Blind Genius!

Esref Armagan is an artist who has never seen a landscape.  He has never seen the sunset at the beach.  He has never seen a building, a car, an animal, anything.  He was born without eyes.  Yet this amazing human being can paint beautiful vistas he has never and can never see.

AAI is a political blog that highlights the inane and idiotic in both politics and the news.  However, as I was writing the Arizona piece my wife was watching Discovery on the TV.  I could not help but to be distracted and amazed.

Mr. Armagan was born to a poor Muslim family in Turkey.  He received no schooling or artistic training.  He taught himself to paint pictures, amazingly accurate pictures.  I was in awe of him.

I was struck by the fact that nothing is impossible.  As humans we are locked into our notions of what can and cannot occur in our universe.  Often we conclude that if we cannot understand it or cannot explain it it cannot be true.  Whether we are intellectual enough to apply the term we apply the concept of Occam’s Razor in our understanding of the world around us.

Occam’s Razor is the concept that the simplest or the solution with the fewest assumptions is usually the correct answer.  So we assume a person who has never experienced sight would be incapable or art or even the concept of visual representations.  Yet Esref Armagan stands this assumption on its head.  He overturns the apple cart of everything we assumed about the human mind.

This real-life X-man, proves there are things outside that imaginary circle of human knowledge.  In an abstract way his existence, his extraordinary ability, proves the possibility of God.  Scientifically, Occam’s Razor, says there cannot be a God because we cannot prove it – it requires we make assumptions, assumptions about the origin of God, the power of God, ect.

In the same way, scientifically, a man who has never experience a singular visual event, cannot paint a picture that accurately displays color, perspective, and shape.  His brain would not be capable of it.  I guess scientific assumptions have just been julienne-cut  with Occam’s Razor.

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