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Parkland, Florida – Guns, Mass Murder, and America

Anyone notice that the high school in Parkland, Florida is a gun-free zone and the shooter was 19. It is illegal to purchase a handgun for anyone under 21. I guess we can all agree those gun control laws worked very well.

What if we concentrated more on the causes of mass murder and less on the means? We’ve made laws and discussed the means ad nauseam. The causes are mental health issues, violence in our entertainment, hate promoted by politics, prejudice, and under privilege.

All the talk about guns won’t change anything. Mass murders will happen with homemade bombs, arson, knives, or vehicles. Banning the means, making mass murder illegal, stomping our feet in the streets, calling those who disagree with us names and spewing more hate are all unproductive, ineffective, and likely to lead to more violence.

What about raising children who respect each other, have compassion, and faith. Parents who listen, love and offer support, not just discipline when the grades don’t measure up. Teachers who care, identify troubled students and offer help. Churches that offer a message of love, hope, acceptance, and deliverance. Use social events to draw young people into an environment where they learn forgiveness, acceptance of others, and coping skills. Not to mention God changes lives.

Finally, let’s stop polarizing the environment. Poisoning minds with outright lies about those with whom we disagree, by spinning every event into a political point, and by demonizing each other.

I’ve seen the problem and it is US.

Changed hearts change society.

Disclaimer: While I support the 2nd amendment, I find any use of firearms, beyond target shooting, self-defense, and peacekeeping, personally offensive. Sorry, I don’t get hunting that is not necessary for survival. However, the founding fathers did not guarantee the right to bear arms, simply for hunting, no they saw citizens as needing to have the capacity to defend themselves from an aggressively repressive government.

You got what you asked for

No fancy post, just an editorial. I haven’t really written a post since the election. Why? The people made a choice, like Nancy Pelosi, they re-elected him to find out what’s in him. Well, you found out, the President is a compulsive liar and extreme leftist ideologue. Obama and his henchmen remind me of the old joke adapted to read, "How can you tell if Obama’s lying?" Well you should know by now, "His lips are moving."

All the incompetence of the first four years, might have been lessons learned for a less ideological President, but we didn’t elect a President without dogma. No, Obama is devoted to his dogma. Just read his books. Is Obamacare affordable? Heck no.

The Unaffordable Healthcare Act

A friend of mine, nearing 60 in age and who’s wife has a history of heart trouble, lost his insurance policy because it didn’t cover birth control and maternity. He had been paying $8,000/year, which is quite expensive. He bought into the lie that Obamacare would lower his rate. He voted for Obama and supported his policies because he believed he would benefit. What a shock when he discovered his premiums were increasing to $15,600/year. Suddenly my liberal friend became a conservative.

Another friend, with a similar experience, continues to drink the Koolaid, blaming Republicans for Obamacare’s massive and epic failure. Republicans caused Obamacare’s failure? CNN blamed Republicans by citing that they never supported the program. Democrats told us we had to pass it to find out what’s in it. What vacuous and dangerously idiotic reasoning. Republicans were shut out of the design and are now criticized for not participating. Wow.

And we haven’t even got to the increased budget load this will eventually have on the federal government. Already the CBO has gone from phoney reports of money saved to what I believe are conservative esates of massively increased spending.

I could ramble on with facts and references to make my point, but I don’t care anymore.

In light of recent events, I’m disgusted with the entire system. Republicans are self-loathing wimps, undeserving of any respect. And that is exactly what they get, both from the press and their opponents across the aisle. Democrats are largely brain-washed drones, clamoring for more green Koolaid. While both parties continue to press for the same failed solutions. Democrats have been calling for higher taxes and "make the rich pay their fair-share" for about 100 years. Republicans follow with chants for lower taxes and empty calls to reduce spending, (which they clearly don’t intend, but they know it resonates well.)

And what of the Tea Party candidates? In my humble opinion, they’ve been a mixed bag of crackpots, political opportunists, and well-intentioned people who’ve either been co-opted or marginalized.

Yet, what I want is a third party with sound ideas.

A good friend of mine appealed to me, saying a third-party would be ineffective and that the best hope is to take back the Republican party. Every attempt to influence that party has been disastrous. Leftists under the false flag of Progressiveness, have a firm grip on both parties. Progressives have the country heading toward ruin, one party rushing toward the cliff while denying the cliff exists and the other wishing for a leisurely pace in the same direction.

We need a real move away from irresponsibility, hypocrisy, and finger-pointing. However, I’m confident this won’t happen. I believe most Americans who say Congress is the problem, would promptly re-elect the same Senators and Congressmen. I think they see everyone else as the problem, but not their guy. Simply put the system won’t change until it collapses under its own weight.

Or perhaps, the administration will allow an external source to do it for them.


We have an Administration that has exceeded all imaginable incompetence. The Obama administration now appears so desperate to make a deal with Iran they may settle for a hollow compromise that extracts nothing from Iran and allows it to continue to pursue nuclear weapons.

And this isn’t just my opinion, this is also the opinion of many foreign governments. Just read this, "Obama faces worry at home, abroad over Iran talks"

I think CNN and the LA Times are distributing a very poisonous beverage in promoting the lie that if the administration doesn’t reach a deal – no matter how bad – a devastating war will surely result. Read this, "Iran talks: Do we want a deal or a war?" A deal that allows a radical Islamic state to have real nuclear weapons will have a much greater possibility of a "devastating war" than a breakdown in talks.

Broken talks and a defiant Iran might actually result in a greater resolve among the more sane world powers. However, I’m not a policy wonk, just trying to apply common-sense where I see none.

In conclusion, as the old 80s commercial used to say, "You asked for it. You got it!" Or as my mother used to say, "you made your bed, now you gotta lay in it." And this is why I haven’t continued to complain. The people deserve the path they have chosen.

Happy Birthday Mr. President

102 years ago today, a President was born with a vision of freedom and prosperity for all.  He defeated communism rather than promoting it.  He encouraged people to strive for a better life, rather than holding people in a state of dependency.  He created jobs that created additional tax revenue, rather than those that feed on tax revenues.  He inspired hope for a brighter tomorrow, rather than hope for another government handout.

Grassfire posted this tribute.

Happy Birthday Ronald Reagan!

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