Fast Food is evil

Yummy, isn't it?

Tasty yes, but healthy?

When you think, “fast food” what’s the first thing that comes to mind?  It probably wasn’t the word, “healthy”. More likely, it was fried foods, fat, junk, sugar, or unhealthy. When academia, media elite, and politicians demonize fast food, we quietly nod in agreement.

Admit it, you know it’s not a healthy dining choice, but when you’re on the road, in a hurry, or short on cash, you find yourself waiting in the drive-thru.

Penn and Teller recently tackled this topic on their show, Bulls**t! I watched the episode last night and it forced me to think about a topic I had not previously given much brain-time.

(The entire episode is provided at the end of this article.)

Some of you are aware that there is a move to “regulate” foods judged to be unhealthy.  Regulate is another term for “tax”.  Why not? It is “for our own good” and discouraging people from fatty foods “protects children.”  (As I have written before, who can oppose anything that’s “for the children.”) My knee-jerk reaction was to want to agree.

If we taxed fatty foods high enough we could eliminate fat people, right?

Everywhere you look, there are fat blobs running around and you realize these are kids.  You look at people around you and realize far too many are fat.  Finally, you glance at a photo your wife took of you at the beach and think, that stupid camera makes me look so freakin’ fat. (Yeah that happened to me.)

Then one of those skinny self-righteous elites appears on the TV with their nose clearly pinned up and they tell you it’s all because of fast food and something must be done to “nudge” people away from making bad food choices.  What do you think?  Heck yeah something should be done, because I certainly can’t control myself!

Why should cheap foods like this be taxed into history?

It’s rare that I visit fast food restaurants these days.  I simply don’t enjoy most greasy fried foods anymore.  Oh I still love buffalo wings, pizza, a home-grilled hamburger, and my occasional  visit to Taco Bell, but all in moderation.  It’s my personal choice.

The real question is, “Should we as a free society, micromanage dietary choices?”  At what point do we tell the government to mind their own damn business?  Slowly, over the past 50 years, we’ve allowed the government to regulate so much of our daily lives, that the question of whether they should be allowed to tax and zone certain foods out of our lives has lost the controversy it should be generating.

Last night I watched the episode of Penn and Teller: Bullshit!, that explored this issue.  It was enlightening and gave me the courage to resist my jerking knee and look at the bigger picture.

I don’t know how long before YouTube pulls down this content but here is the episode that appeared on Showtime.

WARNING: The language is “R” rated and not suitable for children or others who might be offended.

    • Ben
    • August 31st, 2010

    “Regulating” food judged to be unhealthy doesn’t set well with me one bit. First, “regulated” by whom? Some appointed bureaucrat-doctor who can’t make it in the private sector? Rii-i-i-iiight. Second, “regulate” is, as you’ve said, just another word for “tax”. Third, it does absolutely nothing to curtail, hamper, impair or otherwise stop the “offender” from consuming the food the fast-food industry pumps out. All it does is raise money, probably destined to shore up a failed Ponzi scheme called “Social Security”.

  1. If you have the time, watch the episode. You’ll be amazed at the comments made by the anti-FF people. The one woman calls all Americans “stupid” and repeatedly says FF should be banned. The other guy uses the words regulate, tax, and nudge. The latter he defines as placing such high taxes on “unhealthy foods” that people will choose “healthy foods” because they will be cheaper.

    They also want to impose zoning requirements that would keep FF restaurants outside a certain radius from schools and playgrounds. And zone so that healthy restaurants would surround and I think he said out-number FF places.

    Say hello permanent government sponsorship of these “healthy” restaurants. Maybe a new chain could be developed by the Democrats, we all know PBS (public broadcasting system), well why not the PFS – Public Food System.

    But they’d have to give it a fancy Pelosi-sounding name, maybe,
    Making Americans Healthier Through Better Nutritional Choices Act.

    Or perhaps something we can boil down to a sign, like,
    MOTHERING: Making Options That Help Encourage Renewed Interests in Nutritional Growth,
    BLANS: Bureaucratic List of Allowed Nutritional Sustenance.

    • degar
    • September 4th, 2010

    It is a dangerous thing when we let the Government write laws protecting people from themselves. The line is blurry and never stop moving until it is used to enslave the bulk of the population. The line is in the head, not in reality. So, can be drawn any way that suits those drawing it, at that time.

    Surely flies in face of the Founding Documents. Pursue happiness… just so long as it is condoned by lawmakers of the day? … Oh, the march to totalitarianism.

    Transfats were invented because most people could not afford animal meat or fat. It was used–in lieu of tastier animal lard– to avoid a food shortage and fill a lack in the diet. Obviously, our food policies of late (terminator seed, etc.) is marching us not only to totalitarianism, but food shortages (which is part of the engineering to hasten the oncoming totalitarianism that most of us are now feeling).

    On a side note, it amazes me that these morons hammer processed foods. The very phrase is meaningless. Like “good American”, has no real meaning, inherently. But they are too stupid to realize this. When you cut out “packaged foods” that are typically marketed to tasted salty and fatty, you in inadvertently cut out salt, fat, and carbs. Thus, have a healthier diet. I have been following the latest dietary advice for last 30+ years. I have concluded, for adults, only lean meat and low carb vegetables are permissible. Carbs, dairy, fats are bad. Though about 2-4 servings of fiber and fruit are needed to meet the bodies need. You may disagree, but this is my 30 year conclusion.

    Were I in charge, all milk products, bread, pasta, fruit snacks should be taxed as well, since dairy causes premature aging/cancer, and carbs cause fat and diabetes. Of course, I would gain a monopoly on the lean meat and vegetable growing and distribution, first.

    • Ben
    • September 4th, 2010

    RE:They also want to impose zoning requirements that would keep FF restaurants outside a certain radius from schools and playgrounds.

    If these wackos were true to their belief about raising awareness of the dangers of FF treated as the centerpiece of a daily diet, they would begin with the schools whose halls are lined with coke and snack machines, the use of which school officials defend as a way of raising money, telling us they need it to help fund the acquisition of school supplies. Meanwhile, we read about the construction of multi million dollar school buildings.

    RE:But they’d have to give it a fancy Pelosi-sounding name, maybe,

    First, PieHolesie is an enemy of America and democracy. I say this because of her abuse of power, her role in shoving the HC bill down the throats of Americans, actions which subvert democracy and renders the Constitution no more important or meaningful than a blank piece of paper.

    To the point of using this brown-eyed cow as a poster child of sorts, I would imagine she would tell you about the need for such government control without telling us about what’s actually in the bill. Of course, just like the HC bill, our elected officials would only lend a deaf ear toward the outcry of Americans against it and would line up like lemmings to help pass it.

    I am one American who cannot wait for November, when these frickin’ excuses for American who are in office today get a long overdue message delivered right up their …

  2. I like the emotion. We should get emotional when the elites want to micro-manage every aspect of our lives. Can you even think of any area other than food where they don’t limit choices and mandate “safe” choices.

    I think government regulation ends when individual actions no longer impact the safety of others. Drunk driving laws yes; ban alcohol no – along that line of reasoning.

    Leftists draw no line. If they “believe” something is bad it should be banned. After all, as the anti-FF people in the video said, Americans are idiots, they must be regulated to do what’s right.

    • degar
    • September 9th, 2010

    One thing I will add. I have had many guys work for me with wash board abs and zero body fat who never ate anything except fast food, esp. Mc Donalds and BK. The fat workers didn’t do FF that much.

    It is the invention of the refrigerator and food pantry (storage cabinets) that is making America. Along with TV and Internet. Only banning these four items, will save America from a heart attack, and offer it a much more merciful starvation and ulcer driven death by over-regulation.

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