BP Rig Disaster Too Perfect

Last month in an effort to draw Conservatives and “moderate” Democrats to support (or at lease not vigorously oppose) his Cap & Trade Bill,  President Obama decided to permit limited oil drilling off the U.S. coast.  Almost instantly environmental groups were responding with outrage.

Environmentalists missed the point.  Being so focused upon the tree bark they can’t see the tree much less the forest.

President Obama never intended to allow significant oil drilling.  It was all a ploy to push through a huge energy tax that will eventually kill domestic oil drilling as well as what’s left of the American coal industry.

Nevertheless, left-wing nuts went crazy.  From where I sit it seems the President could have ignored them until enough back-room deals were cut to pass his so-called Cap & Trade bill, but the pressure mounted.  Then as if an answer to some environmentalist’s prayer; out of nowhere and perfectly timed, an oil rig explodes in the Gulf of Mexico.

Disaster or Opportunity?

With the global warming hoax out of the bag, environmentalists and left-wing nuts need something to act as a catalyst to continue their war on modern society.  The Deepwater Horizon explosion and subsequent oil spill is a godsend for environmental activists and left-wing nuts alike.  At the same time it is a perfect out for Obama.

The problem for the Obama Administration is that the drilling decision was made to aid passage of this bill and if he flip-flops, as many on the Left want, his deal is questionable at best.

Or is it?

I believe that the BP oil rig disaster couldn’t have been better for the Obama cause.  You see it allows him to rescind his decision on high moral ground.  Furthermore, it adds something to his “save-the-planet” war-cry and it sets BP up as a focal point for hatred and retribution.  See oil is destructive.  Oil is bad.  Oil must be eliminated.  On with the push for Cap & Trade!

The Premise

(Please hang with me as I setup my conclusion.)

People who are inclined to do bad things, always suspect everyone else is doing bad things.  I know a man who was married to a beautiful woman.  Throughout their marriage he constantly suspected and accused her of having affairs at the office, at church, and anywhere she had male contact.  However, she was quite faithful to him.  The man, on-the-other-hand, had a dirty little secret.  He was addicted to porn.  He had the fantasy that all women are as horny as men, they are all lesbians, and would jump at the chance to sleep with anyone if given the chance.  In the end, he had an affair, and convinced himself he was only doing what she was doing.  He justified his actions on a false premise.

So when Democrats accuse Republicans of astroturfing, it’s because astroturfing is what they do.  Thuggery?  Yeah, they use Unions and such to do it.  Election fraud?  Hell ya, ACORN made an art of it.  Bribes?  Epidemic.

After the attempted Time Square bombing this week a giddy Katy Couric was delightfully shaking her head in agreement as a Stockholm Syndrome infected Mayor Bloomberg speculated on who was responsible, “If I had to guess … this would be … somebody…” Katy interrupted with an old Jedi mind trick, interjecting, “homegrown” and the Mayor dutifully repeats her and continues, “maybe a mentally deranged person or somebody with a political agenda that doesn’t like the health care bill or something.”

Now I know Bloomberg is an Independent and pretended to be a  “Republican” for six years, but we all know he was a lifelong Democrat who switched parties (twice) to win elections.  In this I hear him speaking with his Democrat voice.

Imagine if Republicans could get away with the same level of dirty tricks and outrageous accusations that Democrats routinely do, often making outlandish claims like Bloomberg’s without any facts or grounds.

Why Democrats can’t even bring themselves to recognize that on Obama’s watch this country has had attacks or attempted attacks from both “homegrown” and foreign radical Islamic extremists on multiple occasions,  Fort Hood, Christmas day, and Times Square, to name a few.

Yet this fact is swept aside and instead we hear exaggerated claims of “right-wing” terror threats and plots.

The Wild Accusation

So in the spirit of Bloomberg, I’d like to make my own outlandish, unsubstantiated, accusation.  I submit, with a hint of sarcasm and a dash of seriousness, that the explosion aboard the Deepwater Horizon oil rig was no accident.

No.  The timing was too perfect.  The incident fit to nicely into the Administration’s agenda.  Furthermore, recall after hurricane Katrina and how Bush was BBQ’d for his slow response.  Liberals began blaming Bush for the devastation in Louisiana.

The Obama Administration failed to respond to the Deepwater Horizon catastrophe for nine days. Was the delay part of the plan? A swift response might have helped contain or slowed the oil slick.  The problem was that early containment would have resulted in no public outrage.

I contend the administration knew allowing the oil to wash ashore and hopefully, (yes I said that), dousing a few birds along the way, would create a much larger public outcry.  Outrage was the goal.

Watch how they are responding to the Katrina comparisons. Like a child panicked at the thought of getting in trouble, they are frantically and aggressively pointing their fingers at BP.

After-all, the entire plot was about stirring up hatred toward those evil oil companies.

So whether it was an accident or there was sabotage committed by our own government or a homegrown environmental terrorist with a political agenda, like maybe some group who is mad about offshore oil drilling, the Administration is using the event to further their political aims.  Perhaps, they didn’t anticipate the Katrina comparisons, but you can bet ol’ Rahm will break some arms convincing the uneducated masses it’s all BP’s fault.

  1. rescind, not resend – other than nit, great article!

  2. Obama always seems to get those oh so convenient reasons to do what he wants to do. I have no doubt whatsoever that this rig was destroyed on purpose and on orders from the White House.

    What concerns me most is that Obama steps on so many really big toes and seems to be getting away with it. Is BP and the oil industry really going to sit still for this? Since the treasury is empty and a biggggg crash is (IMO) maybe just weeks away there can’t be enough money left to buy these companies off by promising big government kick backs, so why are they taking it? They could surely make much more if allowed to drill. They also can surely trace this “big Dirty bang” back to the perpetrators. They have the money and resources and there is no perfect crime.

    The strangest thing about this is that by opening up the oil industry Obama could overnight solve his unemployment problem. I once thought he was saving it until maybe June to have the economy powered up by November to keep the Democrats in power, but with this disaster drilling will not happen and the jobs drilling would bring will not happen.

    Back to the beginning: why did Obama and company blow up this rig? BB

    • Brenda, I don’t really believe Obama blew up the rig, although nothing would shock me. I do wonder if someone or some group blew it up/sabotaged it. I am no conspiracy nut but I could see a “green” activist getting hired on at BP with the express purpose of creating a massive eco-disaster. If and it’s a big “if’, Obama or his emissaries were directly involved the reason would be purely ideological. They are committed to a reactionary environmental cause, based on the fallacious premise of man-caused global warming. Which, by the way, seems based on a small-minded idea that the earth has a correct natural temperature – which it does not. Just read my blog “Global Warming Threatens Earth, Obama Saves Planet”, the Earth has widely fluctuating temperatures over huge amounts of time. But I digress.

      Returning to sanity and reason… The question for me is, with all the finger-pointing the President and his merry men are doing, why hasn’t BP brought a gun to a gunfight? Meaning why aren’t they leaking information about how much money they poured into Obama’s campaign machine? Why aren’t they defending themselves? Perhaps they really did screw this up all by themselves or perhaps they have a greater fear of the Chicago mafia’s retaliation to any defense they may raise. However, it’s more likely because you can’t put positive spin on the bodies of 11 dead employees and the worst eco-disaster the Gulf of Mexico has ever seen. Any defense would result in bad press and more negative public opinion.

      The most outrageous person in the blame-game so far has been that idiot Chris Dodd. I knew the Democrats would blame Bush for everything that went wrong in Obama’s first 12 months but we’re pushing 17 months now. It’s time for Democrats to man-up and take some responsibility. Unfortunately hypocrites never do.

      Can you imagine if Bush had blamed Clinton for his slow response to Katrina? My favorite part of that interview (Imus in the Morning) was when Imus told him he couldn’t keep blaming Bush for everything and Dodd replied, “Why not?” That about sums up the stupidity of these people. Don’t read bills before voting on them, don’t take responsibility for their own actions or inaction, but dammit, they can rail against Bush. They say, always play to your strengths. The blame-game is their only strength as far as I can see.

      • stopbiggovspending
      • June 21st, 2010

      Yup Obama had his dirty criminal mind and croonies involved in this but, I believe it went rogue on them..Now we will see..This Obama needs to be impeached now!

    • thereforeithink
    • May 22nd, 2010

    Unfortunately, your assertion makes sense. I would bet that some “homegrown” nut sabotaged the rig and that the administration acted quick “enough” to lend a helping hand in clean up. When was the last time there was a spill of this magnitude?

    • Thereforeithink, They have reacted but what they have not done is to respond in a helpful manner. This affirms my belief that whether or not they were complicit in destroying the rig they do plan to allow the situation to get as bad as possible so they can use it to destroy the oil industry.

      Some might argue that they should shutdown oil altogether, however, before we can do that we need an alternative and so far every alternative has opposition from the same people wanting to shutdown oil. Furthermore, none of these are as economical as oil.

    • Lisa Braaksma
    • May 25th, 2010

    Good article. How about including though that this may be no accident when coupled with the fact that BP pulled out of the climate partnership back in February of this year? This “accident” has to be costing BP untold anounts of money. We’ll have to watch closely how they respond to climate partnership in the future, won’t we?

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