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CFL’s soon to replace incandescent bulbs

I’m fanatical about saving electricity.  When compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFL’s) first appeared I knew they were ridiculously expensive but they promised to last two to three times longer and use almost a tenth of the electricity.   Naturally, I replaced every non-dimming light in my house.  I spent more than a hundred dollars  but I felt justified I’d make it up in the long-haul.

In truth since that day, about 3 years ago I’ve only replaced maybe half of the original bulbs.  I still don’t feel like I completely wasted my money.


A few weeks ago an old light fixture in my bathroom suddenly fell from the ceiling, shattering both the glass shade and CFL bulbs all around and on my feet.  Aside from being startled, I thought little about it.  I grabbed the vacuum and cleaned up the mess.  Little did I know I had been exposed to an element as toxic as lead.

Environmentalists and lefties, hang with me, this is serious stuff.  And TRUE. Continue reading

Obama Plugs Oil Leak

It may have been this very finger that finally plugged the BP oil leak.  However, right now that fact is unclear because, as of this writing, the President has yet to declare credit for ending the oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico.  Why is the President being so humble?

I think I speak for many Americans when I say, we all held our breath as BP choked off the leak in a manner that can only be described as torturously slow.  To be sure it had to be so, nevertheless, after months of watching oil boil into the sea, the longest month was the week it took them to close the new valve. Continue reading

Feds stop oil cleanup – AGAIN

Ok, now I am certain there is an agenda to make certain the oil slops up on the beach and gets everyone mad as hornets.  Otherwise we must conclude everyone drawing a paycheck from the Federal government is a complete and total idiot.

That’s it I can’t add anything to this gem.

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