Wisconsin: Greed, Power, and Self-Destruction

“Governor Scott Walker is taking the tough, but necessary, steps to balance the books in Wisconsin and get the state’s fiscal house in order, and I applaud him for it,” McDonnell said. “I thank Scott for his leadership. It’s what we need to see more of in every state capitol, and in Washington DC”

Perhaps we can agree on a few things. The situation in Wisconsin’s state capitol is outrageous. The situation facing state budgets across the nation has become serious. And that Americans as a whole have their heads stuck in the sand and elected officials in particular have their heads stuck somewhere darker when it comes to dealing with public spending. The Federal debt is so huge the human mind cannot comprehend the sheer enormity of it. State fiscal situations are equally serious and in some cases, ie. California, more serious.

If a state becomes insolvent what happens? Oh, you say, the Federal government would come to the rescue. So how exactly would that work? They’d print more money to cover the added burden. They are already creating MB at an alarming rate.   But that isn’t what’s bugging me in this news story.

What’s Bugging Me

First, is the arrogance of public sector workers who, feeding off the public tit, demand to be immune from the real economy. They want raises as usual, benefits as usual, and job security as usual. And it goes deeper. But the fact that seems to be escaping public sector workers is that the American economy isn’t doing so well. Your employer is facing serious budget shortfalls and in some cases insolvency. While private sector employees have been laid off by the thousands, taken pay cuts, lost benefits, and been terrorized by the threat of more cuts, public sector workers have been given raises. seen hiring like never before, and have lived in a fantasy world of blissful ignorance. Much like royalty in pre-revolutionary France, where in the 1780s millions of common folks starved while French government officials remained well fed. If you have and education in world history, you might recall the public eventually had enough and virtually killed all of them.

The Facts

A quick aside here… Surprise, the press has been misrepresenting the facts.  The LA Times last week reported that Governor Walker’s bill “would end collective bargaining for public employees.” Wording no doubt designed to tweak readers sense of fairness.   In fact, the bill limits the union’s ability to collectively bargain benefits, sick time, vacations and some work conditions while retaining their right to negotiate salaries.  (For the record, I think this bill is flawed for not allowing the unions to bargain for better work conditions. Every employee should have this right.  Plus unions had a huge role in creating the middle-class, there is a place for them.  The problem with Unions is the same as the problem with mega-corps, and big government, greed.  They want more of everything and will not be satisfied until they are licking the last morsel of the golden egg-laying Goose from their golden plates.)

I think it is worth noting, if we are to have a valid opinion, what is making these union members so angry.  The Governor is asking them to pay 5.8% of their retirement pension.  OUTRAGEOUS!  Why should they be expected to pay anything?  I mean private sector employees don’t.  Oh wait, we do.  I pay 8% toward mine and the company plunks down a measly 4%.  I know mine is a 401k not a pension but the concept is the same.  My retirement is my responsibility.

Oh then there is healthcare.  The state is asking them to pick up 12.6% of their health insurance costs.  Again how can the state be so cruel.  Most private employees have no employer aid in healthcare coverage and those that do are picking up half the tab.  I know I do.  And thank to President Obama, former Speaker Pelosi, and Senator Harry Reid most of us saw a 50% cost increase, while the public sector gets theirs free.  (My health insurance never increased more than 30% until the government decide to help lower costs.  Anyone have to comply with the Paperwork Reduction Act?  It increased paperwork in some cases by 300%.)

I’m from the government and I’m here to help.

But all this is outside the scope of this editorial.

But no one in American is calling for violence against greedy public employees. However, the same can’t be said of the greedy public employees. No their thuggish union leaders calling for union members to get their hands bloody!  Teamster President, James P. Hoffa, last week told a crowd the time had come for them to get out on the streets and get “a little blood on their hands.”  Imagine a Republican calling for violence like this?  Republicans are routinely accused of doing this just because they are the opposition, yet we clearly see the Left repeatedly calling for violence and elected Democrats and the press remain silent or actively defend their right to “decent.”  Try to find the Hoffa quote online.  I saw him say it but can’t see it mentioned in the press.

Dereliction of Duty Should Result in the Loss of Your Job

The second issue that bugs me and I have heard no one bring this up yet, how can these elected Democrats in Wisconsin flee the state to avoid their elected duty and get away with it. Does refusing to do your public service qualify as a filibuster? I wish willful neglect of duty were grounds for a governor or legislature to hold a special election to replace them. You can bet that these losers would be back home campaigning to retain their office. The people elected these representatives to work in the state capitol not hide in a motel out-of-state refusing to vote on legislation before them.

Governor Scott Walker may or may not be right but there is a bill coming before the Wisconsin Senate and win or lose the State Senators in Madison were elected to vote not hide. If they cannot do that they should step down and join the rabble picketing outside the Capitol Building. If the decision were mine I’d declare them MIA and call for a special election.

    • Myles
    • February 28th, 2011

    Thanks a lot for taking the time to explain the terminlogy to the beginners!

    • Ben
    • March 29th, 2011

    There have been at least three cases of quorum-busting in Texas Senate history. The first case was in 1870, with the Rump Senate. The term Rump Senate is applied to the fifteen Radical Republican members of the Twelfth Texas Legislature, the term is a variation of Rump legislature. This incident is the only time in history where (Democrat) senators were arrested under a “call of the Senate” and were then prohibited from rejoining their fellow senators and participating in Senate votes.

    The first event was followed by the 1979 (Democrat) Killer Bees, and finally the (Democrat) Texas Eleven in the summer of 2003, who were following the example of the Texas house Killer Ds (Democrats).

    What we have seen in Wisconsin is nothing new. Democrats have been demonstrating their willingness to hijack democracy and throw it under the bus for decades. Democrats who reveal these childish traits show their true colors and demonstrate they do not believe in democracy.

    It is high time that rule of government be brought to bear to deal with these punks with law enforcement brought in to arrest them at the first sign of fleeing to break quorum. After their arrest they should be banned for life from participating in politics of any form, including school boards and Boy Scout troops.

    In short, these people are thieves of democracy and rob us of our due representation in its process.

    • David Richardson
    • May 12th, 2012

    With all these so called facts I’m curious about the trillions in bailouts for Wall Street. Also, the audit of the fed that shows more money being loaned out interest free to banks. Furthermore, have you check on the massive profits in the health care industry. Also, lets not forget the oil company’s making billions per quarter. The truth is that the private sector is left out in the cold (no health or retirement benefits). So, I guess the question is do we blame public employees for the problems that are caused by greedy banks, insurance company’s, oil company’s….. We should start with who made the risky trades through deregulation. I believe thats the sword the has caused the fatal wound for most middle class Americans. They are laughing at us for pointing fingers at one another, knowing that they are the cause of the melt down (America’s middle class).

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