Real Astroturf, Real Dangerous

I could write a long essay on the “One Nation” rally in DC this past weekend.  Rather I decided to let the images speak for themselves.  Below you’ll find a nice collection of videos from the right and the left covering the “One Nation” rally.  If you want to see what it was like from the perspective of the wandering observer or agenda-motivated interviewer you’ll find it below.  I searched YouTube and collected the best and most descriptive videos.  

On thing is certain, Beck’s rally was against socialism and political arrogance.  People came because they were angry at the direction of the debt, the economy, the lack of jobs, and the assault on freedom.  The “One Nation” rally was against Capitalism, Free Enterprise, and traditional American values.  Which was larger?

Crowd Comparison  - Beck Top vs One Nation Below

Now that we’ve established the attendance premise… (Oh, and if you refuse to believe this photo and think it was taken before or after peak attendance, then watch more of the videos below.  The images tell the unmistakable tale of low attendance.)

All about jobs MSNBC tells us.  Guess they meant GOVERNMENT jobs.

All about jobs MSNBC tells us. Guess they meant GOVERNMENT jobs.

That one was a bit over-the-top but just about every image tells you CPUSA was an active part in the festivities.  True crazies show up for every kind of event, including Beck’s, but this one had a higher ratio of crazies, featuring Commies, Union thugs, and coerced students.  Keep watching the less edited and more “home video” clips below and they tend to support this idea that the rally was dominated by Socialists – true socialists.

Interesting, isn’t it, how at least one man in the previous video, openly professed being there simply because Obama was black.  Imagine a white person attending a pro-Bush rally saying they were simply there because they wanted to support the President because he was white.

I despise racism in anyone.  Racism is pure and simple ignorance in its ugliest form.  If you can’t find a political reason to support or oppose a party or candidate – don’t vote.  If race is your only reason for voting you don’t qualify to do so.

This next video is from the left.  Thrown in to be fair and balanced.

And what about those green-job-lovin-environmentalist types?  Did they leave a smaller or bigger mess than Beck’s environment-hatin crowd?

Had Beck’s rally left a huge pile of trash you can be sure we would be seeing and hearing plenty about it especially since all these videos are out showing the mess these people made.

Now let’s look at those huge crowds at the “One Nation” rally again.

Sad, ain’t it?

Next, Teamster Union boss, Gregory Floyd, says union member had to attend the “One Nation” rally.

And what about students being coerced into attending? Aren’t teachers grand sending kids to boost attendance to their own causes and then giving them class credit for attending? I hope these kids were smart and noticed who was there and what was going on.

More socialists.  Don’t tell me they were a minority at this rally.  Too many home videos prove that wrong.  This next video pretty much proves the astroturfing and provides a nice sense of what it was like.

Watching all these videos did my heart good.  It proved how out-of-touch and weak the base is on the left.  They like to brand the tea party as “wingnuts” but these videos prove, at the very least, the left is full of its own, perhaps even crazier wingnuts.

Crazier or not, they are ignorant and dangerous ideologues intent on forcing their minority view on the rest of us.

I want to hear your comments!

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