Here we go, again…

Our technology, the product of our civilization born from our education system is brought into a country stuck in the bronze-age with a barbaric and tribal society to match. The technology of geophysics is applied to discover vast mineral deposits which can be mined and made into materials by more advanced civilizations of the west and other regions.

As we did with the oil deposits in the Middle East, the development of which catapulted the tribes of that region to a level of financial wealth otherwise far beyond their ambitions and abilities, we will again do by bringing in our mining technologies to be used to pull perhaps even more wealth out of the ground of Afghanistan. The companies will set up operations in the region and use the local and readily available cheap labor to bring that society up to a level where they can entertain the idea of entering The Third World.

Following history, it is easy to expect that the government of Afghanistan will nationalize the companies which brought them their undeserved wealth and with their new technological and financial might, they will become more effective at advancing their own ideology and culture against the West.

So by dumb luck and not by any virtues or talent or brains of the indigenous people of Afghanistan, they will become a world power to be reckoned with and over the years we will see them as an enemy to be destroyed…… because we can’t see them that way now.

It’s 2010. Any civilization which sees fit to hang 7-year old children does not deserve to persist. There are no redeeming qualities of a society like this worthy of saving and deserves to be destroyed.

THEN we mine.

  1. I was thinking about this earlier today. In light of the CNN story on how (most likely) the Taliban is poisoning girls who choose to go to school, this is the worst news first-world nations could get. As you eluded to, these people are one step from the stone age & to call them “cavemen” would be only a slight exaggeration. Many Afghans actually do dwell in caves.

    Now getting rich is so easy a caveman can do it. Argh.

  2. how this data availabe in shapefile plz

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