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Slaves to the Government and Proud of It

I originally saw this on Drudge, but it has been popping up in other places.  It is amazing.

The original DNC video was trying to analogize government to club membership. But what is extremely disconcerting is that the rank-n-file Democrats at the convention accept – no embrace – the concept that the government “owns” them.  It is clear in this video montage.

I was especially horrified to see African-Americans embracing this idea. Blacks of all people should collectively reject the idea of being owned by another person or agency.

The majority of blacks in this country are church-goers and are good godly people. So when the Democratic leadership pulls God out of the platform we should expect to hear a loud outcry. But largely there was silence except from the right and pundants who warned of impending doom.

Fearing the pundants were correct is the only reason the leadership changed the platform. Surely another amateurish miscalculation from DWS, Pelosi, Reid, and Dear Leader.

I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall when they decided to remove God and Jerusalem from the platform. You can almost hear the condescending voices argue that Blacks and Jews will vote for us regardless.  Afterall they must believe, “We own them.”

Apparently, there may be more truth to that than I could have ever imagined.


Rahm Emanuel Takes a Stand for Morality

In college they tell us to use critical thinking but then expect group-think.  They also teach us that group-think is bad for good decision-making.  We are taught to express ourselves, ie free-speech, but we are severely punished if our speech does not conform to the accepted group-think.  I found the contradictions between what I was taught and what was expected to be confusing and, well, wrong.  But at least two maybe three generations of Americans have been brought up this way and now we have a very fractured and confused populous.

Last week Rahm Emanuel, President Obama’s former Chief of Staff and now Chicago Mayor, denounced a franchise because “Chick-fil-A values are not Chicago values.”  This, because Chick-fil-A corporate owner, Dan Cathy, stated that he was a believer in traditional marriage.    Rahm was clearly attempting to restrict and/or punish Chick-fil-A for taking a stand he and his party oppose.

Interestingly, Dan Cathy never called for gays to be rounded up into camps, annihilated, killed, brutalized, forced to convert to another religion, or even banned from working for his company.  He was simply telling another Christian organization that he supported keeping marriage as it has been for the past 6,000 years.  A position President Obama himself took while Rahm was working in the White House.  Why didn’t Rahm condemn Obama at that time?  Hmm.

The very next day, Rahm Emanuel embraced Louis Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam for their fine work against crime in Chicago.  Perhaps Rahm wasn’t listening on May 27th when Louis Farrakhan made this remark, ““Males coming to males with lust in their hearts as they should to a female. Now don’t you dare say Farrakhan was preaching hate; he’s homophobic. I’m not afraid of my brothers and sisters or others who may be practicing what God condemned in the days of Lot…  God was so displeased with their behavior, he destroyed them completely.”  Maybe I took it out of context, okay  listen:

Oh wait it’s not a little anti-gay, it is strongly anti-gay.  He appears to be endorsing killing off all gays and he is absolutely condemning the Obama administration’s pro-gay stance.  He said, “Our President just agreed to same-sex marriage.  Now listen … sin is sin according to the standard of God.”

Why is this okay but Cathy’s comment supporting traditional marriage is not?

I think I know and it seems layered in liberal group-think.  Here’s an easy break-down, feel free to repeat, but I’d appreciate props.

  • Business is bad.
  • A Business with ties to Christianity is VERY bad.
  • Speech that conforms to group-think values is good.
  • Speech which does not conform to group-think values is bad.
  • Gays are good.
  • Supporting gays symbolically is very good.
  • Blacks are good.
  • Muslims are good.
  • Black Muslims are very good.
  • Making Muslims mad is very bad.
  • Making Christians mad is very good.


Memorial Day: Remember the Heroes

If you’ve read much of my observations in this blog you’ll know I am a firm supporter of our military, regardless of my support for our Commander-in-Chief.  But what you don’t know is that my family history until only two generations ago has been populated by conscientious objectors.  Not the IDONTWANNADIESOIOBJECTTOKILLINGANYONE cowards but folks who are extremely religious and hold that Jesus told us to “turn the other cheek” therefore, I can do no violence toward another human being.

(Stick around because there is an amazing hero story in a moment.)


Barney "whatplanetareyoufrom" FrankIn this Republic, we call the United States of America, our leaders serve at the whim of the electorate, yet they rarely understand this.  They seize the power granted them, by often slim majorities, and arrogantly lord over us, often abusing that power as though they had a right to do so.  Disrespecting those they serve and condescending to those who dare challenge their power.

On the other hand, those who serve in the military, willing give up power, submitting themselves to the whim of political leadership.  Leaders who often have no military experience, and in some cases even lack respect for, or worst despise them.  Yet without question or hesitation, these amazing men and women charge into harm’s way, exchanging healthy bodies for mutilated ones and life for death. Continue reading

Harold Camping: Breach of Prophesy

New Contributor: Corniculo, wonders if a bad prophesy is grounds for legal recourse.

New Contributor: Corniculo, wonders if a bad prophesy is grounds for legal recourse.

Some are calling for a class action suit against Camping, because he wasted money on billboards while not one person was fed, housed, clothed, or had a pet de-fleed. A class action suit would set another dangerous precedent against free thought.


I must point something out, (some things are just too obvious for an observation), one too-obvious thought remains unstated, and it is a point that would elude non-believers, Camping and his followers never read the book of Matthew! Look it up, Matthew 25:13, Jesus himself called Camping a liar.

Just my opinion, but if you haven’t made it through the first book in the New testament, you might not be able to accurately call yourself a Christian.


Now, I see Camping’s organization is worth 72 million dollars. Now, why would he need donations for billboard ads, considering that saving any of his organization’s assets would be pointless?  Perhaps he could have put it all on credit, after all, if he believed himself, would he need to pay any of it back?


Shouldn’t a class-action be summarily dismissed?  How has Mr. Camping scammed anyone? He asked for money to put up billboards.  He did so.  What he put on the billboards was spurious at best, even to the moderately educated. Any Christian should know such a claim is false.  As referenced earlier, Jesus said, no one can “know the day or the hour,” but Camping claimed to know both.

On the other hand, is it not our American birthright to invest in obvious scams, (such as US Treasuries), without any research.  Do we, Americans, not have a right to be stupid and proud of it, and yes, even blog about it! Without this sacred right, what is the point of being an American?

We’ve lost our right to a voting-booth paper trail, fair election funding, humanly comprehensible legislation, principled politicians, personal privacy, financial privacy, private property rights, the ability to control our own bodies, private industry, the shuttle program, and the ability to buy high-quality American made goods– all gone within a few years.

Please, I beg, can we hang on to one last right: the right to make bad investments.  It may be the only right we have left!

Imam assumes most Americans are blithering idiots

Yesterday Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf spoke to CBS’s geriatric news magazine, 60 Minutes and elaborated on his threat that not building his 9/11 Victory mosque was more dangerous than building it.  I know calling it a “victory mosque” is offensive to those of you trying so hard to pacify radical muslims in the vain hope that doing so will keep them from attacking you. Call it a community center if you like, that will not change what it is.

The fact is whenever you listen to someone with an agenda speak, you need to listen between the lines and consider those remarks in the context of previous comments, known positions and affiliations.  Recently some of Imam Rauf’s off-the-record comments were uncovered that illuminate Rauf and his over-arching agenda.  But first let’s cover the recent remarks. Continue reading

Burning Books While Nero Fiddles: Nine Years After 9/11

Nine years ago this banner overlooked the smoking crater of what had been the proud location of World Trade Centers 1 & 2.  The images of that day are forever seared into my memory.  But I appear to be in a dwindling minority, everyone, especially in the press, seems to have forgotten.  When I look around today I hear the shrill voices of apologists claiming the attacks of 9/11 weren’t really so bad, Muslims have a right to build a mosque in debris field of the WTC, evil Christians burning Korans, terrified generals begging them not to, and somewhere in the background the Ground Zero Mosque Imam is threatening violence if the Mosque location is forced to move.  What do all these things have in common?  Fear of Islam and a continued exhibition of Stockholm Syndrome.

Did America Overreact to 9/11?

Fareed Zakaria was lambasted in many conservative blogs for his Newsweek piece in which he declared Continue reading

You’re Only A Religious Bigot If You Criticize Islam

Aug 17 2010 The site of the proposed Muslim Community Center and Mosque, two blocks from Ground Zero is Shown at 45 Park Place in New York on August 17, 2010. Owners of the propertty involved in the controversial project claim the community center is intended to help bridge the gap between Christians, Jews and Muslims with exhibition space and recreational facilities in addition to an area for Islamic prayer. UPI/John Angelillo Photo via Newscom  Content © 2010 Newscom All rights reserved.For once Harry Reid is on the right side of an issue and showing some common sense.

Meanwhile the rest of the left is in a panic to defend the Victory mosque at ground zero.  It’s as though if a Conservative says “green” they must, of course, say “red.”  They are so hell-bent on appeasing Radical Islam and so incredibly afraid of offending them that they are jumping into this debate without considering what is more important, the memory of those who died in the name of Islam just 2 blocks away.

It is true that the attacks upon the World Trade Center did not represent the wishes of millions of Muslims around the world. Continue reading

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