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Established following the 2008 election as An American Idiot, this blog was a reaction to the hard left turn America was taking.  It seemed to me common sense was being labeled idiocy and idiocy was becoming high intellect. George Bush’s entire Presidency was largely a reaction to the attacks of 9/11 and now America was reacting to him.  That reaction was being magnified by a hard-left media establishment, that seemed more interested in ideology than reporting the facts.

A music fan, I was inspired to name the blog after the Green Day song when I heard the song played on election day.  The young college-aged DJ excitedly told listeners that anyone who voted for McCain was an idiot, capitalism would soon be dead, and Obama would be our Robin Hood savior.

And thus this blog was born.

An American Idiot by Green Day


Since the first post people have been confused and opportunistic regarding the blog name.  Some people had a hard time reading it because they stumbled on the name.  Others thought they were being cleaver when they attacked the name.  Thus after months of consideration I decided to rebrand the blog.

Another musical inspiration was leading me toward the name City of Delusion after the Muse song, but that name seemed to narrow my focus on Washington DC.  I considered many other musical references but none felt right.  The name had to encapsulate what I am trying to do.  My strong desire to tie the name to a musical piece I enjoy kept dragging me down.

Then inspiration hit me.  I could just modify a musical reference to fit my motif.  Thus, Chronicles of Delusion was born.


I wanted to start this blog to comment on America’s evolution, post 9/11 and post Bush. I wanted to explore some of the often illogical logic jumps and conclusions the press and Americans make.  I also wanted to chronicle the policies of President Obama.   Hopefully, I have been intelligent, humorous, and not hysterical.

I would love to garner comments from readers, intelligent counter-arguments and comments of agreement.  It has always been my desire to have intelligent dialog and develop some sort of community.  That goal has been hard to achieve, in part, I believe, due to a stigma created by the name.

Feel free and encouraged to comment.  Try to sound intelligent and avoid personal ad hominem attacks.  I know if you’re liberal this will be difficult.

A Request

If you like the blog please add me to your blogroll.  Let me know and I’ll return the favor!

— American Centinel

“Do you see a man wise in his own eyes? There is more hope for a fool than for him.”

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  1. Neither do I want to be an American Idiot and I hope I am not. Tho I did for years belong to that second group you mentioned whom I call the Intelligentsia. Behind my back I was referred to as the antisocial one because i w3ent to my classes and then fled avoiding all contact for fear of contamination. 🙂 What I am is good old blue collar stock who somehow acquired an education and managed to get old with it. So I style myself the Opinionated Older lady. (Between you and me: I ain’t no lady neither.)

    I enjoyed your posts and have put you on my blogroll so I remember to visit. Brenda Bowers

    • Thanks for the kind words. I plan on exploring your blog as well. Thanks for adding me to your blogroll and I will return the favor.

  2. Thats very good to know… thanks

  3. Thanks for pointing me here AI. A very good defense of your blog title. I owe you an apology.

    Besides …. I love Green Day so anyone who quotes them can’t be all bad. 😉

    • Green Day can be a thoughtful band and I like their music. Don’t always agree with their politics but I don’t have to agree with everyone I like. There are several people I like and respect but oppose politically. Rutherford, I enjoyed the debate on your site.

  4. Hey,

    My name is An Informed Mind and I run the conservative blog An Informed Blog. I was wondering if you would mind adding my blog to your blogroll. I got the blog started in October and it’s still growing. I was hoping that maybe I could add mine to several other conservative blogs to get some more views. Thanks and great blog, I’ve added you to my blogroll so, hopefully we can agree to mutually supporting each other’s blogs. Happy Late Thanksgiving.

    An Informed Mind

    • Keith Walden
    • May 1st, 2010

    “I dont want to be American idiot”, I want to be a judgemental eurotrash hypocrite. And sell a bunch of cd’s because people are too stupid to be offended by my superficial nonsense. Really I have all the answers, I just dont choose to relate them now. Buy my cd.

    • I’m a bit puzzled. Green Day are a California band, not European. As I understand the term, “eurotrash” refers to the European art scene. I can’t connect the term to any American no matter how much they “try” to be European, like say, our President.

    • Keith Walden
    • May 4th, 2010

    You wont find “eurotrash” in the dictionary. I used it to connotate those who criticise others and their actions from afar by name-calling instead of reasoning, possibly inspired by less than honorable motivations such as jealousy, laziness or just plain hatred. It is one of those words that doesnt necessarily have a meaning pertaining to its sub-parts. Sort of like the name Green Day for a band insinuates they have something to do with conservation when really they just used the name to capitalize on a “politically correct” notion. Their music part is ok, I dont think much of their lyrics, I guess they are trying to be the James Dean’s of the 21st century in some sort of superficial anti-American way. Im not impressed. Maybe they should team up with Blondie and the Dixie Chicks.

  5. I like the rebranding and the new blog theme; I’ve changed my blogroll to reflect your new brand. Continued success!

  6. I enjoy your site, I’m gonna add you to my blogroll 🙂

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