Harold Camping: Breach of Prophesy

New Contributor: Corniculo, wonders if a bad prophesy is grounds for legal recourse.

New Contributor: Corniculo, wonders if a bad prophesy is grounds for legal recourse.

Some are calling for a class action suit against Camping, because he wasted money on billboards while not one person was fed, housed, clothed, or had a pet de-fleed. A class action suit would set another dangerous precedent against free thought.


I must point something out, (some things are just too obvious for an observation), one too-obvious thought remains unstated, and it is a point that would elude non-believers, Camping and his followers never read the book of Matthew! Look it up, Matthew 25:13, Jesus himself called Camping a liar.

Just my opinion, but if you haven’t made it through the first book in the New testament, you might not be able to accurately call yourself a Christian.


Now, I see Camping’s organization is worth 72 million dollars. Now, why would he need donations for billboard ads, considering that saving any of his organization’s assets would be pointless?  Perhaps he could have put it all on credit, after all, if he believed himself, would he need to pay any of it back?


Shouldn’t a class-action be summarily dismissed?  How has Mr. Camping scammed anyone? He asked for money to put up billboards.  He did so.  What he put on the billboards was spurious at best, even to the moderately educated. Any Christian should know such a claim is false.  As referenced earlier, Jesus said, no one can “know the day or the hour,” but Camping claimed to know both.

On the other hand, is it not our American birthright to invest in obvious scams, (such as US Treasuries), without any research.  Do we, Americans, not have a right to be stupid and proud of it, and yes, even blog about it! Without this sacred right, what is the point of being an American?

We’ve lost our right to a voting-booth paper trail, fair election funding, humanly comprehensible legislation, principled politicians, personal privacy, financial privacy, private property rights, the ability to control our own bodies, private industry, the shuttle program, and the ability to buy high-quality American made goods– all gone within a few years.

Please, I beg, can we hang on to one last right: the right to make bad investments.  It may be the only right we have left!

    • Misterioso Adversario
    • May 23rd, 2011

    Did you just say the US Treasury system is a scam?

    • Jimmy Carter
    • May 25th, 2011


    Somethings are so obvious, we just laugh them off. This leaves outsiders outside the inside joke.

    However, in this case you are the insider, outside the inside joke! In this case, those that live in the US are the last to know.

    • Tommy Paine
    • May 27th, 2011

    I am ignorant if this speech was ever referenced by Reuters or CNN. It is all over my RSS feeds. Relevant to this article, it should be eye opening to some, and articulation for others.

    I really believe somewhere like less than 2 of every 100 national legislators are corrupt. And I base this on voting record and party/money persuasion over obvious conscience.

    Like the founders, we are at a historical cross roads, all our leaders actions will have precedent setting echoes into the future. The problem is our leaders act according to their funding and 5 second sound bite, not principle. Often you must tie your own hands to maintain principle that will eventually affect yourself. It would be nice to shoot that driver that cut you off, we don’t not out of principle, but because of enforcement. Somehow, the enforcers (court) are being paid off, or just of a liberal mindset that hold expediency over principle (the hallmark, alongside nativeness, of a typical position). But when it comes to the military (which drains the national coffers quicker than any spending, as it usually is money that flows out of the economy), a naive, un-rational, unreflective and un-pricinpled mindset sets into Repulican that better fits liberals. Perhaps, emotional fear guides Liberals fear of totalitarianism and the military, which leads to their caution in this matter. But persuasion by killing or the threat of killing (domestic or on foreign soil), should always be thoroughly debated and all reasoning vetted. To think otherwise is unhealthy and to take that kneejerk tonic to cure this cold, will turn your Repulic into an addict whose future is in the gutter.

  1. People need to stop thinking that any legal action against Camping would set some speculative precedent against free thought. This is not about free thought. It’s about influencing people to kill themselves and make bad, life-changing decisions based on false predictions. When people have been harmed by the actions and words of another (like yelling “fire” in a crowded theater when there’s no fire)people have a right to be compensated. It’s that simple, and there’s no necessary slippery slope of precedent against “free thought.”

    • Paine
    • June 2nd, 2011

    Firstly, this is not a crowded theater with someone yelling fire. This is about religious people that never bothered to read the first book of scripture. To think this is similar to a theater you must assume credibility and only one malignant rational response. For this to be so, is to think all people are sheep and cannot think for themselves. (Just how stupid are the people you know? Perhaps you have some superiority complex and not know it.) Onto the new Utopia, where we tell everyone how long their lawn should be cut, the color of their house, their vaccine schedule, let’s get more secure ID logins for the internet, and now let’s tell them what to believe. This is a very dangerous world that this would promote. (Why broke opinions barring others opinions? Because, the next muzzled voice may be the warning of fire that would save all the lives. More likely, a muzzle in hand would mean just one more manipulation of those that work the system.)

    Also, if Camping is dangerous, would not McCain be more liable with “the system is sound” quote? We are being lied to constantly by Obama, investment firms, economists, banks, importers, and legislators. Constantly. With far graver consequences to life and our ability to plan rationally. Silence the obivious lies because, therein lies the true lawsuit wit justification. I would start with McCain, as he was clearly proven wrong in 2008.

    • First of all, I have spoken to a lawyer who actually used the illustration of a person yelling fire in a theater, comparing Camping’s harm to the person yelling fire. So this is not just some person ignorant of the law speaking. We do have free speech, but you cannot yell “fire!” in a crowded theater that is not on fire, and then people get hurt, and not be held liable.

      And interestingly enough, those people have FREE WILL in that theater. No one forces them to do anything. Yet the person who yelled “fire!” can be held liable for damages if people get hurt due to that speech. As well the person should.

      Second, you apparently have not studied this issue very much. This is NOT about people who have not bothered to read “the first book of Scripture.” These are people who know Scripture and some who know it well. However, they look up to Camping and think he knows it better, and like any cult leader he gives them the false impression that he does know it better.

      You see, I don’t remember McCain’s lies causing anyone to commit suicide – TWICE, once in 1994 and again in 2011. I don’t remember the last time alleged lies by Obama caused a woman to attempt suicide and kill her kids. So making these false comparisons with Camping does not work. Leave the legal issues to those who know law and have experience with it, especially when it comes to Camping and the harm his teachings have caused.

      People make these assumptions all the time. Had we stopped Jim Jones in time, perhaps hundreds of lives would have been saved. Yet we waited until it was too late. Camping and this situation are not all that different. And before any more lives are lost, he needs to understand that there are consequences to his actions. And I hope and pray that legal action will force his board to make him resign.

      • Lawyers use all kinds of analogies to win cases. If you read what Camping said and did there was no inducement to panic. The people threatening to sue are on the grounds of being conned. Not yelling fire. Camping did not say the world was ending as the PRESS declared. Rather he said the “rapture” which is the removal of the church from this world was going to happen and that the world would be judged. As I understand it the world would be left without God can condemned to it’s own fate.

        If people reacted as you claim, and I have seen no real proof that anyone actually did, they did so in ignorance of scripture and ignorance of what Camping himself claimed. Not to defend this nutjob too much but as much as we dislike him as a fraud, it is unfair to ascribe more to his claim than he claimed.

        Your last assertion cracks me up. Lawyers are the main reason this nation is so F’d up. They twist logic and truth and this is why the majority of politicians are f’ing lawyers. Camping needs to be treated same as his supporters. Nuts.

    • deg
    • June 9th, 2011

    In a nutshell, only a liberal would propose using the courts to win theological battle. (Sorry, but all liberals I know are close minded, naive, and far more practical than idealist) Do you not see how this logic will be used to muzzle you, and your children? Let’s just all stop freedom of belief, shortly after stopping freedom of religion.

    Really, who has killed more people theology or atheism? In the twentieth century alone hundreds of millions were killed in name of atheism. A few illiterate serfs following a lord killed muslims http://www.religioustolerance.org/chr_cru1.htm (as payback, since Islam is not a religion but more a political movement) around 1000, in the name of then corrupt Catholic church.

    Who has killed more people? Jim Jones cults or the millions lost to drugs, because they lacked a redeeming spiritual relationship? Or just at governmental hands around world in last century?

    Get in touch with reality. The internal combustion engine kills people each year, but feeds and keeps alive billions. Sorry, but I cannot believe how dumb people are, but moreover mortified with the inevitable, deep, deep damage that this line of illogical thought will wield the country’s future.

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