Opinions on the AZ Immigration Law are like…

The Border Patrol Has No Good Intentions?

I never heard of Elena Herrada before but this is incredible. She has no qualms declaring those who are trying to keep drug dealers, arms runners, human traffickers, and other illegal aliens from overrunning our borders, equal to the KKK.   The woman is an IDIOT!

What is more disturbing is the audience. She is perfectly comfortable saying this yet she is uncomfortable saying that the police are not evil. Listen to how nervous she is when she tries to justify police as good while condemning border police as evil. The audience seems to agree with her.

If these people were a bit more educated they would understand the concept of national borders and real immigration. They would also be aware that no nation allows completely porous borders and survives as an independent nation. Nations that do this fall into disarray. Even Mexico has strict immigration laws and if an illegal alien were found in Mexico that person would be arrested and deported. Why do these people want U.S. borders to be open and unprotected. Because they don’t think, they feel.

This woman should hangout on an unprotected Arizona border some night. Maybe the border patrol can return her lifeless body to her family.

Where the heck is Arizona?

Peggy West is a Hispanic who holds an elected county office. She recently used her position to publicly condemn the state of Arizona for having the audacity to want their borders protected. Only one problem, she didn’t think Arizona had a border to protect. She claims to have “googled” Arizona but she apparently failed to look at a map before making an idiot of herself in public and on camera.

I think her mistake was going to the President’s website and reading the opinion of a guy who never bothered to read the Arizona law before issuing a condemnation and making misleading and erroneous characterizations of it.

Talking out of your ass

This is the problem in America today, people form opinions based on how they feel about an issue – before they even know what the facts are. No one in the public eye demonstrates this phenomenon more than President Obama. (I’m NOT saying the President is stupid.  I think he is intelligent.) We’re heard him describe police actions as stupid directly after admitting he did not know what happened. On this topic he made whole speeches, told jokes, and viciously condemned a law he admitted he never read.

President Obama told a crowd in Ottumwa, Iowa:

Now, suddenly, if you don’t have your papers, and you took your kid out to get ice cream, you’re going to get harassed — that’s something that could potentially happen… That’s not the right way to go.

The comment is as untrue and uninformed as the ones above. As for the ladies above, they’re just following the leader; illustrating trickle down logic.

  1. July 3rd, 2010

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