San Francisco, Please Take Notice


Say goodnight Gracie.


Very shortly every member of the House of Representatives will be up for re-election.  All of them, including Speaker of the House, Representative Nancy Pelosi (D-CA).  While scores of Democrats are engaged in the fight of their political lives, Speaker Pelosi, rests comfortable in a district apparently brain-dead.  She was elected in 2006 with 80% of the vote, and again in 2008 with 72%. Current poll numbers in her district have her holding on to 60% of the vote. Even in the most solidly Democrat district in the nation Pelosi is showing erosion.

This is both a good thing and a bad thing.  Good in that more and more people in San Francisco are realizing what an idiot they keep sending back to Congress, but a bad thing in that still 60% of them think she’s good for America.  Nationally, the Speaker is generally regarded in a negative light.  According to the New York Times, only 15% of voting Americans hold a positive view of her while 44% view her negatively.  San Franciscans, generally feeling superior to the rest of America, probably could not care less about such polls.

Dems on the run

Such is not the case for other Democrats. Most do not enjoy a constituency composed of extreme left-wingers.  Most Dems are staring back at an angry mob.  Voters unhappy about the arrogance of Democrats in Congress – the same arrogance we saw in Republicans in 2006 and 2008.  They are also unhappy about the socialist anti-capitalism policies coming from Pelosi, Reid, and Obama.

People should be angry about the direction of the nation.  The national debt has grown at ludicrous speed since the Dems took control of Congress and the Presidency.  Rather than encouraging permanent job creation, they have concentrated on temporary and public-sector jobs.  They fail to recognize stimulus jobs are temporary jobs that come at extremely high costs.  But more on that later.

Representative Jim Marshall

Democrats are now running from Pelosi. It would seem they are more afraid of her than their Republican challengers.  Jim Marshall (D-GA), Bobby Bright (D-AL), John Adler (D-NJ), and Gene Taylor (D-MS) are campaigning that they would not vote to retain Pelosi as Speaker of the House.  Wow, all of these have received campaign contributions from Pelosi.  Many Democrats are even advertising how rarely they vote with Pelosi, even labeling her “divisive.”

However, this may not be the independent rouge survivalist strategy it appears to be.  The NYT suggests Pelosi approved this message.  Possibly, although I’m skeptical.  If this were true, why is Pelosi now attacking Senate Democrats, led by weakling Harry Reid (D-NV), perhaps the only Democrat less popular than she?

If only the Senate was as far Left as the House

What’s laughable about this is that she’s blaming Senate Democrats for not being liberal enough.  She suggests that if the Senate were as liberal and perhaps as arrogant as she and her underling House Democrats, Democrats would be more popular and might get more time to ram expense and unpopular legislation through like, say a massive energy tax and economic suppression bill known commonly as Cap & Trade.

Pelosi is completely out of touch and it appears San Francisco is as well.  Where else can a candidate slide 20% in the polls and still carry a comfortable lead?

People of the Bay Area, please educate yourselves.  Your representative is an airhead.  Just read some of her comments.  She told us we’d have to pass the health care bill to know what was in it – God-forbid we might read it before voting on it. She suggested food stamps have a multiplier-effect on the economy.  She told us welfare stimulates the economy.

I could keep going, but the point is, you, the people of San Francisco, have an idiot representing you.  There is still time to wake up and realize your mistake.  To borrow a phrase from Nancy Pelosi, I hope there is enough “momentum” in San Francisco to create an electoral earthquake of biblical proportions.  Although I must confess I don’t have that kind of faith.

The message is not pro-Republican, its anti-arrogance.

I know it’s easier to vote against something, than for something.  Should the Democrats be swept away in a tsunami, as Republicans were in 2006 and 2008, incoming Republicans should be very careful not to become as haughty as Democrats after their victories.

No, Republicans and Democrats alike should draw a very clear conclusion.  The American people do not appreciate or tolerate arrogance in their elected officials.  Hear that Pelosi, Reid, Frank, Obama, and that goes for Republicans who think America misses their leadership.  We don’t.  You screwed up too.

Our elected Representatives, Senators, and Presidents work for the voters.  It is NOT the other way around!  Republicans, we are not voting for you as much as we are voting against Socialism, arrogant incumbents, empty-headed glad-handers, and career politicians.  Don’t think a win means you go to Washington to learn politics and begin a new career.  We’re tired of politics as it has been played.

It is time to give the American people back their freedom.  We want government to encourage business not oppose it.  Welfare recipients do not create jobs, they need them! $300,000 per job created is not a responsible use of taxpayer money.  You could have divided that money between all the unemployed people and done a hell of a lot more good. You could have created tax breaks for every new job created and created more jobs at a much lower cost to taxpayers, many of whom actually vote.

See ya on November 2nd!

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