Bankruptcy looms and Congress doesn’t believe it.


We have morons running the country whether you believe it or not.  Democrats think they can spend our way out of collapse, while Republicans think they can cut enough waste without addressing the real problems in the budget.  Compromise is in the air and unfortunately that won’t produce a workable long-term solution.

I wonder how many families compromised their household budgets into bankruptcy in the past 3 years?  If you can’t afford a Mercedes you don’t cut HBO from the cable bill and expect now you can.You have to buy a cheaper car.  That’s my short opinion on the budget crisis.

Meanwhile idiots on the left have already begun fear-mongering while accusing the right of the same thing.  I told you Obamacare would be defended by cries of Republicans trying to kill babies and rob the poor.  Oh well, in 2008 I predicted Federal default would come in 2017.  So far we appear to be on-course.  I bet the Alinsky-crowd is giddy.  But, you know they are biting their collective nails wondering if they can lock it in before they lose the White House and the Senate.

So expect the fear-mongering and accusations of racism to be cranked to 11.

I now reprint a letter I received from Erick Erickson last night:

Erick Erickson
June 27, 2011
Dear Fellow Conservative,
Our nation is facing bankruptcy, yet liberals in Washington keep

Some liberals are actually talking about a new stimulus, while
even some self-described conservatives balk at spending cuts.

We now stand at a tipping point, facing financial catastrophe.
We, our children, and our grandchildren will pay the price for 
this failure of leadership.

Conservatives must speak out, because we are running out of time
to get Washington's attention and put America back on the
right course. Since you're a RedState conservative, I know you 
understand this. You know the importance of changing the
game in Washington. 
That's why I urge you to watch my video about spending cuts.
I've recorded a short video that explains more and gives you a
way to let Congress know you want them to step up and stop
the spending. Let your voice be heard!
There's no better way for you to fight back and advance the
conservative ideas that are the only solution to what ails America.
Our country is running out of time. But if we act today, I believe
we can overcome this crisis and restore America to greatness.
Please watch now.
Let’s go!
Erick Erickson 
  1. It’s plain to see that we have created a generation or two of politicians who instinctively believe their self-worth and longevity are directly tied to the amount of tax dollars they can spend. Who’s fault would that be? Right. On the other side of this wooden nickel, we have a generation of voters who can tell you more about who won America’s Idol or Prancing with the Tarts than they can tell you about who holds the position of the Speaker of the House or Senate Minority Leader.

    In a country where it has been reported that conservatives out number liberals by 2 to 1, it’s a bit difficult to understand why we have an empty suit for a president who has done as little while in office as he did as a senator. That is of course if you believe they are tearing themselves away from People Magazine or America’s Got Talent and walking their fat ass to their voting place.

    Simply put, Americans in general are intellectually lazy and don’t care to stay engaged in the national dialog the general direction of which have been determined and dominated by the activists on the left. The more prominent of these activists control the MSM and entertainment industry, determining content and message to ensure their values are viewed as mainstream and normal. Those who do not agree to their point of view and who do not adopt their message are attacked and then marginalized.

    In short, we have a culture war, we are being fed pablum by the media and in a manner of speaking the purging of deep thinking Americans is well underway.

  2. I’m reading an excellent book right now, Empires of Trust. I highly recommend it. The author shows how our founding fathers wanted to avoid some of the mistakes of Rome, then he shows how many parallels there are in our history and political development. interestingly a Roman philosopher warned of the demise of Rome due to people becoming rich and lazy, then demanding more and more services from the government while at the same time waning in their willingness to contribute.

    It happened in the Roman Republic and what followed was Imperial Rome, Rome under the dictators we call Caesars. We see it happening now.

    Did you know Romans once declared food a right and demanded the government provide free food. It brought about what one Roman critically called Bread and Circuses. I can easily envision that happening in America.

    • Ben
    • July 4th, 2011

    For the Romans it was “Food Rights”. Now that medicine has advanced to the levels we see today, the country can be brought down by “Medical Care Rights”. The trend is clear, though; demanding access to the treasury.

    If the argument is going to be something on the order of “why not have these things in an advanced society?” then we have to do a better job at managing expectations. For med-care it has to be “No, everyone cannot have top-notch care without paying for it.” (I vote for a open-market voucher system.) For a national retirement program, the solution must rest on a balanced equation. “Bernie” Madoff is in jail doing the same thing our gov’t does which they call “Social Security”.

    Regardless, Rome burns, Obama fiddles on the back nine.

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