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Happy Birthday Mr. President

102 years ago today, a President was born with a vision of freedom and prosperity for all.  He defeated communism rather than promoting it.  He encouraged people to strive for a better life, rather than holding people in a state of dependency.  He created jobs that created additional tax revenue, rather than those that feed on tax revenues.  He inspired hope for a brighter tomorrow, rather than hope for another government handout.

Grassfire posted this tribute.

Happy Birthday Ronald Reagan!


Jumping to conclusions is a fool’s folly. The case of Trayvon Martin.

If you think you know what happened in Sanford, Florida on Feb. 26, 2012, you’re probably not fit to serve on anyone’s jury much less the one in question.  Honestly, none of us has enough facts to judge either of the players in this case.  But perhaps something bigger is at play here and I’m talking even more significant than Zimmerman. Continue reading

Raise the debt limit

This video illustrates the analogy I made a few weeks back.  Republican or Democrat, you should watch this video all the way through.  If you are an elected official please watch it several times.  Better yet, watch it until you can recite the lines before they are spoken.  I want you to understand the mess you’ve created and refuse to get us out of.

The numbers

At the end of the video they display the numbers.  Lets take another look:

Total Household Debt:     $140,000
Household Income:          $21,700
Household Spending:        $38,200
Additional Debt*:          $16,500
Amount Cut:                   $385
     -about 1% of the total budget

This chart dissolves to the U.S. situation:

Total Federal Debt:  $14,000,000,000,000
Federal Income:       $2,170,000,000,000
Federal Spending:     $3,820,000,000,000
Additional Debt*:     $1,650,000,000,000
Amount Cut:              $38,500,000,000
           -about 1% of the total budget
* The video incorrectly labels this as “New Debt” it is not the new debt as that would equal Total Debt + the requested debt limit increase, I corrected this value in both charts.

Understand history and maybe you’ll avoid repeating it

Now pick up a history book on the French Revolution.  Every elected official in modern America should become very conversant on this topic.  France in the late 1780s was a nation with run-away debt, loose adherence to and even antagonistic attitudes toward religion.  This resulted in a revolution rooted in atheism, dissatisfaction with the government, economic collapse, and a government unable to control or change its course.

The result was a terrifying holocaust unlike any before and was unmatched until a similar economic collapse thrust a certain angry Austrian to absolute power over the Weimar Republic.

When there is a total financial collapse, society will also collapse.  The arrogance that always leads to this result is the attitude, it’ll never happen here.

Keep forcing our unborn grand-children co-sign the loans and the result will someday either resemble France, 1794, or Germany 1933.

Memorial Day: Remember the Heroes

If you’ve read much of my observations in this blog you’ll know I am a firm supporter of our military, regardless of my support for our Commander-in-Chief.  But what you don’t know is that my family history until only two generations ago has been populated by conscientious objectors.  Not the IDONTWANNADIESOIOBJECTTOKILLINGANYONE cowards but folks who are extremely religious and hold that Jesus told us to “turn the other cheek” therefore, I can do no violence toward another human being.

(Stick around because there is an amazing hero story in a moment.)


Barney "whatplanetareyoufrom" FrankIn this Republic, we call the United States of America, our leaders serve at the whim of the electorate, yet they rarely understand this.  They seize the power granted them, by often slim majorities, and arrogantly lord over us, often abusing that power as though they had a right to do so.  Disrespecting those they serve and condescending to those who dare challenge their power.

On the other hand, those who serve in the military, willing give up power, submitting themselves to the whim of political leadership.  Leaders who often have no military experience, and in some cases even lack respect for, or worst despise them.  Yet without question or hesitation, these amazing men and women charge into harm’s way, exchanging healthy bodies for mutilated ones and life for death. Continue reading

Labor Unions: The Life and Death of the Middle Class

Unionization created the middle-class.  Prior to labor unions most workers labored under extreme temperatures, in filthy environments, for long hours, at low wages.  Meanwhile owners, stockholders, and top brass, smoked cigars in luxury high-rises, and enjoyed long vacations in exotic locales.  A foundry workers had little chance of saving for a future or free-time to seek better opportunities.  Unionization changed that and created a working environment that allowed for the growth and development of the middle-class.  Despite what you may have been told unions have been good for America.

This is a brief history lesson, designed to understand why unions were good for America, but now threaten to destroy what they created.  If you love unions you’ll find things  to love and hate here.  If you hate unions you will find things to love and hate here.  My mother loves her Union and believes people who are not in the Union are abused and still working in smoke-fill factories.  My grandfather was a Union-buster who thought Union membership was for foul-mouthed drunken losers too lazy to give their boss the effort, but who would kill a man for simply breaking the picket-line.

A friend of mine once wrote in his blog that he sometimes doesn’t get my point.  He’s a hard left liberal and you might think he doesn’t get me because  I’m not a hard-left conservative, but that isn’t it.  It’s because sometimes I see both sides of the issue.  Sometimes both sides are correct and wrong at the same time.  If you only understand an issue by taking talking points from a political party or pundit, then you aren’t really thinking or educating yourself on the topic. Continue reading

What July Fourth Means to 2 Presidents

Today I’m not trying to rip on anyone only to understand what forms the basis of patriotism in the minds and hearts of two transformative American Presidents.  What are the life experiences that shape a man’s world view and the view he holds of his nation.  What follows are two speeches on that theme.  They tell very different stories and paint pictures both obvious and not so obvious.  Without analysis from me I reprint both speeches.

The following speech was delivered on July 4, 1981.

What July Fourth Means to Me

For one who was born and grew up in the small towns of the Midwest, there is a special kind of nostalgia about the Fourth of July.

I remember it as a day almost as long-anticipated as Christmas. This was helped along by the appearance in store windows of all kinds of fireworks and colorful posters advertising them with vivid pictures.

No later than the third of July – sometimes earlier – Dad would bring home what he felt he could afford to see go up in smoke and flame. We’d count and recount the number of firecrackers, display pieces and other things and go to bed determined to be up with the sun so as to offer the first, thunderous notice of the Fourth of July.

I’m afraid we didn’t give too much thought to the meaning of the day. And, yes, Continue reading

An Idiot Representative

The folks that accused the Tea Party of being a phony “astroturf” movement and called their own constituents names and laughed privately behind closed doors at those idiot voters, have learned nothing in recent months.  In the video above Representative Bob Etheridge (D) NC assaults a young man with a camera simply for asking him if he supports the “Obama agenda.”

Watch how the Congressman manhandles this college student.  At one point it appears Etheridge slaps him in the back of the head.  Perhaps the most bizarre thing in this confrontation is the way Etheridge keeps asking his victim his name.  It seemed very psychopathic.  I am aware that the Representative apologized, but how does one accepted an apology for an unprovoked attack?

I don’t know who the student was, but if I could give him advice it would be this, secure the services of an attorney and sue the Congressman.  Placing a video on Youtube is nice but this jerk needs to pay and this video needs a higher profile than it’s getting.

Why the bizarre behavior?

I wondered if Representative Etheridge had a history of violence so I did a little search.  Continue reading

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