Napolitano’s TSA wants to fondle you

Janet Napolitano, appointed by the Obambastic as the United States Secretary of Homeland Security, is a member of the Democrat party, that group who gave us Political Correctness so many years ago.

Those who adhere to the PC doctrine are deathly afraid of hurting the feelings of any group of people you care to name. This includes Muslims who stand together in silence while their brothers wage their Holy War against Western civilization, especially the United States, Great Britain and a handful of other European nations.

Because of liberal-born PC, leadership from the Democrat Party has reached a state where they prefer to engage in ruthlessness against our own citizens before they even begin to think about applying that ruthlessness against our enemies.

As a matter of fact, once they capture an enemy, they let them go to be “repatriated” only to have them rejoin the militant army from which they came so that they may again have an opportunity to kill us.

So, the next time you go through TSA’s screening process, as I have, remember this; none of the human-based incidents, such as the so-called Christmas underwear bomber, originated in the United States. Furthermore, Al Quaeda has modified their tactics, relying more upon inserting bomb material into cargo flights originating outside of the United States.

At the end of the day, the bombing attempts come very close to succeeding while the TSA fondles U.S. citizens.

Maybe one day our nation’s leadership will grow up and begin to profile.

  1. Ben, So glad you wrote about this I was planning to address this issue myself but that job-thing kept getting in the way. Isn’t it interesting that Liberals can see an “implied right to privacy” when it comes to taking the lives of the unborn but see no such right for Americans in an airport. Meanwhile they exempt Muslims from the searches designed to protect us from terror. As far as I know the vast majority of terror comes from Muslims.

    What will it take to slap the stupid out of liberals? Not even another 9/11 will permanently do that. A wiser man than most liberals once said, “My Momma says, Stupid is as Stupid does.” Truer words were never spoken.

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