Andrew Breitbart: Is it crazy to think he was murdered?

The moment I heard the news of Breitbart’s untimely death I thought, foul-play.  I tweeted as much to Eric Erickson and a few others.  Erickson, while not naming me, called the suggestion as coming from “Jackasses”.

Now it comes to light that Breitbart had some major surprise scheduled to be released on the morning of his death.  Hmm, it was not released and Andrew Breitbart is dead.  Breitbart’s website announced that his death was from “natural causes” even before a thorough examination was made of the body.

Suspicious?  Not to most people.

I know conspiracy nuts are just that.  I’ve never really been one.  I don’t buy into the JFK, the Clinton Conspiracies, 911ers, but I do believe conspiracies happen.  Nixon clearly conspired to cover-up Watergate, Clinton conspired to smear Jennifer Flowers, and ACORN conspired to enable and cover for prostitution and human trafficking.

Maybe there is no conspiracy but here are just a few reasons I am suspicious.

  • “Occupy Unmasked”
  • The scheduled March 1st video surprise
  • In his last interview with Hugh Hewitt, (which I heard,) he detailed death threats recently made against him
  • He was returning from a bar when he collapsed (is there a better environment to poison someone?)
  • The utter vile hatred the Left feels for him and has vomited with complete disregard for his family since his death

I’m not suggesting he was murdered, but I am suggesting there is cause for a very detailed investigation.  Yes Breitbart collapsed walking home, someone witnessed it and called 911.  But he had just left a bar and a nearly 2 hour debate with a former CBS and Turner Broadcasting employee, Arthur Sando.  Lots of time and distraction.

Tonight, I discovered I am not the only person to wonder about this.  Mike Gallagher is wondering the same thing on his show this morning.

Mike Gallagher Show March 2, 2012

    • yade gonda
    • March 3rd, 2012

    I believe he was murdered

    • Justula
    • March 3rd, 2012

    Michael Savage, another talk show host, wondered the same on Thursday and Friday.

    • Anonymous
    • March 3rd, 2012


    • David762
    • March 4th, 2012

    I believe that “mere coincidence” is a far rarer occurrence than is attributed to it by “common knowledge”. I also believe that the vast majority of the mainstream media has been co-opted by the USA government — for decades. Google / Bing for “Operation Mockingbird”. Note that it is the “alternative media” that explores the range of possibilities, while the MSM is “asleep”.

    Within 2 hours of Breitbart’s death, it had already been established that he died from a “heart attack”, with the additional narrative that Breitbart did have “heart problems” previously — far too quickly for a thorough autopsy. But the USA 3-letter alphabet agencies have had a “heart attack gun” in their arsenal since the 1960’s, with plenty of other orgs gaining that capability subsequently.

    The puppeteers behind Breitbart’s assassins would have been better served by committing a “lethal street mugging” instead, because the cast of “usual suspects” would have been far larger. Instead, this event has the odious “fingerprints” of government-sponsored terrorism. Google / Bing for “Operation Gladio” and “COINTELPRO”.

    Even more remarkable is the 2 – 3 week delay in releasing a “damning video” that was already prepared for release later that same day by Breitbart. The meme of “mere coincidence” falls away at this point, with the easily made assumption that “a message was sent”, and acknowledged. This “damning video” will be suspected of having been severely edited when it is released, if it is released at all. And the longer the delay in this video’s public release, the less coincidental this chain of events will appear to be.

    Cui bono?

    • vladdy
    • March 8th, 2012

    Many of us believe he was murdered. I love the “Breitbart’s Army” and “What Would Breitbart Do” (and “Be Breitbart”) movements, but let’s not jump straight into martyring him. A Dem operative who knew BO’s secrets (Ulsterman site), a disliked obama-impersonator (Fellowship of Minds) and now Breitbart, all young, all dead from “natural causes” announced just after death, all recently.

    And have you read the biol of the last guy to talk to him? Holy, shit, just sayin’….,

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