, identified right-wing terrorism as a bigger threat than radical Islam. Last April I wrote, “The very act of labeling Conservatives “dangerous” incites fear, negative feelings, and could push some on the fringe over the edge.  I wonder if this is not exactly what they are attempting.  …  Nothing would be more welcome than another Timothy McVey style act of terrorism, since it would change the subject of terrorism.”

If President Obama wants to neutralize radicalism from the right and he needs to stop treating Americans like the enemy. A President who believes the ends justify the means and defiantly declares, “bring it on” after thwarting the will of 56% of Americans, hardly inspires trust. Furthermore, such a leader inspires fear, hatred, distrust, and violence.

Hostile comments, angry partisan posturing, and open defiance of the American people, invite further violence. After all, if the ends justify the means for you Mr. President, Mr. Reid, Ms. Pelosi, then certainly the same twisted logic can be employed by a fringe group like say, the Hutaree militia.

* In the battle of Armageddon Christ returns with an army of believers but this army is not an earthly army.  This army is composed of believers who have been resurrected or “caught up” to meet Christ in the air.  I doubt the Hutaree member would be able to carry their guns on that trip.
    • deg
    • April 3rd, 2010

    Calling someone a conspiracy nut is about as intelligent as calling them fat to debunk them. This is done frequently by the “pillow heads”–those that throw the pillow over their heads to avoid facing something horrible, that if they accept, they know they will have to Do something about it.

    In my experience, a conspiracy theory can be documented, or just an in arguable chain of logic with inevitable outcome. Example, a closed voting machine maker without oversight and no paper trails will inevitably fudge voting results. Probably hasn’t happened. But we do know if something can be done, there is motive to do it = IT WILL BE DONE. Another, the Supreme court has been putting out decisions that aren’t defensible with the Constitution, and there is no regular audit of their finances = they can be bought. There is opportunity and motive = IT WILL HAPPEN. Circumstantially, one can only conclude, whether it is likely to have occurred or not.

    As far as birthers nut jobs go, even if true, there is too much in the way to do anything about it. Heck, isn’t the Constitution void anyway. Old 250 year old white male Christian wrote it, now up to us to interpret our way. I know there is photos of Obama passing out the original birth certificate in court to avoid any fights and around in the conventions to quiet those pesky, fat conspiracy theorists. After all we know his buddy controls, McCain is as crooked as they come, any scan can be doctored, and they can easily just pass around the original, as they have done. Why the fabric of our constitution is now being threatened by these nuts, forcing such verification! I bet they can’t spell very well either!

    • Mike
    • April 20th, 2010

    Nice! I just wish those stupid, uneducated 911 truthers would read the first papragraph.

  1. Hi There Chroniclesofdelusion,
    I know what you mean, Mark Deli Siljander, a Michigan Republican when he was in the Property, was charged with funds laundering, conspiracy and obstructing justice for allegedly lying about lobbying senators on behalf of an Islamic charity that authorities reported was secretly sending money to terrorists.
    Great Job!

  2. I have seen many people here in Yahoo Q&A and elsewhere on the Web,, their answers and opionions appear to be influenced by Al Qaeda thinking and motives.

    Also I know most of the conspiracy theories were originaly created by Terrorists and radical islam. But now it seems the democrates including some of the USA politicians hve begun to believe the lies.

    Look at some of Hilarys statements. Many are directly relatedto conspiracy theories and also by Lies told be democrates and twists on testimonials by ex CIA members who testifies at the 9/11 hearings

  3. Using it?

    Are not Libearls, Democrats and Terrorists on the same team?


  4. They way I look at it. If something can be done, there is motive, it will be done: eventually.

    The 911 conspiracy simply could not have been done: too much eye witness (a billion people watching on live tv as a plane slams into second building); there is no way they could strap explosives to a building without anyone knowing. Similarly, the UFO coverup could never happen if you understand physics and distances between solar systems.

    There is an obvious game here of covering one’s tracks and actions (like shipping out industry, skewing laws by the monied, encroaching on the constitition to protect power, using the FBI and CIA for blackmail purposes to stay in power or possibly even sell the info, rigging voting machines, or cheating in elections the old fashioned Kenndey way.) by encouraging un- plausible, untenable conspiracies and encouraging the weak minded to lump everyone together.

    What is tenable is tenable, and will stand over time, over discussion. Just as long as red herrings, personal attacks, and emotion can stay away.

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