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Jumping to conclusions is a fool’s folly. The case of Trayvon Martin.

If you think you know what happened in Sanford, Florida on Feb. 26, 2012, you’re probably not fit to serve on anyone’s jury much less the one in question.  Honestly, none of us has enough facts to judge either of the players in this case.  But perhaps something bigger is at play here and I’m talking even more significant than Zimmerman. Continue reading

Imam assumes most Americans are blithering idiots

Yesterday Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf spoke to CBS’s geriatric news magazine, 60 Minutes and elaborated on his threat that not building his 9/11 Victory mosque was more dangerous than building it.  I know calling it a “victory mosque” is offensive to those of you trying so hard to pacify radical muslims in the vain hope that doing so will keep them from attacking you. Call it a community center if you like, that will not change what it is.

The fact is whenever you listen to someone with an agenda speak, you need to listen between the lines and consider those remarks in the context of previous comments, known positions and affiliations.  Recently some of Imam Rauf’s off-the-record comments were uncovered that illuminate Rauf and his over-arching agenda.  But first let’s cover the recent remarks. Continue reading

The idiots come out of the woodwork

Yesterday, White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs was asked about the charge from that President Barack Obama was not a natural born citizen.  Like Gibbs, I do think the people who claim this would be satisfied if there were videotape with a GPS coordinate burned into the tape.  The mere fact that his father was an alien and his mother moved him to Indonesia seems to foul the air.

The Politico covers Inhofe's comments

I think this is an issue that paints Republicans in a poor light.  Especially when a Republican Senator like James Inhofe (OK) who grants that the so-called “birthers” have a point, follows up by saying, “My focus is on issues where I can make a difference to stop the liberal agenda being pushed by President Obama.”  The Politico is the only source at this time, but it reads like Inhofe sees any issue or argument valid if it helps to stop Obama.  That is not the message or tactic Republicans should be taking.  Rather they should be putting forward sound alternatives to the insanity Democrats are trying to ram down our collective throats.

CNN never shy about giving Obama a boost, titled their Political Ticket story, Gibbs Shoots Down “Birthers”. That is hardly what happened.  While for the first time I find myself agreeing with Gibbs, he certainly shot nothing down.  He flailed and acted arrogant as he always does.  My favorite line was when he said, “Here’s the deal. If I had some DNA, it wouldn’t assuage those who don’t believe he was born here.”  I must digress just a bit here because this is a humorous statement.  First DNA does not yield any clue as to where you were born.  DNA would only prove Obama’s heritage.  No one is debating that, Robert.

Back on point, Gibbs offered no proof or any argument to refute the charge.  He simply did what Liberals do when they got nothin’ more, he hurled insults.  He brushed off the entire topic as beneath his office.  On this point I agree.  These “birthers” need to produce the evidence Obama is not a citizen before Obama must take this seriously.  He already produced a birth certificate and that wasn’t enough.  However, all that aside, it is the responsibility of the accusers to prove wrong-doing not the accused to disprove it.  Now, should there be a proof of birthplace law for Presidential candidates?  Sure but I am unaware that one currently exists and if one did exist a birth certificate would most likely be the required evidence.

Bill Maher told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer that America is basically a stupid country.  Bill Maher is himself an idiot so it’s basically a case of the pot calling the kettle…  However, Bill is extremely frightened of Sarah Palin because he bought into his own rhetoric.  But that is another topic.  My point here is that I found evidence that Mr. Maher is correct and it has nothing to do with Sarah Palin it has everything to do with the “birthers.”

All one must do its read through the 300 comments CNN collected at the bottom of their story, Gibbs Shoots Down Birthers. The idiots abound.  It appears many liberals do not understand the phrase, “natural born citizen.”  In the event you are one of them, it means the President must have been born on U.S. territory, not naturalized, not a citizen due to parentage, or any other form of citizenship.  This is the basis of the “birthers” claim.  they are not disputing his citizenship but the “natural born” clause that is spelled out in the Constitution.  But, hey, liberal don’t read the Constitution, they misread it.

I would like to quote a few of the dumbest comments found below CNN’s story.

  • “At least President Obama was born ON U.S. soil……. McCain was born in PANAMA!”   Panama was a U.S. territory in 1936 when McCain was born, thus he was a naturally born citizen. -aai
  • Shouldn’t you share the wealth with your fellow human beings?  Stop with the greed, take a few steps back and try to live a normal life. Look at how many vacation days they get in Europe. Americans should get some more time off. Share the jobs with others, so there are less unemployed.
  • Hey Birthers:   1. MOVE ON!   2. Don’t go away mad – just go away…  Open minds like this abound.  -aai
  • In order to be a “natural born citizen” a person has to either be born to at least one parent who is a citizen and/or be born in the US or on a US military or other installation.  Pres. Obama’s mother was a US citizen (born in Kansas) and he was born in Hawi’i (a US state in 1961). He therefore fulfills both possible requirements. This is nothing but a witch hunt.  Ah, WRONG.  If you’re going to define something for everyone you should look up the definition first!  Apparently many had the same misconception.  –aai
  • ALMOST 70 MILLION VOTED FOR OBAMA. DEAL WITH IT.  Wow, I guess it’s settled now, let’s all go home.  70 million mostly government educated people can’t be wrong.  –aai
  • okay Obama is a bad president; so what, there have been many of them including the prior one; Americans don’t question the location of his birth, idiots do! HUH?  So is this guy saying not to question just follow blindly?  Alright.  Thank you for straightening me out Chairman Mao.  –aai

I think this whole issue takes our eyes off the real issue, stopping Obama from turning America into Amerika.  Two hundred years of freedom is slipping through our fingers as government swoops in to gobble up our businesses, our health care, and our very lives.  Come on Republicans – FOCUS!

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