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Chronicles of Delusion was started November 12, 2008 as a release for me, American Centinel.  I was tired of listening to the constellation of pundits often missing the big picture.  I was tired of screaming at the TV.  I was sick of only sharing my views with friends and family.  Over the months since this blog began the task of responding to all the nonsense became overwhelming and thus, I invited Ben to become a contributor to this blog.  What attracted me to Ben was the amount of research he pours into his essays.  When he writes something you can bet he can support it with a dozen sources.

Reedkeys is an old friend of mine from another life.  He is fervently conservative and absolutely to my right.  If I’d fault him for anything it would be sticking to the Republican party a bit too closely, and for defiantly refusing to recycle.  Slob! I’ve invited Reed to contribute as I think he likes to stir the pot a bit.

Perhaps you are wondering who these writers are.  Why do I hide my identity?  Who is Ben and why is his name on blogs everywhere?  Well, let’s begin with me.

• American Centinel – The Editor and lead author.  The Editor has been in broadcasting at since the early 80s.  He has held positions in both local and national media.  Political blogging, particularly Conservative blogging,threatens his job.  Valuing both his job and his company’s policies he blogs anonymously.  For those who wonder, The Editor is not currently in the mainstream news media, although in a previous life he did work in television news.

Centinel has a Business Degree and considers himself a lifelong learner and has continued his education off and on, including taking college classes in recent years.  He has a family, denies political affiliation, is conservative but not hard right, listens to both sides of an argument BEFORE deciding, is reasoned, yet emotional, loves reading, considers himself somewhat intellectual, yet has experienced God in a way that defies his own logic and reason.

• Ben – In addition to his contributions here, Ben maintains three blogs of his own, From The Right, On Islamic Fascism, and Our Obama Nation. In all he is an Author on four blogs.  And that doesn’t begin to cover all the comments he posts!

His personal story is less shrouded than AAI.  A Houston resident, he is the father of one son.  His father was an officer in the United States Air Force. Ben recalls countless conversations with his father about the nation, politics, foreign policy, and relationships between the military, government, diplomats, Israel, the Middle East, Japan, etc.  Above all, his father taught him to “keep an open mind but not so open that my brains fall out.”  Having adopted the political party whose policies are generally closest to his own, he still has disagreements with it. A party he feels is adrift and lacking a sound rudder.

• Reedkeys – A freelance television professional in the liberal hotbed of New York.  Thirty years in broadcasting and 30 million opinions.  All of which he now shares with the planet.  Fortunately, he makes them quite entertaining … at least, he thinks so!  The opinions expressed in his blog, A Conservative Estimate, are a clear view from the traditional, conservative wing of the political spectrum.  They don’t call us the “right-wing” for nothing!

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    • thirdpartymovement
    • November 1st, 2009

    please add our site to your blog roll

  1. I have added you. I visited your blog, but found no blogroll. If you have a blogroll, I’d appreciate being added to yours as well.

  2. I have added your blog to my blogroll, “An American Lion.” If it was your intention to go with that name, and if you had to settle for “An American Idiot,” I am sorry.

    I wanted to call my blog “An American Lion” and I did. I was shocked that the name was available. I had no idea the Internet was that difficult. Anyway, good luck, and enjoy WordPress. It’s a good platform to start on.

    • I’d like for you to explain the benefits of a 3-party system in the context of how that works to create a legitimate national mandate for a president.

  3. People don’t get the name “An American Idiot.” I posted an explanation here:

    American Politics is chock-full of genuine idiots. Yet they assume we are the idiots. When I heard the song, “An American Idiot” I thought it would be perfect for a blog that addressed political idiocy.

    In a few pages the founding fathers wrote all that was needed to establish a nation that has survived 235 years. It was the simplicity of that document, we called the Constitution, that made it genius. Today our Congressmen and Senators can’t give directions from the Capitol to the White House in less than 500 pages. Not because they want to be clear but because they want to obscure. A 2000 page healthcare bill is not genius, it is the epitome of idiocy.

    The founders got it right, be clear, be concise, be brief, and legislate only that which must be. The current over-reaching, the cradle-to-grave nanny-state, the fiscal irresponsibility, the hubris, the dishonest scheming has and will continue to damage the nation. If left unchecked it will result in a collapsed government, a ruined economy, and a dysfunctional society. Some might say it already has but things can always be worse.

    Now is the time to wake up and demand a return to freedom, fiscal responsibility, and American industry. 2012 or worse 2016 may be too late.

    • Barbara O’Brien
    • June 28th, 2010


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    • Vernon Caho
    • December 16th, 2010

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    • Vernon,

      Interesting comment. Your link takes me to a limo site, I don’t understand how my content would be compatible with a sales site. Plus you did not specify which article you wished to reprint. The comment is posted on an “about” page. I suspect you were merely trying to get your link posted. Nice try.

  6. This web site is incredible. I’m going to put this in the bookmarks ahead of I misplace the url I don’t feel I’ll ever discover my way back here in any other case.

  7. Hey your rss feed doesn’t seem to work. Can you please have a look at it and fix it. I like to read your posts as you put them up because I really enjoy your content!

  8. It does seem to have stopped working. I’ll look into why. Thanks for flagging that.

  9. Freddie, You and I are using Chrome, right? I know when I tested your complaint that’s what I used. Upon fuurther investigation I discovered it works perfectly in Firefox and IE8. The Rss feed is a wordpress feature so I let them know. In the meantime, I encourage you to subscribe to the email. You’ll only get a message when new posts appear, typically once a week. Thanks!

    • Salvatore Eid
    • December 25th, 2010

    I would like to thank you for setting aside time to talk about this subject. I am really fascinated by this subject and have a keen desire to learn more. Your blog is a great resource for me.

  10. Howdy, your site is on air in the radio! Great job mate. Your posts are really great and bookmarked. Regards

  11. I like the site, and as I am a brand new blogger, perhaps you could give me a link?

  12. Been a long time since I’ve visited here. Centinel, your explanation of your anonymity still confuses me a bit. Unlike me, you work in the media, an industry that not only tolerates, but delights in the opinions of Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, ad infinitum. So, I’m a bit surprised this blog would jeopardize your profession. In fact, having chosen the media in which to work, I’m surprised you’d choose a branch of the media hostile to your politics.

    Just sayin’.

    P.S. We all have to make a living so perhaps you’re working to live as opposed to living to work.

    • Unlike me, you have no idea of the industry. All the names you sited are at FNC. Fox News is anomalous. The rest of the Entertainment and news media are run by left-wing fanatics with no tolerance for expressed conservative opinions. Only on-screen talent are permitted to have opinions slightly counter to management and you can see how that worked out for Tucker Carlson and Lou Dobbs at CNN. Eric Erickson holds on as the Bob Beckel of CNN. (I use CNN as an example because there really are no conservative voices at MSNBC or for that matter the 3 traditional network news sources.)

      • That’s only true if you don’t consider Joe Scarborough and Michael Steele conservatives. I think they would both differ … especially Scarborough.

    • carole gerst
    • September 16th, 2012

    I would love to reduce the bill of rights and the constitution and yes I am right wing yes, the bible, research, plus common sense, plus the rights for we the people that apply to this time
    As you said keep an open mind, but don,t let your brains fall out

    • carole gerst
    • September 16th, 2012

    I would love to rewrite the contents of the bill of rights and the constitution,for this time, we the people propose that our mortally earthly experience has been wisdom
    and lets not forget history does repeat itself over and over again
    It has always eluded me as to why our corruptive government gets away with this
    Lets face it we the people have become complacent lazy and thinking well I,m just too busy and what can one person do. Remember our lord Jesus Christ one man who changed our belief to a higher level of conscious

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